Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25, 2013 Parts of Alecia's email to me

I am really excited about Thanksgiving... We are going to make mashed taters and pumpkin pie! ANd I think hma rosmary is going to make a little turkey! yum! We cant spend a lot fo time on all this... but itll be really fun! ANd in the morning, we are going to do a little devotional together as a companionship! Oh hey! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! In advance!
As for me, I have been really busy this week as well! And had some really cool experiences. Hma Santa Cruz had to have one of her wisdom teeth removed this week, and spent a whole day in the house. But we did divisions so we wouldnt lose a day of work.. and I went out with a sister from our ward.... And pretty much taught all on my own! I really learned so much in that time! I can really do this! I have learned so much here! I never realized how afraid I used to be. Mom, I used to be afraid to talk on the cell phone, afraid to leave my family, afraid to talk to people i didnt know, afraid to put my all into a relationship with some one. I have learned to be stronger. I am not afraid anymore. Hma Santa Cruz has taught me so much... and I am going to miss her! She said she is going to go up to salt lake the february after I go home..and I am thinking it would be awesome if we could all go see her.. so yall can all meet my newest sister. She really is fantastic! 
As for Thanksgiving... I am thankful too. More thankful than I have ever been in my life I think... I have learned so much, seen so much, and experienced more. I know the lord loves me. I know he loves these people. And I could not be more thankful to be here in this work in this time! 
Dont stress out so much! okay! I lvoe ya! 
Hma Alford


Well, to be honest mom, I just didnt know how to bring up a subject like this. Its kind of hard to write your mother when your in a foreign country and tell her you were sick... I was a bit sick... and decided not to tell you at the time for this exact reason. I dont want you to worry about me at all.. and besides which, it wasnt anything really abnormal or life threatening... so I decided to keep that experience to myself. Dont be mad, but I know you and how you worry sometimes... All is fine now, I am eating everything in sight and I dont hurt anymore. And I have all the energy in the world! lol! It was quite a while back when I caugth some parasites twice... But I am all good now and healthy healthy healthy... Its a normal process down here, you catch parasites from the food ... But they know how to take care of it by now. and its pretty much just a matter of being really annoyed for a little while... and losing weight! lol! But I am fine, and hope that I have become accostomed to the food so that I dont have the same problem later..  Sorry I didnt tell you... but I just didnt know how to write something like that to you...

A note from me the Momma: You can imagine the tears that flowed down my face as I read the end of this. I know that she is being protected. It really hurt my heart to think that she was sick and I didn't know. However, I do understand how she feels because I don't always tell her everything either since she is so far away. Hmm like mother like daughter. I am so thankful that she is getting better and will be praying for her to not get anymore parasites. I knew something was up, it is just not normal to loose all the weight she has without being sick. But doesn't she look so happy!!!

I am grateful to my Father in Heaven for such a wonderful daughter. She is amazing and I am very "well pleased" with all she does. Keep her in your prayers. Love you all.

To any of you who may have found my blog in Bolivia Thank you for watching over my precious daughter. She loves you all so much and through her I have grown to love the Bolivian people too. God Bless you all!!

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