Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

 Halloween in Cochabamba!!!

I was a gypsy! Hma Santa Cruz was a pirate, Elder Wilson Captain America, and Elder Nicho Super man! We carved pumpkins, ate creepy looking food, and had a blast! lol! My pumpkin was the coolest of course! lol! I loved it! What an awesome Halloween! We went to the Bishops house and had dinner with his family... then carved the pumpkins at Hma Rosmarys house! lol! What a blast! Hma Santa Cruz and I had so much fun dressing up!
 lol! love yall!

 Service in Cochabamba! (She looks a little worried!)

So yeah, we had to do service with Sister Alborta... and no one else could do this part! I had to climb into this tiny little hole... in my skirt! And fill up buckets of water to pass them up through the tiny hole! This is how they get water here, is they fill up a giant tank every once in a while... and they have to empty it out before they can fill it back up! I was so exhausted after this! AND WET!!!! LOL! It was really hard! But no one else could do it because they are scared of small places... Never mind the fact that I was terrified in that dark little hole full of water and who knows what kind of creepy crawlies!!! But we were able to help her out a ton! And thats what really matters right? lol! And now Ive got a pretty unique memory! lol!

 So yeah, I didnt end up changing my hair! And I will tell Sister Rosmary you said thanks for the mama bear attack! lol! Ill be sending a package this following monday... I still have a few things to finish up before I send it.. But hopefully itll make it to yall before Christmas! I really want yall to have something from me under the tree! lol! That would be so cool! lol! So yeah, a bit more detail about my crazy week... We got a call from one of our investigadors today.. She hasnt really been overly interested so far... but she called us up this morning and asked us to come over to see her. We asked if it would be okay if we came later in the day, because we were in the middle of a service... But she asked us if we could come right then... so we left and went to see her... and she told us about some problems she has been experiencing (which is crazy because shes really one to hold everything in, not to share her problems) and then started crying and asking us to help her. We sat and hugged her for like five minutes... and then shared a little bit about prayer and the love of the Lord, and how he is there for her always... She started crying all over again and we were able to see her heart open up to the gospel. Something that I have truly learned out here is to show all the love you have for the people...because that is the key to them knowing that you are really there for them.. And that opens the door to their hearts. This entire week has been an unending stream of experiences just like this one... Where we have been able to see people open their hearts, minds, and doorways for us to begin teaching. I know it was truly inspiration that Hma Santa Cruz and I stay together another transfer.. Because none of this would have happened if not! What a miracle huh?

Here, weve been busier than ever... I think we have appointments stacked on top of eachother back to back and some at the same time for this entire week! But thats a good thing, because it means we are working hard! We have nine people with a baptism date... and we are working ridiculously hard with the ward! They are really coming a live in the mission work! I love to see them flocking to us to offer their help! And its a good thing too, or else I dont know how in the world we would get to all of our appointments ! We have to do a lot of divisions to get to them all! lol! Anyway, everything is going great down here! Oh! And we had a Halloween party too! Ill send pics as soon as I can! And some cool service! lol! I love you! Have an awesome week!
Hma Alford

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