Monday, December 30, 2013

Alecia's last email in 2013 : ) Dec. 30

It was wonderful to hear you too mom! I love you a million more than you can ever say, and loved being able to talk to you. I am glad every one was able to have a nice Christmas, including you! lol! I was really excited about all my gifts, and had a blast finally opening them! It was SO tempting to open them before hand!!! lol! But I endured until the very end! And it was worth it! lol! Hma Gutierrez finally got to talk to her family, and all is well! woohoo! She also really enjoyed the surprise I planned for her! SUCCESS!!! LOL!  if you pray and ask the Lord, follow the principle and see the blessings... you will know that it is true and right. Anyway, I hope that all works out... And want you to know I had a great Christmas! I loved my gifts, and have been able to see the love of so many people here for me! Tell russel to keep practicing so he can keep up with me when I get back! lol! I am going to be nice and share my accent! lol! I hope yall have a great new years! love 
hma alford

Hey Dad,  yes I loved my gifts, and my surprise plans worked out in the end.. although I was a little scared there for a bit cuz my compi doesnt seem to need sleep! Its so wierd! She just refuses to go to sleep! Anyway, she woke up Christmas morning to find that Santa Clause had come to town!!! We took turns opening our gifts, and she just loved it! I was really excited, and we had a great time. We shared a few thoughts and Christmas videos we bought by the church... and then went hard at work to get little gifties we had made to all the kiddos we teach... and let me tell you! That was a ton of work, and so worth it to see their smiles, some of them got nothing else on Christmas but what we were able to muster together. Anyway, I truly loved this Christmas and am ready to begin a new year with new goals and a whole new out look. I have work to do, and am determined to get it done, with the help of the Lord... I love you so much and it was absolutely fabulous to hear your voice this Christmas! I hope you have a fabulous new years and that the Lord continues to bless you all! As for winters in Bolivia, I doubt it... I love it here, but I dont think Ill be doing that. anyway, Hope yall are all doing well, and that you always remember how special you are! lol!
Hma Alford

Alecia Christmas morning. Her shirt says, "Someone in Louisiana Loves you" : )

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