Monday, December 30, 2013

Alecia's last email in 2013 : ) Dec. 30

It was wonderful to hear you too mom! I love you a million more than you can ever say, and loved being able to talk to you. I am glad every one was able to have a nice Christmas, including you! lol! I was really excited about all my gifts, and had a blast finally opening them! It was SO tempting to open them before hand!!! lol! But I endured until the very end! And it was worth it! lol! Hma Gutierrez finally got to talk to her family, and all is well! woohoo! She also really enjoyed the surprise I planned for her! SUCCESS!!! LOL!  if you pray and ask the Lord, follow the principle and see the blessings... you will know that it is true and right. Anyway, I hope that all works out... And want you to know I had a great Christmas! I loved my gifts, and have been able to see the love of so many people here for me! Tell russel to keep practicing so he can keep up with me when I get back! lol! I am going to be nice and share my accent! lol! I hope yall have a great new years! love 
hma alford

Hey Dad,  yes I loved my gifts, and my surprise plans worked out in the end.. although I was a little scared there for a bit cuz my compi doesnt seem to need sleep! Its so wierd! She just refuses to go to sleep! Anyway, she woke up Christmas morning to find that Santa Clause had come to town!!! We took turns opening our gifts, and she just loved it! I was really excited, and we had a great time. We shared a few thoughts and Christmas videos we bought by the church... and then went hard at work to get little gifties we had made to all the kiddos we teach... and let me tell you! That was a ton of work, and so worth it to see their smiles, some of them got nothing else on Christmas but what we were able to muster together. Anyway, I truly loved this Christmas and am ready to begin a new year with new goals and a whole new out look. I have work to do, and am determined to get it done, with the help of the Lord... I love you so much and it was absolutely fabulous to hear your voice this Christmas! I hope you have a fabulous new years and that the Lord continues to bless you all! As for winters in Bolivia, I doubt it... I love it here, but I dont think Ill be doing that. anyway, Hope yall are all doing well, and that you always remember how special you are! lol!
Hma Alford

Alecia Christmas morning. Her shirt says, "Someone in Louisiana Loves you" : )

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Dec. 23, 2014 Pics and letters!

 This is Alecia showing off her Christmas gifts. She says to send a huge Thank You to all the family who sent her funds to help her get Christmas gifts and Clothes!

 This is Alecia at someone's home. She had helped decorate for Christmas.

 Notice her Christmas Tree. : ) That is all her "loot". Thanks again Everyone! 

Hey Dad!
Nope, no package yet... I am kind of bummed about that, but praying that it will come in our district meeting tomorrow! Justito for Christmas! I cant feel too bad though, cuz at least I have a package. My companion will never have a package in her whole mission... Because her family has no way to send one. SO... I have quite the surprise for Christmas!!! Santa is SOOOO on his way!!! lol! Anyway, we have quite a few invitations for Christmas Eve down here.. Turns out they celebrate more Christmas Eve than Christmas down here! I still have not opened my gifts... but I am SO tempted!! lol! 
It has been a bit hard here... I have had to pass through challenge after challenge after challenge... If its not my health, its some investigador that doesnt want to hear us anymore, or some kind of slip up in the language... But I have also passed through the greatest blessings of my life down here as well.. I can see the change in me when I look in the mirror... and more importantly, I can feel it inside. I know with more asurety than ever that I am doing what the Lord wishs for me. And I couldnt be more at peace. I dont feel trunky, because I know you are all better off in the hands of the Lord than you could ever be in mine. I do miss the food... a LOT!!! But at least I have food to eat... there are others who dont. 

I truly love this area. I love my companion. I love you and all our family. And most of all I love my God! And I truly hope to know at the end of all this.. that I have done all I could. And thus leave the rest with Him. The Almighty! 
Hma Alford! 
Ps! Cant wait to talk to yall this wednesday!!!! ;)

Hey mom, 

Could you guys all send some special prayers this way for Hma Santa Cruz? Her dad passed away this week... And her whole family is spread across south america right now. Shes here in Bolivia, her mom is at home in Argentina, and her little sister is in the mission in Columbia... They need some real strength right now. I just wish she was here so I could catch her in my arms and tell her every thing is going to be okay... but shes all the way away in flipping Sucre! She was here for me through all my hard times in the hospital and every thing... and now shes hurting a ton worse...and I cant do a thing. Also, my poor compi  still hasnt received an email from her family... It really bothers her, even if she tries to hide it. 
Anyway, I am really excited about this Christmas! I have been slowly putting together gifts at night time for my compi! So she has something to open on Christmas! And I am hoping my other package comes tomorrow!!! Yall already have the info for the account I will be using right? I have 45 minutes... but I am going to leave the time in your hands.. lol! I will conveniently not have my watch with me that day! lol! Im hoping to send pics! Anyway, I bought myself a skirt and a few other things the other day. Its a bit hard to find clothes that are appropriate for a missionary here.. but we are going to go looking again today. also, I was wondering if you could trace the kids feet for me! lol! I am thinking about buying them bolivian shoes!!! They are so pretty! And that way I can size them up pretty good! lol! Maybe you can send it to me in my next package!! As for health, I am feeling okay. and I am eating tons of fruits, which we wash ridiculously well! lol! YUM! Hey... could you send me the recipe for no bake cookies? We want to make them in the morning for Christmas... YUM! 
Anyway... I cant wait to see you this wednesday! Talk to you... and hear your voice!!! I am so very excited!!! I wish you the very merryest of Christmases! And I am going to try and send some pics now okay? 
Hma Alford

Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 Email and pics! She is looking better!!!!! : )

Man, the activity had to have been really beautiful... as of yet we havent gone caroling... but we are planning with all the missionaries in our area to go out caroling in each area all together and find new investigaders for each companionship! Its gonna be great! and we have quite a few families that want us to come and see them on Christmas lol! One of our investigadors has given me her account name and password for skype so that we can skype! My companions name is Hma Gutierrez! lol! sorry. And she is great! Shes not going to be able to skype with her family, cuz they dont have computers where she lives. Please pray for her. She hardly ever gets emails from her family, and is having a reallly hard time with the whole Christmas thing. I am going to do something really cool for her though for Christmas. I have gfts planned out, and found her favorite Christmas treat from home... Christmas eve I am going to sneak it all under the tree with my gifts... so that she feels like Christmas too! I am so excited! Tell every one I said thanks a million and a bove, and I will definitely go get some clothes! lol! Ask ryan if he wants just leather, or jaguar skin... cuz they are really awesome too! I am totally getting me some for my english set! lol! And leather in general is really cheap down here. I bought my set for 120 bs each down here... thats like 20 bucks or less! what! And I bought a leather back pack too, really cool for 130... like 21 or 22 dollars! REAL LEATHER!!! And hand made! Way cool! And so cheap!!! I got one package... Not sure where the other one is.. I kind of opened the socks.. I was in serious need... sorry... But every thing else is all wrapped up and under our tree! lol! Way cool! I am so excited to see yall! lol! As for my week... it was so crazy! A ton of work! and we got to talk in sacrament meeting again. I felt so much like the Lord was using my mouth! We had an entire family in the church yesterday with us! They have 5 little kiddos! and totally crazy! And another three kids from another family, and a ton of less actives! WAY COOL!!!! Tomorrow is our missionary chirstmas conference... from 3 to 8! So long! We arent gonna get anything done! We are going to go shopping today... So I am going to take pics of what I buy for Christmas and send em over next monday! woohoo! That money is a whole lot down here you know? I am going to be able to get like whatever I want! lol! Things I have only dreamed about buying! lol! love it! Tell everyone I send like a billion kisses and love and thanks! Love that scripture! Way cool.. I think my fave scripture right now is Jacob 5... The whole thing is great! And so inspiring as a missionary! I have finished up my meds.. and I am feeling great! all good! Taking vitamins to keep up my defenses, and still eating a ton of yogurt! lol! I love you a ton! And hope your week is incredible. Please keep my compi and hma santacruz in your prayers.. they are both having quite a few problems with their families... 
Hma Alford

Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec. 9, 2013 We have a diagnosis!

Hey Mom,
So, I have an infection in my intestines. They gave me a ton of weird medicines that I have to take for a week... And dont worry, I am being really diligent with those. I dont ever want to return to that kind of dr in all my life. As for my companion, she is AWESOME! And so like me its kind of creepy! lol! Like I have a latina clone! She is from a little part of Peru, has a family of 6 kids, loves to craft, does not like to make decisions, is 21 years old,  and loves every one here to the breaking point. She was really nervous when she got here, but is learning so quickly! And never complains about anything! I have put her to work, and she has done a fabulous job! I love training, it helps me learn so much! You know Ive always loved to teach, well this is a type of teaching that just doesnt compare. I have also started giving classes to my whole district in English. Every day at lunch time we take a bit of time to learn English! lol! I am going to give them new assignments tomorrow! Theyll have to start praying each meal in English! haha! So cool! So yeah, this week has been hard, but way worth it. We said good bye to hma Santa Cruz, had a service (of which I spoke in my letter to the president) that almost killed us but brought a ton of blessings, and went searching for like 15 investigadors to go to the Christmas Devotional at the Temple yesterday... and not a single one showed up. We literally put in the very last ounce of our effort to have SOMEONE there... We looked for an hour more, just to be sure that no one wanted or would be able to go... and nada. Nothing. Zilch. But yeah, it happens like that sometimes... And a lot more than we would like. Anyway, we have been working hard... and I love my companion. Its different... But I love her so much! lol! So, dad says yall got my packages! Did yall get them both? Or just one? I havent gotten yalls yet... But I could get it tomorrow! pray for us! We have three baptisms planned for this weekend... but I am a little worried they wont fall through. Anyway, I love you so very much! Dont stress out with all that craziness lol! And remember always how special you are!
Hma Alford

Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013: Alecia's answers to my questions:

Question 1: How long have you been bleeding? I only bled for three days this past week
Question 2: How much weight have you lost? I have lost about 30 pounds as far as I know
Question 3: When is your appointment for the colonoscopy? It was this friday at 6:00
Question 4: How are you feeling emotionally? I am feeling fine right now, although it was really hard when I was in the hospital... I have never felt so trunky before in all my mission. However, the Lord placed me with Hma SantaCruz for one more transfer for a good reason! I needed her to be with me to get through it. 
Question 5: Do you know anything at all about what they are looking for? They wanted to see if I had some kind of inflamation or hemroides. 
Question 6: Can you get probiotic Yogurt, I am told that it might help you. Not sure if it will though! Yes, I can and have been eating it every morning since I got out of the hospital because they told me the same thing... 
Question 7: What can I do for you? Is there anything that I can send you? Just continue praying and remember that I love you. I am sorry I didnt tell you earlier.. I just didnt know how. I tried three times... and couldnt seem to type the words... 
I have been praying that your body heals completely and that you are able to continue serving the people  that you have learned to love without any Health problems. 
Question 8: Do you have a new companion? If so what is her name and how are ya'll getting along? I am going to TRAIN!!!!! LOL! Which means I wont know till wednesday in the afternoon who is my new companion. Hma Santa Cruz is going to Sucre... Could yall pray for her? She is feeling really bad lately with a urinary tract infection and they took out her wisdom tooth... Anyway, I will have to tell yall who is my new companion next monday
Question 9: Oh and how are you feeling physically! I am feeling fine. Nothing hurts... I have a TON of gas... always! But I am fine physically, it just was a bit wierd to bleeding that way. 
Mom, I am so very sorry that I worried you. I was so stressed out about that when Hma Dyer told me she was going to have to call youl. I just dont want yall to worry. I am fine. I was only in the hospital for a couple days so that they could put some electrolytes and vitamins in me. I had gone a while with out being able to eat as a result of the medicine to get rid of the parasites... My body had begun to reject all nutrition. So, since I couldnt get it in myself, they did it for me through iv. I was fine though, nothing overly serious. I am working and eating and playing now! lol! Dont worry about it! And I am really happy I have lost weight, and am now working on keeping it off! lol! 
Okay, as for my week... I am SO excited to train! But really scared too! I want to do the best I can! And I have gotten really used to Hma Santa Cruz! I dont want her to go! This is the hard part of the mission... the goodbyes that you just cant escape from! Oh, I am also in a choir for Christmas! We are going to sing at the temple this Sunday! With a ton of other choirs in Bolivia! Its gonna be great! We are planning an activity with the yws so that we can gain some more confidence in the ward! We are going to make brownies, invite invs, and paint fingernails! woohoo! lol! We are also praying really hard to have a baptism this weekend! Her name is faviola and is eleven years old... But we need permission from her parents first! Anyway, I have been pretty much working on my own with members all week because hma santa cruz is feeling so sick... I have really learned that I am capable of doing this on my own! I can totally train! I have been taught well, and am ready to go on. I think for a good while there I was getting really dependent on my companion... But now, the Lord has taught me that with Him all htings are possible! I can do this! Anyway, I gotta go... I wont know tilltomorrow what they found in the analysis... but I am really doing fine! lol! I lvoe you, sorry for the scare... And I hope you have an awesome week! Happy Bday! And happy thanksgiving too! 
Hma Alford

I asked her another question: I asked if she needed clothes and this was her answer:
Yeah, all my clothes are kind of falling off! lol! But clothes are way cheap down here... so dotn worry about it! 

Friday, November 29, 2013

A Prayer request: Nov. 29, 2013

Okay, everyone. I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and remembered to count your blessings. I enjoyed a wonderful day full of my wonderful blessings, my family! It was really fun and I enjoyed the food and company!

So I really don't know how to post this so I will start with, Alecia is fine. She is having some health problems. I received a phone call today from Sis. Dyer, the mission president's wife.  Alecia has been having a few intestinal problems. She has been in the hospital for dehydration and she has had a few other issues.  She will be having a routine colonoscopy(sp?) done, I am not sure when. I am told that this is routine and not to worry that the church uses only the best doctors. With this being said, I am asking for all of my friends and family to pray for her health and for my peace of mind. I know that she is where she needs to be. I know that our Loving Father in Heaven will keep her safe and take care of her. I just wish that I could hold her and be able to tell her how much I love her.  Thank you all for you love, support, and prayers.

Lots of Love
From the Momma! : )

Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 Parts of Alecia's email to me

I am really excited about Thanksgiving... We are going to make mashed taters and pumpkin pie! ANd I think hma rosmary is going to make a little turkey! yum! We cant spend a lot fo time on all this... but itll be really fun! ANd in the morning, we are going to do a little devotional together as a companionship! Oh hey! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! In advance!
As for me, I have been really busy this week as well! And had some really cool experiences. Hma Santa Cruz had to have one of her wisdom teeth removed this week, and spent a whole day in the house. But we did divisions so we wouldnt lose a day of work.. and I went out with a sister from our ward.... And pretty much taught all on my own! I really learned so much in that time! I can really do this! I have learned so much here! I never realized how afraid I used to be. Mom, I used to be afraid to talk on the cell phone, afraid to leave my family, afraid to talk to people i didnt know, afraid to put my all into a relationship with some one. I have learned to be stronger. I am not afraid anymore. Hma Santa Cruz has taught me so much... and I am going to miss her! She said she is going to go up to salt lake the february after I go home..and I am thinking it would be awesome if we could all go see her.. so yall can all meet my newest sister. She really is fantastic! 
As for Thanksgiving... I am thankful too. More thankful than I have ever been in my life I think... I have learned so much, seen so much, and experienced more. I know the lord loves me. I know he loves these people. And I could not be more thankful to be here in this work in this time! 
Dont stress out so much! okay! I lvoe ya! 
Hma Alford


Well, to be honest mom, I just didnt know how to bring up a subject like this. Its kind of hard to write your mother when your in a foreign country and tell her you were sick... I was a bit sick... and decided not to tell you at the time for this exact reason. I dont want you to worry about me at all.. and besides which, it wasnt anything really abnormal or life threatening... so I decided to keep that experience to myself. Dont be mad, but I know you and how you worry sometimes... All is fine now, I am eating everything in sight and I dont hurt anymore. And I have all the energy in the world! lol! It was quite a while back when I caugth some parasites twice... But I am all good now and healthy healthy healthy... Its a normal process down here, you catch parasites from the food ... But they know how to take care of it by now. and its pretty much just a matter of being really annoyed for a little while... and losing weight! lol! But I am fine, and hope that I have become accostomed to the food so that I dont have the same problem later..  Sorry I didnt tell you... but I just didnt know how to write something like that to you...

A note from me the Momma: You can imagine the tears that flowed down my face as I read the end of this. I know that she is being protected. It really hurt my heart to think that she was sick and I didn't know. However, I do understand how she feels because I don't always tell her everything either since she is so far away. Hmm like mother like daughter. I am so thankful that she is getting better and will be praying for her to not get anymore parasites. I knew something was up, it is just not normal to loose all the weight she has without being sick. But doesn't she look so happy!!!

I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for such a wonderful daughter. She is amazing and I am very "well pleased" with all she does. Keep her in your prayers. Love you all.

To any of you who may have found my blog in Bolivia Thank you for watching over my precious daughter. She loves you all so much and through her I have grown to love the Bolivian people too. God Bless you all!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Wow! I am so in awe of all that is going on over there! Kady has finished the Book of Mormon! Bethanys going to the temple! And Brandons going to be driving soon! (Watch out all those in the streets! Your lives may be at risk! lol!) I am glad your class went well! I had some cool experiences this week too.. I had to talk in church this sunday... and what a hard time I had preparing for that... I ended up talking about something totally different. I prayed before hand for the Lord to put His words in my mouth for the members... and when I went up there I didnt even look at the talk I had prepared. My my my.. I just hope they took it with the love that was behind it!  But I truly feel that the words I said were of God, and so I am content with my talk! And we also went to a cool conference for all missionaries in Cochabamba! Awesome! They have chosen three missions in south america to begin a trial run with Kiosks and publicity and all kinds of new stuff... and they gave us our fair share of chastisement for wasting time. ¨Satan himself hides in your watch¨Thats what they said. He may not be able to tempt us to drink alcohol, or do something really ridiculous like that right now... But he would just love it if we wasted our time playing around, walking past the people who need us, staying in the house a few minutes longer... We might have the agency to choose how we will use this time... But we do not have the right to waste the time of God! Thats what they told us! Ouch! I have got to get my tail in gear and start working harder! Anyway, in other news! I FINALLY sent the Christmas Package, and one with your bday gifts and some letters... Oh, and I lost the flash drive you sent me today... Luckily, I have copies still of everything that was inside. We went on a special outing for just the sisters and Sister Dyer today! They told us we were going to see waterfalls.... Turned out to be a creek, but we had a blast anyway! And I saw nature for the first time in almost an eternity!!!! I have been dying for trees, and birds, and water! I have never been in such a giant city before! There doesnt seem to be an end to Cochabamba! If it exists, I sure havent seen it! We also went to see a mansion and took a ton of pics there! i felt like I was in a movie, like Pride and Predjudice Latin style! lol! Anyway, this week has been good... We didnt have hardly anyone in the chapel with us this sunday because of some school activity.. But we are really hopeful for some baptisms coming up! Woohoo! Oh, and I have begun decorating the house for Christmas! SO cool! lol!  Anyway, I love you a million times a million times a million and more! And I am going to send as many photos as I can! LOL!
Love ya! 
Hma ALford

 I found magnolia trees! It was so cool to see them! They almost dont exist here! But there were a ton in the mansion´s gardens!
My Christmas tree this year! Man the coolest thing! The Balderamas, the family we live with.. has already put up their tree, and we see the lights every night! So pretty! lol!
Some really pretty snowy looking plants from the mansion!

I forgot to tell yall we went to the temple this week! With one of the converts of Hma Santa Cruz! What an experience !
Hma Santa Cruz and I at the mansion!
The mansion!

Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

 Halloween in Cochabamba!!!

I was a gypsy! Hma Santa Cruz was a pirate, Elder Wilson Captain America, and Elder Nicho Super man! We carved pumpkins, ate creepy looking food, and had a blast! lol! My pumpkin was the coolest of course! lol! I loved it! What an awesome Halloween! We went to the Bishops house and had dinner with his family... then carved the pumpkins at Hma Rosmarys house! lol! What a blast! Hma Santa Cruz and I had so much fun dressing up!
 lol! love yall!

 Service in Cochabamba! (She looks a little worried!)

So yeah, we had to do service with Sister Alborta... and no one else could do this part! I had to climb into this tiny little hole... in my skirt! And fill up buckets of water to pass them up through the tiny hole! This is how they get water here, is they fill up a giant tank every once in a while... and they have to empty it out before they can fill it back up! I was so exhausted after this! AND WET!!!! LOL! It was really hard! But no one else could do it because they are scared of small places... Never mind the fact that I was terrified in that dark little hole full of water and who knows what kind of creepy crawlies!!! But we were able to help her out a ton! And thats what really matters right? lol! And now Ive got a pretty unique memory! lol!

 So yeah, I didnt end up changing my hair! And I will tell Sister Rosmary you said thanks for the mama bear attack! lol! Ill be sending a package this following monday... I still have a few things to finish up before I send it.. But hopefully itll make it to yall before Christmas! I really want yall to have something from me under the tree! lol! That would be so cool! lol! So yeah, a bit more detail about my crazy week... We got a call from one of our investigadors today.. She hasnt really been overly interested so far... but she called us up this morning and asked us to come over to see her. We asked if it would be okay if we came later in the day, because we were in the middle of a service... But she asked us if we could come right then... so we left and went to see her... and she told us about some problems she has been experiencing (which is crazy because shes really one to hold everything in, not to share her problems) and then started crying and asking us to help her. We sat and hugged her for like five minutes... and then shared a little bit about prayer and the love of the Lord, and how he is there for her always... She started crying all over again and we were able to see her heart open up to the gospel. Something that I have truly learned out here is to show all the love you have for the people...because that is the key to them knowing that you are really there for them.. And that opens the door to their hearts. This entire week has been an unending stream of experiences just like this one... Where we have been able to see people open their hearts, minds, and doorways for us to begin teaching. I know it was truly inspiration that Hma Santa Cruz and I stay together another transfer.. Because none of this would have happened if not! What a miracle huh?

Here, weve been busier than ever... I think we have appointments stacked on top of eachother back to back and some at the same time for this entire week! But thats a good thing, because it means we are working hard! We have nine people with a baptism date... and we are working ridiculously hard with the ward! They are really coming a live in the mission work! I love to see them flocking to us to offer their help! And its a good thing too, or else I dont know how in the world we would get to all of our appointments ! We have to do a lot of divisions to get to them all! lol! Anyway, everything is going great down here! Oh! And we had a Halloween party too! Ill send pics as soon as I can! And some cool service! lol! I love you! Have an awesome week!
Hma Alford

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hey mom! So, the latest food stuff was pretty normal actually... My pensionista is really paranoid about my stomach, and if she even hears a thing about how I might not feel perfectly well, or that I ate something a bit wierd... She goes on the momma bear mode and gives me hospital food for a week or two... So thats what I've been eating right now! lol! I tried to tell her I was fine, and not to worry about it... But she wasn't really interested in hearing it! lol! So, this week we have truly seen an increase in the love the members have for us. We have begun to have lunch with a family each Saturday and Sunday... And we do all we can to show them we are real people with families, hopes, and dreams... and we laugh a ton! The poor members here have had hard time opening up their hearts to us! Most of the baptisms that have happened here are now their inactive.... Anyway, so we have been doing the best we can to show that we are different! And it looks like they are beginning to see the difference! And are truly welcoming us into their homes, ward, and hearts! I love to see their faces each time I go to church, as I get to know them, and truly become familiar with their needs, names, and hopes. I just hope that in my time here in their ward I can help them achieve all our goals! lol! Sounds like you are way busy! And a lot of sadness is over there.. Tell those who have lost loved ones I will pray for them for me will you? And especially Sister Stewart! I loved her letter, and I am working on one for her right now... :) I am working on a package actually... And I am hoping it gets to yall before christmas! With letters, and gifts, and candies, and all kinds of things! lol! Perm? Sounds cool! I wanna see! We are planning a halloween party with a member and her two kids... I might be dying my hair again! Youll just have to wait and see this monday! lol! What are yall doing for halloween? lol! What an incredible blessing! How was kadys cake? Is she doing better? I pray for you all every day, and I know that the Lord has you in His hands! I see it in each miracle you tell me about! I love you! Have a great week!

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013 Aleica's email's and pics

  Me at the park! lol! Still a kid sometimes! And, its a great way to look for new investigadors! lol! We´ve really found quit a few that way!

Letter to Family and Friends:
Hello Hello Hello My awesome family and friends!
So, this week has been incredible! We have worked HARD, and seen real miracles! I truly can't express how important it is to work with the missionaries! We need yalls help so much!  Anyway, I had a story to share this week! A funny one too! We have begun to have lunches with the members this week... and so we went to a members house, and we talked, ate, and had a great time. Then, it some how came out in the conversation... just exactly what we had eaten! Yeah, it was SNAKE! lol! And even better, she had just gone outside and caught them herself! lol! I just about died! But man was it tasty! lol! Yeah, I eat a bunch of wierd things down here.. But so far not anything that I really cant stomach! I have heard a lot of horror stories from the other missionaries.. But so far so good! lol! Just thought Id share that bit of fun with you all. Really and truly, I have loved my mission up till now. We work hard, its true.. But we also have a great time in the process! I love each and every one of you so very much, and I hope you all know how important you all are to me. I have a wall full of pictures of yall... And every day I look at your faces and say to myself, ¨this is what I am here for¨so that I never forget the reason I am here. So many of us have the opportunity to live for eternity as a family... But there are millions more who never have... And I am here to help the Lord give them the chance! I love you all, and hope yall have a fabulous week!
Hma Alford!

Letter to me:

Okay! Wow! How incredible to hear about all this growth and changing over there! And you will be happy to know, that the same is happening on my end! So, something truly incredible for me in my studying, was Jacob chapter five. All about the vineard of the Lord... Before I came out here, it just about drove me crazy to read these chapters all about trees and things... So boring right? But here, and especially in this time of my mission... I really needed it. Especially two parts. One: when the lord says something like, what more could I have done? And Two: A little more. We've been having a few troubles with our investigadors, and many of them just aren't progressing for  one reason or the other... and many times the thought, what more could I have done... has come to mind. Its just kind of frustrating when you do all you know how to do, and then agency  comes in to play... and poof, no more investigadors! But, as the Lord says many times, we can always do a little bit more! And this has been our goal this week! And man have we seen the fruits of our labor! We are going to have two baptisms this week, the members are slowly picking up the spirit of the Lords work and helping us out, and we have found three awesomely prepared families this week alone! One of nine! Just like us! lol! Anyway, we are working our tooshies off! And the Lord is blessing us accordingly! We have really been so blessed mom! I just cant describe my happiness! I really hope that this continues! Also, I am beginning to really see a growth in the way I teach, speak, and think! What a fabulous place to be! I love my mission, I love my God, and I love this work! Anyway! Love you! I hope your week is awesome! And I want you to know how proud I am of you and the growth you are making as well! Pray for me! So that Santa Cruz doesnt leave me quite yet! We have cambios (transfers) this sunday! aaaahhh! And we dont know yet who goes, stays, and so on! love ya! Talk to ya later!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013 Emails from Alecia!

So yeah, this week has been hectic! We have been running from one side of the area to the other inviting absolutely every one to the conference! But we were really able to see the fruits of our labor! And we have been able to set two baptism dates, have ten people come to conference, and we found thirteen new investigadors that actually might progress! I am so excited and really hope to be as engaged as ever in this work! I dont know why my camera is taking so long to work! This computer is ridiculously slow! Anyway, i hope this email comes with the photos I am trying to send! 
I almost forgot! Guess what I ate today! lol! The heart of a cow! Yeah... When I saw them cutting that giant organ and preparing it to barbcue... i thought I would surely die! lol! But it was actually pretty tasty! The best meat I've eaten so far in my pension! lol! Who would have known? But yeah... Heres a pic of the shishkabob cow heart! lol! 
We also went and played in the park today for pday! We were going to go print pics and send another package... But they had another day without cars today! So we had to find things to do a bit closer! lol! 

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell yall last week that I ate cow stomach too... They cook it fried and serve it like its chicken... But I can tell you that it sure dont taste like chicken! lol! i didnt exactly like that particular part of the cow... lol!

I watched conference all in English, except the first session this sunday. We had investigadors with us, so I couldn't go on splits to watch it in English. It was really hard to understand in spanish, but I survived and hope to print them out and read them later! I really learned a ton as well from  conference. Especially Saturday, I felt so jazzed up to do the work even more, give more of myself than ever before! I have never been so excited for a conference in all my life! i really enjoyed it! And learned so much! I felt like almost everything was directed at me in one way or the other! Oh! Guess what! We had ten people in church for conf! Woohoo! We worked so hard to have investigadors there! Thank you so much mom for the pics! I really love to see everyone! Its awesome! I especially noticed during conference the two words: Anxiously engaged. And almost everything seemed to be about pushing forward, or actively doing the work of the Lord. I really liked that. And know that the Lord is asking more of me. Anyway, thank you so much for the pics and the email mom! And I say go for it on the wheat thing!  I know that its going to help you a ton! Its almost impossible for me to eat healthy down here... But I am going to try and stay away from the snacks as well.. Especially things i buy for my self. lol! I love you so much, and I wish you all luck in your endeavors to follow the promptings you received! 

Push forward in faith, and never forget to help out the missionaries! LOL! Love yall! Talk to ya next week! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A mothers Musings After 3+ Months!

I can't even express how much I miss my sweet daughter! It doesn't seem possible to be able to sit at a table with 6 children and a husband and feel like there is a hole. However, it is possible! I miss her every time we sit down to eat as a family or sometimes like this Sunday,  I try to make one of the little ones get in the front seat of the suburban because there is not room in the back for everyone! Umm yes there is I don't have Alecia with me! My arms feel empty as I email her each week. I want so badly to hold her smile at her and look into her sparkling blue eyes and tell her how much I love her and how very well pleased I am with her! I want to be able to sit with her and talk to her about her sisters and get her sweet loving advice on things. I want to be able to hear her singing to Jessica and smile because I was able to pass on something I have always loved doing. Oh how I miss my Alecia!!!

There are so many mixed emotions going on in my heart and mind. I know that my Father in Heaven has called my daughter to Bolivia for a wise purpose. I do not know that purpose but He does. I trust Him. I know that He is guiding and directing Alecia's path. He wants her to succeed. I know that there are many touched by her righteous obedience. Her desire to serve our Father in Heaven with all her might, mind and strength. She is such an example to all who meet her.

I love that she is sharing her love of music everywhere she goes. I love that her being in a foreign country is a direct fulfillment of prophecy given to my darling husband years ago! I love that a little piece of our family and traditions are being shared with the people Alecia has grown to love.  I pray that there will be a time when I get to meet them and hear all about her mission from another point of view.

My heart is full with the knowledge that the prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and his counselors pray for her and that the whole church prays for our dear missionaries.  My thanks goes out to all who have touched her life and in some way added to the person that she is today!

Each mother of a missionary, I believe, experiences these mixed emotions. God is with us. He wants us to be happy and He helps us to sacrifice our time with our beloved children. We are blessed immensely as they serve. We see the effects of their examples on our younger children. We know that no matter what our blessed children are being protected. This does not mean they will not face adversity or even the worst can happen and they never come home to us in this life. It does mean that He, in his infinite wisdom, knows what they need and he loves them even more than we. He will guide, direct and protect them as they spread His word and help to fulfill his purpose, which is the immortality and eternal life of man!

I look forward to the time when she is back in my arms.  I pray that as she is growing and strengthening her testimony that I too will be following her loving example.  I lvoe you all. Thank you for sharing my daughters mission with us.  I pray that you will all have a blessed day.


Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 Alecia's emails and pics!

 Last pday with the hat hma Santa Cruz gave me.. My area!
This would have been last week and she is showing us her area! : )

My beautiful girl! I love her so very much!

Hey mom! Here are the photos with my new do...! lol! And guess what! I have lost twenty pounds out here on my mission! In two years all I could lose was five at home... but out here for three months and Ive lost twenty!!!! Isnt that great! 

Este semana fue mucho mejor.¡ Fuimos a ver muchos personas y tenimos una familia y dos jovenes in la capilla este Domingo! ¡Que feliz! ¡Tenimos muchos bendiciones y milagros reales! 
This week was a lot better! We went to see a lot more people, and had a whole family and two other investigadors in the church this sunday! I am so happy! We have really seen blessings and miracles this week! 
The story I want to share this week is of a little girl... who is in a tough situation. Her parents and Her sisters dont want to go ... But one day this little girl heard or felt something, which I believe was the spirit... and made the decision to go to church. She saves the money her parents give her to buy fun things at school, so she can wake up early sunday morning and get both herself and her little sister ready for school. Then they walk to the truffy, and go to church all alone. She is only nine years old, yet she is able to see the truth and have the courage and strength to follow after it. I am so very impressed and grateful to have seen such strength in a little girl so small... And we have been able to see a slight opening in the hearts of her parents. Hopefully, this little girl will be the strength of her family. And what did I learn from this? Never give up.. Hope, Pray, and work hard... and leave the rest to the Lord. For he can touch even the hardest of hearts, but in his own time, and his own way. 
Anyway, I am really happy here. I love my companion, I am learning spanish more every day, and my area is awesome! 
Hope you have a fabulous week! 
Hermana Alford

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013 Alecia's email (really good for the Young Women)

This is me and the Christus last monday! It was so cool to go and see it! We about died though from all the stairs! lol! Yet it was totally worth it!

Me at the temple! For the very first time! How cool huh! I really love the Cochabamba temple! It is so pretty!
We are doing all we can to work hard with the ward. Hopefully, we will be able to see some fruits soon. Hey mom. I felt something this Thursday night a little interesting. I just felt sad. I dont know why, it didnt feel like my own emotion... But I spoke to hma Santa Cruz about it, and she shared a few experiences with me that were similar... but that always correlated with a time when someone at home missed her really bad... And she told me that she believes that sometimes, when you are really close to someone, you can feel their souls across any amount of distance. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you, maybe someone at home was missing me... Or maybe Im just a basket case! lol! But Just in case, I wanted to share an extra I love you and a long distance hug! lol!
Love you a ton mom! Ill probably write more in a minute! But I want to try and send a few pics!

So, I had a thought this Saturday I felt like sharing... We were with one of our investigadors... and she was talking to us about her life and her troubles. She told us how alone she felt sometimes... and then that she truly didn’t feel special enough to pray. I felt like crying mom. I remember this. I remember feeling alone, and like I wasn’t special or beautiful. And it truly pains me to see this in other people. This Friday night, Hma Santa Cruz and I talked about this... I told her about all the negative feelings I used to have towards myself... And how all that has changed so drastically. Mom, this form of thinking is absolutely wrong... in every way. When we choose to allow Satan to crawl his way into our hearts and minds in this form... we allow him to control us from the inside out. We can not allow this to happen. As women, we have this tendency... We want so badly to be beautiful, that sometimes, with out knowing it... we allow satan to take over. I truly can not bare to see other people feeling this way now. So much time passed in my life when I felt this way. And I just want to help all people know the worth of their souls! Because I know that feeling! I know how it tears you apart... The Lord works in balance. It is not humility to put yourself down. There is a balance in which we can know we are beautiful and special, but not be prideful. This is what I did not understand for so long. I don’t know why yet, but I felt like I should share that with you mom! I love you with all my heart! And hope you have a great week!

I dont mind at all if you share with the blog or with anyone you like. This is one thing I feel really strongly about because I’ve been there... And I only hope that my experience can maybe help others.  I remember how I felt when I went to the store with all my friends, or with Kady... and everyone could fit into the tiny little sizes... and I couldnt.. I had to go to the L... and then it was even worse when I had to move up to an XL... I felt so bad. I couldnt enjoy myself shopping with my friends, because there was always that painful presence of thoughts such as: `you`re not as pretty as they are´ ´you will never look like they do´ ´how could anyone like you?´  They tell us all the time in young womens that we are truly special, one of a kind.. But how many of us really believe it? How many of us believe in our very heart and soul that we are in every way beautiful? There are so many influences in the world... that tell us what beauty really is... But the fact of the matter is that true beauty comes in thousands of forms... And I am not trying to be cliche or cute... I am not beautiful in the model way... Nor in that of the actress... or that of my sister, or my mother, or my aunt. But I have a beauty all my own. And every day I can, if I so choose, embrace that and claim it. My hair IS crazy, as so many people used to tease me... I do have acne... I have some pounds to lose.. But my hair is also like fire, and beautiful in its own right. My body may not be perfect in the ways of the world, but I have my own individual kind of gorgeous. I have seen so many different kinds of beautiful, and dreamed of being like that! But the time has finally come, when I can see my own. Thats what I pray for every day for you, and for Kady, and for Krystal. And I truly pray that Bethany and Jessica never have to feel that kind of hurt. I pray that you all can see for yourselves, not only try to accept what others tell yall, the real loveliness inside of you. No snowflake is the same... Much less the daughters of God. But I also now, by the Grace and Love of God, know the great joy of knowing who I am.... and my individual worth. It is a fight every day. A fight against my own tendencies, and against Satan. But with God and real faith, and a true desire.. all things are possible. Even this! Anyway, I pray for you every day mom! I love you with all my heart and soul. And I look up to you as my angel on this earth. Love,
Hermana Alford (Alecia:)

Hopefully well be able to have some baptisms soon... Oh, we have a lavandarista now! Like a pensionista, except she washes our clothes for us! Woohoo! lol! We are really quite excited about that! :) love ya! I might email again later! lol!

This week... one of our good friends in the ward moved away to Brazil. We made a little memory thing for her. It was really kind of sad to see her go. We also did a whole lot of service. We helped an inv make army bags... and I think we might have finally opened a way into her heart through our service.. she hasn’t really wanted to let us into her trust just yet.. We had hoped she would make it to church this sunday.. but that never happened sadly. But we are going to pray extra hard for this next sunday. We are hoping they can eventually be a family connected through the gospel. Also, I played dress up with my little friend ______... lol! She loves to sing and dance with me like a princess. The poor thing doesn’t have hardly any friends and her parents work all the time... She told me that I am her very first and best friend. My heart literally about burst with love for her! Anyway, she dressed me up like a princess and we played for hours! She really is great! Also, I have been doing finances in spanish! HELP! As our service we went and helped a member do some finances and things she needed to do. I didn’t understand hardly a thing... but I think I did alright... at least I hope so! For her sake at the very least! lol! Who knew that math was different in another language? lol! Anyway... What else.. a ton of service... Oh! Did I tell yall that ? & ? are going to church? They are going to a different ward, that doesn’t have stairs! ? is smiling almost every day! And they are going to go to the temple this october! Anyway, over all its been cool... :) Oh, and I cut my hair a bit! lol! Just a bit.. But it turned out alright.. i think. lol! Hope yall have a great week! love ya!

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013 Emails!!!

 I have one transfer down in the mission! Hma Santa Cruz and I are still together though, we didn’t have transfers because I am still being trained. Its twelve weeks with your trainer... and then I will probably train or at least stay in this area for a while longer because Hma Santa Cruz hasn’t yet left Cochabamba. She has almost one year just in Cochabamba! That means she’ll probably be out of here after she finishes training me! Either to Succre, or Potosi. Anyway, we have had all kinds of fun this week! We had a movie night last night waiting for the zone leaders to call... And we ate candy, laughed, and had a great time! Oh, and we made my fave food another night. Sanchi Papas! With music and laughing and all kinds of fun! All of this is with church movies and music by the way! lol! I promise I am not breaking any rules! lol!

 _________has truly had a miracle! He is so much happier now, and he finally spoke to his family. We have been talking to him about every other day, trying to help him out and teaching him... Thank yall for your prayers! I want yall to know they truly work miracles! He is receiving so much strength and happiness from the Lord right now. And I truly love to see that in him!

Anyway, this week has been pretty great. And I am going to print pics today! And have a water fight! And make Columbian food with a really great family we are teaching! And maybe even eat icecream! YAY! I really love pday! lol! Anyway, I hope yall are having a cool time! Looks like the car is pretty dead to me! But I will pray for yall and the Abuelita too! (Little Grandma) LOL! Oh, and something I learned in the scriptures this week... I read in 2 Nephi 4... and I couldnt get over how perfect it was for me and for my investigadors! Yall have got to read it! its fantabulous!

So yeah, just thought I would share... Anyway. I want yall to know I love yall. I will probably write again later. I love the pics! Thanks a ton! Send as many as you can! And I love you all with all my heart!
May God Bless you,
Hermana Alford

its really interesting for me how your lives or something you say always mirrors something that happenned in my week... or something i taught... its pretty amazing! Like in this instance, your advice to me was to count my blessings when the tough times come. Well, that is exactly what I have been teaching to quite a few of our investigadors and converts out here! I just love it. There almost always is something in your letters or emails that really pertains to me or my investigadors or my life out here. Im glad that church was cool, and that you and Kady are still reading together. That really is so cool that yall do that. We had Stake Conference here this Sunday. Not a single investigador made it... But it was really cool to hear the speakers, and see what Stake Conference is like in Bolivia.  They have every room filled to the brim with chairs and tvs because it fills up so fast... and they record it... Oh, and they even have like ushers... You know, people who direct people to their seats and open and close doors, and help make everything run smoothly. It was pretty cool! lol! And music would really be nice too! Piano Guys, Alex Boye, the music from Prince of Egypt, and whatever else is uplifting that you think I might like. If you can send it over email, that would be absolutely fantastic! lol! Anyway, I love you to the moon and back! And hope you have a great week! love ya !

Alecia with her dear friend Elvida

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013 Aleica's email

This week we once again were able to witness a miracle. We met a man truly prepared and in need of this gospel on our way to the officina. He was the taxi driver, and it turns out that he spoke with the missionaries in Chile before he moved here. His story is incredible, and his spirit is so strong. He has some real doubts about the church, but he also has a real desire to know more. We are praying hard that we can help him know that this gospel is true, and to find what he truly needs. 
I am still progressing, slowly but surely, in spanish... I had a few problems this week with ¨opening my mouth´ which really was hard. Ive been having doubts and fears about my lack of knowledge in this language, which is definitely not the way to teach the gospel. But I believe now I can do better... Which is my goal every day, to be a little better every day.
My companion is fantastic. She really helps me out a ton, and has a lot of patience with my weaknesses. 
We are still working on the whole complete obedience thing with the schedule. It really is a lot more difficult than you would think to begin with. But I want so badly to be completely and totally obedient... Because I know that that is the way to see miracles here in the mission... Once again, we will be working harder this week to be even better than ever. And eventually, maybe we will be perfect. 
Anyway, I really love my area. Our investigadors and our ward really are spectacular and I love them so very much.

Hermana Alford

Hey mom, Thank you for your testimony, it truly is fantastic to be able to hear even all the way out here. Mom, I have a request to make that means a whole lot to me. Not only for you, but for every person in our family, and in our ward. We have an investigador out here that is just about breaking my heart. His name is Bruno, and hes only twenty years old... and his story is truly so hard. His family left him in a home as a child. And he has been looking for some one to love him ever since. and he thought he had found someone in his wife. He has been married for a year, and has a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Estrella, or star in english. Because shes his star in the darkness of his life... But his wife has been influenced by her family, his lack of money, and her boredom in him. He is no longer allowed to see his little girl... but he doesnt want to be like his parents and leave her behind. He wants to give her all he can. He lives alone in a tiny little room, and gives all the money he can that he makes as a taxi driver to his daughter... He needs friends, he needs hope, and he needs love. And we are doing all we know how to do for him over here. We have a lot of hope for him... but I promised him that my family would pray for him and pray for him hard. He loves to hear us pray for him. He truly has a ton of faith... Please pray for him. Anyway, other than that, its been a pretty quiet week. I got to hold a parrot! Ate the worst thing in the world! Bolivian corn! YUCK! I literally almost threw up like three times. Played paint ball with our zone. Sent letters today. And Im going to dye my hair! LOL! Cant wait to send you a pic! its only like a month long dye.. and its going to be red! I am so excited! lol! I might cut it again too... But hma santa cruz and I both are going to dye our hair! how cool! Her darker, me red! awesome! lol! Im going to try and send a pic or two now. But I hope you know how special you are! Oh, and i read about when Nephi built the boat this week. I thought it was so cool to read. I love the way he teaches his brothers,... With such power! I need to remember that sometimes, we need to teach with strength,... not just softly.!
Love you! talk to ya next week! 
Note from me the Momma:  David tole me that when his mom was younger that she died her hair red and it turned out green! I told Alecia and she said, "Ahh, I can't have green hair as a missionary." LOL So maybe we won't be seeing that picture with her in red hair! ; )

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 26, 2013 Parts of Alecia's E-mails this week!

 Alecia received her first package in her mission! She is so happy! We found out it takes a month for her to get packages from us. 

 This is the sweet young woman that was baptized this past weekend with her little brother!

 So yeah, this is what a whole lot of the women look like here.. except with boots and LONG braids, and a huge colorful bundel on their back! lol! I got to go see all the dances of Bolivia at the church  and I wish I had pics! Ugh... My camera died! How ridiculously sad! But yeah... this is what they wear! lol! Dont laugh too hard at me okay? haha!
me at globos today for pday! A really cool restaurant!

Excerts from letter to the President this week:

Tenia mi primera bautismo de mi mision en este semana pasada Gracias
solamente a Dios y su amor para nosotros! Fue un milagro en verdad!
Soy muy muy emocionada!
I was able to see two youngsters be baptised and confirmed this week!
I could not have been more excited! They are such good kids, and we
are hoping that they can be a strength to their mother and help her to
come to Christ as well. In all honesty, seeing them be baptized was
the very best experience I´ve had so far in my mission! That and
hearing their testimonies afterwards!
As for spanish... Poco a poco I am learning more and more. I have
taken up a new habit to learn more quickly. I have a little notebook
that every time I hear a new phrase or word, I write it down and try
and use it that day. Its pretty helpful. I am also still working on
memorizing the Scripture Masteries in English and Spanish. They are
really coming in handy during our lessons. And I am able to learn new
words as I go.
Hermana Santa Cruz and I are getting a long great. We are getting to
know each other better and better, and learning how to teach more
effectively together as well. She really is the best trainer!
My area is fantastic as well! I really love it with all my heart! Our
investigadors are more like family to me every day. And our
pensionista really is like a kind of mother figure here in Bolivia.
She is always looking out for our health and cooks like an angel
Every day its getting harder and harder to think about leaving. These
people have stolen my heart away! This truly is the best place to be,
and the best work to be a part of.
I do have a question about the back packs too, are we allowed to use
them on pday? Or never? Just wondering.

Excerpts from her letter to me this week:

So, this week was absolutely fabulous! Two baptisms! I got my package! We had mani pedis with the elders for fhe with a family of members! That was about as hilarious as it gets! lol! I finally got to print pics! And Hma Santa Cruz and I are going every morning to the gym to work out so we can be more obedient with our schedule... we both have difficulty with the early morning work out... But we also dont want to get fat with all the food we have to eat here! Sometimes we end up eating two or three lunches! goodness! lol!  We were able to really have a blessed week! I dont think I have ever felt as close to the Lord as when I saw those two youngsters be baptised and confirmed! They are so strong and so faithful! They love to read the scriptures...and ____is going to go to the temple next week! We are hoping to be able to go with her! We also have about three more baptisms planned for this week! Miracles truly come to pass when you are obedient! I have also been working really hard on becoming more familiar with my new set of scriptures. Spanish is difficult, but I always want my relationship with the scriptures to be strong.. So that our investigadors can see how important they are through my love for them... Anyway, I cant send a whole lot of pics this week because these darn computers are really slow... but I hope you can see how happy I am to have my package in the one I sent! It really lifted me up! lol! Tell Gma I am praying for her... And I am sorry she is hurting. And hma Stewart that I love her back! I will pray for the car and a miracle! I am SO glad everyone is feeling better! I was a little worried... Thanks a ton for praying for my investigadors... They all mean so much to me.. and I love to know that they have your prayers as well as mine.. Anyway, I just want you to know how much I love you. And thank you so much for your prayers. I can feel them everyday. And I hope yall know just how special it is to hear from yall for me. For me, its like a recharge... A moment to remember exactly what I am here for... A moment to share everything I can of what I am learning, and to gain more strength for the rest of my week. I love to here about your lives, what your studying, who you talk to, and everything! lol! Anyway, until next time! I love you muchissimo mom... You really are the greatest! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19, 2013

This is Aleica’s reaction to hearing about the change in our Stake President (Church leader for a larger geographical area)

Awesome! That just sounds so right! He is really going to be great!
Even on this side of the world, I can feel how right he is going to
be! He is really called by God!

Im sorry everyones been sick! :( Ill
be praying for yall, ive been a little sick this week too.. I got a
bit of a cold from the waiting wet and cold last monday. Its been
really hard to wake up every day at 6:30 in the morning when i dont
feel overly well... but its not too bad. And I am almost over it. What
about the kids? are they close yet to being better? Could yall pray
for ________one of our investigadors? He is an old investigador who really knows everything...
he could be baptised any day he chose... We just need a lot of prayers fro him... anyway, this week I
learned that sometimes the mission really is hard.. but that in these
moments we learn the most. We also have decided that this week we are
going to be absolutely completely obedient, because we need miracles
with our investigadors right now... Did i tell yall that ________and
her husband are preparing to enter the temple together? It is
so absolutuely fantastic! Im excited for them! I just wish that the
chapel were flat... we have so many people like them who cant attend
church because they are too old or disabled to walk up those steep
stairs. And its to dangerous to have the elders carry them... I really
wanted to try that idea out... but it would be risking lives...
Anyway, we are going to finally have baptisms this weekend! I am so
excited! We have three little kiddos ready to be baptized! I am really
excited! I love yall so much! and I love hearing about your lives!
Thanks for the recipes! I cant wait to be able to make cookies and
marshmallows and everything! Hey,. could you send the recipe for king
cake too? I really really want to make that soon! I want to share a
louisiana food! lol! anyway, love ya!

Anyway, im slowly learning more about tenses, but they confuse me a
lot. I can prettty much get my point across during lessons though, so
I dont feel too bad. I just keep studying, and eventually it will
My companion and I are struggling a bit with the schedule, especially
this week. But we have addressed the problem and plan to be completely
obedient this week. This is our goal, and so far we are doing pretty
This area is truly the greatest. The people are so incredible. Anyway, all I can do is keep working and pray.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug 12 & 13, 2013 Slightly Edited Emails from Alecia

Hey mom! No time, long story why I didnt email today.. maybe I can
email tomorrow... dont know.. But this is the letter I sent to
President Dyer, and I am okay! Love you guys SO much! Hola Presidente
I love this area! And everything is just absolutely perfect! I
couldn´t imagine a better place to be! I love my companion too! She
really listens to me and helps me out with my spanish a lot! We had
the greatest experience this week! We fasted this Sunday for two
things, one was to find a family ready for the gospel, and the other
for a baptism. And we found both in the most miraculous way! But only
after a long hard day where no one could make it to church, and all
kinds of other trials. It was really cool to see how the Lord can work
miracles... but only after the trial of our faith! Anyway, I really
love it here... Everything is just about perfect... I am getting a
little more comfortable in spanish too! Anyway, have a great week!
(Sorry this cant be longer, I dont have a lot of time!)
Hermana Alford

Okay, I have a few more minutes, so I am going to take advantage of
them as much as I can! I went up a mountain today! It was SO hard, but
I got to play in the snow! It was Hma Rosmarys Birthday this Sunday!
We made her cards and I gave her a necklace I made! I am so glad you
got my letters! There is one more on the way that I sent a little
later, and I am writing one right now! I lost my wallet, with almost
all my money in it... except my emergency cash... so I might be taking
out some money in my account this week... idk... Oh! And we have been
having so much success here! I really love it! Tell everyone I wish I
could email them all... But that the elders messed up the
schedule today! We were supposed to be back by noon... But they went
WAY farther than they should have in the mountain and we had to wait
FIVE HOURS for them before we could head back!  I definitely needed to learn
patience today! Anyway... We have been doing so much! I am still
pretty healthy... Only a few little problems with my tummy... All of
which are ridiculously minor considering the conditions I am in right
now!  And anyway... I was going to send pics today... But dont
have time! I took pics of all your
emails to read later tonight... and I am just hoping I can email
tomorrow... But its pretty unlikely... I miss you all so much! But
this place is truly fantastic! I never thought in a million years I
would see some of the things I see here! Mountains and flowers from my
dreams. Smiling faces of Gods children I have the opportunity to
teach! Oh! And I attended my first baptism in the mission! SO cool! I
gave a talk! In spanish! About the Holy Ghost! I am on my way to being
a true Bolivian! Oh! Everyone here seems to think I am Brazillian by
the way!  how funny! Hey mom! Can you send me the recipes for
pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, marsh mallows, and king cake? We
cook with the bishops wife every week, and they want me to teach them
how to make something... Just send it over email if you can, and well
try and make something next week! We made cinnanom rolls this
week... love you all
sooooooooooooooooooo muuuuucccccccchhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Talk to ya when I can!

 Life is crazy here
too! especially the schedule! ouch! But I am, slowly, adjusting to it.
lol!! I
got a really cool back pack from the Cancha here! It is totally
Bolivian! My bag didnt make it past the first day in the field.
Hma Santa Cruz and I have picked up a habit of finding new contacts in
the park! Its so fun! This sunday we found a whole group of little
kids we teach... and we had a little lesson! They are so funny! always
asking me why I have pelos blancos on my arms... white hairs!
Then we swung on the swings with them for a while too! They gave me
like a billion flowers too! Which they put in my hair ! So cute! I
felt like a princess! Actually, I feel like a princess on a regular
basis here!  Especially with the children! They always ask me to
sing to them in english... Which results in a lot of singing and
dancing to disney songs! They about die with laughter dancing
with me! I love it! We also met a new family! Through members of the
church who have been teaching them for quite some time! I can just see
them in white! I am so excited! This is such an amazing part of the
member missionary work! The members really do help a lot! This was the
 answer to our prayer and fasting! Through
members! How chevere! (cool, but in spanish!) Anyway, turns out I
had more time than i thought!  I really love to email yall! It
gives me a new look on the things that have happened! Love yall1

Hey mom, 
Oh, and packages from here to
there are WAY cheap! So i might  be sending a few!! Kiddos! i
am so happy for all of you this year in school! Remember always how
smart you all are! and I pray for you always ! I went up a mountain! Pretty cool
huh? Made a snow man, and a snow angel! Had peanut butter and oreos
for the first time in months!!! YAY! And had a birthday party! Its so
cool yall are having baptisms! how great! Pray for me and my
investigadors will you? Anyway.
It really is great here! And everyone tells me I am doing well with
spanish.. idk... I can only do the best I can every day and hope that
is enough1

Okay, so I have just a few minutes today... But I just wanted to write
a bit more. I was going to send a pic of me and Hma Santa Cruz in the
park with a bunch of kiddos we were teaching... But my camera doesn´t
seem to want to work with this ancient computer lol! Its so funny,
we´ve sort of made a habit out of going to the park to meet new
contacts. And it works so well! Its a really great way to meet familys
and have fun at the same time. The mountain was so cool! It was really
hard, because I had some trouble breathing... But I felt so
accomplished looking down from the top! And I saw my first live
lama!!! How cool is that? They are so much bigger than I ever
imagined! Anyway, I am not sure what all Ive already talked about and
what I havent said yet... So yall probably get a lot of repeats...
Sorry about that, its just hard to remember what Ive written before,
what I wrote in letters, and what I wrote in my journal ! So yeah,
Im learning a whole lot here! About myself, God, and Spanish.
Sometimes I kind of feel like my head is going to explode! I cant wait
to be able to send yall pics of me and my investigadors! The young
women here are so great! I love them all! Oh! I might be teaching an
english class soon! And every wednesday Ill be teaching how to direct
music! It is so interesting here... Almost everyone knows at least a
little bit of a second language! Oh! And the flowers here are
absolutely fantastic! Could you look up and see if Im allowed to bring
dried flowers home? I know theres some kind of law about plants or
something.. but I really want some to bring home and put in my scrap
book1 ! So, what else? Oh! Look up choletas! They are all over the
place here! Hmmm... Life here is just grand! I love everyone! And the
food is so great! I havent yet had anything I really couldnt stand...
We actually had burgers twice! With french fries too! Anyway, I love
all of you to the moon and back! Adios!

By the way, I can just about find anything I need here too! Especially
in the Cancha! Its like a giant, crazy mall that never ends! And has
everything you could imagine wanting! lol! I wont be able to send my
letters till I have envelopes... Which Im going to try and buy soon..
and I am going to try and send them through the regular mail here
rather than pouch mail.. Because you can only send one page with pouch
mail in the mission field.. and I like to write a lot more than that
! anyway... I just wanted you to know that I am good to go here!
lol! You dont have to worry about me not being able to get something I
need. :) I figured out smiley faces! awesome! about time! I really
really love the people here mom! They are just about the greatest
ever! I love ya!