Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19, 2013

This is Aleica’s reaction to hearing about the change in our Stake President (Church leader for a larger geographical area)

Awesome! That just sounds so right! He is really going to be great!
Even on this side of the world, I can feel how right he is going to
be! He is really called by God!

Im sorry everyones been sick! :( Ill
be praying for yall, ive been a little sick this week too.. I got a
bit of a cold from the waiting wet and cold last monday. Its been
really hard to wake up every day at 6:30 in the morning when i dont
feel overly well... but its not too bad. And I am almost over it. What
about the kids? are they close yet to being better? Could yall pray
for ________one of our investigadors? He is an old investigador who really knows everything...
he could be baptised any day he chose... We just need a lot of prayers fro him... anyway, this week I
learned that sometimes the mission really is hard.. but that in these
moments we learn the most. We also have decided that this week we are
going to be absolutely completely obedient, because we need miracles
with our investigadors right now... Did i tell yall that ________and
her husband are preparing to enter the temple together? It is
so absolutuely fantastic! Im excited for them! I just wish that the
chapel were flat... we have so many people like them who cant attend
church because they are too old or disabled to walk up those steep
stairs. And its to dangerous to have the elders carry them... I really
wanted to try that idea out... but it would be risking lives...
Anyway, we are going to finally have baptisms this weekend! I am so
excited! We have three little kiddos ready to be baptized! I am really
excited! I love yall so much! and I love hearing about your lives!
Thanks for the recipes! I cant wait to be able to make cookies and
marshmallows and everything! Hey,. could you send the recipe for king
cake too? I really really want to make that soon! I want to share a
louisiana food! lol! anyway, love ya!

Anyway, im slowly learning more about tenses, but they confuse me a
lot. I can prettty much get my point across during lessons though, so
I dont feel too bad. I just keep studying, and eventually it will
My companion and I are struggling a bit with the schedule, especially
this week. But we have addressed the problem and plan to be completely
obedient this week. This is our goal, and so far we are doing pretty
This area is truly the greatest. The people are so incredible. Anyway, all I can do is keep working and pray.

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