Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013 Alecia's emails and pics!

 Last pday with the hat hma Santa Cruz gave me.. My area!
This would have been last week and she is showing us her area! : )

My beautiful girl! I love her so very much!

Hey mom! Here are the photos with my new do...! lol! And guess what! I have lost twenty pounds out here on my mission! In two years all I could lose was five at home... but out here for three months and Ive lost twenty!!!! Isnt that great! 

Este semana fue mucho mejor.¡ Fuimos a ver muchos personas y tenimos una familia y dos jovenes in la capilla este Domingo! ¡Que feliz! ¡Tenimos muchos bendiciones y milagros reales! 
This week was a lot better! We went to see a lot more people, and had a whole family and two other investigadors in the church this sunday! I am so happy! We have really seen blessings and miracles this week! 
The story I want to share this week is of a little girl... who is in a tough situation. Her parents and Her sisters dont want to go ... But one day this little girl heard or felt something, which I believe was the spirit... and made the decision to go to church. She saves the money her parents give her to buy fun things at school, so she can wake up early sunday morning and get both herself and her little sister ready for school. Then they walk to the truffy, and go to church all alone. She is only nine years old, yet she is able to see the truth and have the courage and strength to follow after it. I am so very impressed and grateful to have seen such strength in a little girl so small... And we have been able to see a slight opening in the hearts of her parents. Hopefully, this little girl will be the strength of her family. And what did I learn from this? Never give up.. Hope, Pray, and work hard... and leave the rest to the Lord. For he can touch even the hardest of hearts, but in his own time, and his own way. 
Anyway, I am really happy here. I love my companion, I am learning spanish more every day, and my area is awesome! 
Hope you have a fabulous week! 
Hermana Alford

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