Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 Email and pics! She is looking better!!!!! : )

Man, the activity had to have been really beautiful... as of yet we havent gone caroling... but we are planning with all the missionaries in our area to go out caroling in each area all together and find new investigaders for each companionship! Its gonna be great! and we have quite a few families that want us to come and see them on Christmas lol! One of our investigadors has given me her account name and password for skype so that we can skype! My companions name is Hma Gutierrez! lol! sorry. And she is great! Shes not going to be able to skype with her family, cuz they dont have computers where she lives. Please pray for her. She hardly ever gets emails from her family, and is having a reallly hard time with the whole Christmas thing. I am going to do something really cool for her though for Christmas. I have gfts planned out, and found her favorite Christmas treat from home... Christmas eve I am going to sneak it all under the tree with my gifts... so that she feels like Christmas too! I am so excited! Tell every one I said thanks a million and a bove, and I will definitely go get some clothes! lol! Ask ryan if he wants just leather, or jaguar skin... cuz they are really awesome too! I am totally getting me some for my english set! lol! And leather in general is really cheap down here. I bought my set for 120 bs each down here... thats like 20 bucks or less! what! And I bought a leather back pack too, really cool for 130... like 21 or 22 dollars! REAL LEATHER!!! And hand made! Way cool! And so cheap!!! I got one package... Not sure where the other one is.. I kind of opened the socks.. I was in serious need... sorry... But every thing else is all wrapped up and under our tree! lol! Way cool! I am so excited to see yall! lol! As for my week... it was so crazy! A ton of work! and we got to talk in sacrament meeting again. I felt so much like the Lord was using my mouth! We had an entire family in the church yesterday with us! They have 5 little kiddos! and totally crazy! And another three kids from another family, and a ton of less actives! WAY COOL!!!! Tomorrow is our missionary chirstmas conference... from 3 to 8! So long! We arent gonna get anything done! We are going to go shopping today... So I am going to take pics of what I buy for Christmas and send em over next monday! woohoo! That money is a whole lot down here you know? I am going to be able to get like whatever I want! lol! Things I have only dreamed about buying! lol! love it! Tell everyone I send like a billion kisses and love and thanks! Love that scripture! Way cool.. I think my fave scripture right now is Jacob 5... The whole thing is great! And so inspiring as a missionary! I have finished up my meds.. and I am feeling great! all good! Taking vitamins to keep up my defenses, and still eating a ton of yogurt! lol! I love you a ton! And hope your week is incredible. Please keep my compi and hma santacruz in your prayers.. they are both having quite a few problems with their families... 
Hma Alford

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