Monday, December 9, 2013

Dec. 9, 2013 We have a diagnosis!

Hey Mom,
So, I have an infection in my intestines. They gave me a ton of weird medicines that I have to take for a week... And dont worry, I am being really diligent with those. I dont ever want to return to that kind of dr in all my life. As for my companion, she is AWESOME! And so like me its kind of creepy! lol! Like I have a latina clone! She is from a little part of Peru, has a family of 6 kids, loves to craft, does not like to make decisions, is 21 years old,  and loves every one here to the breaking point. She was really nervous when she got here, but is learning so quickly! And never complains about anything! I have put her to work, and she has done a fabulous job! I love training, it helps me learn so much! You know Ive always loved to teach, well this is a type of teaching that just doesnt compare. I have also started giving classes to my whole district in English. Every day at lunch time we take a bit of time to learn English! lol! I am going to give them new assignments tomorrow! Theyll have to start praying each meal in English! haha! So cool! So yeah, this week has been hard, but way worth it. We said good bye to hma Santa Cruz, had a service (of which I spoke in my letter to the president) that almost killed us but brought a ton of blessings, and went searching for like 15 investigadors to go to the Christmas Devotional at the Temple yesterday... and not a single one showed up. We literally put in the very last ounce of our effort to have SOMEONE there... We looked for an hour more, just to be sure that no one wanted or would be able to go... and nada. Nothing. Zilch. But yeah, it happens like that sometimes... And a lot more than we would like. Anyway, we have been working hard... and I love my companion. Its different... But I love her so much! lol! So, dad says yall got my packages! Did yall get them both? Or just one? I havent gotten yalls yet... But I could get it tomorrow! pray for us! We have three baptisms planned for this weekend... but I am a little worried they wont fall through. Anyway, I love you so very much! Dont stress out with all that craziness lol! And remember always how special you are!
Hma Alford

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