Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013

Wow! I am so in awe of all that is going on over there! Kady has finished the Book of Mormon! Bethanys going to the temple! And Brandons going to be driving soon! (Watch out all those in the streets! Your lives may be at risk! lol!) I am glad your class went well! I had some cool experiences this week too.. I had to talk in church this sunday... and what a hard time I had preparing for that... I ended up talking about something totally different. I prayed before hand for the Lord to put His words in my mouth for the members... and when I went up there I didnt even look at the talk I had prepared. My my my.. I just hope they took it with the love that was behind it!  But I truly feel that the words I said were of God, and so I am content with my talk! And we also went to a cool conference for all missionaries in Cochabamba! Awesome! They have chosen three missions in south america to begin a trial run with Kiosks and publicity and all kinds of new stuff... and they gave us our fair share of chastisement for wasting time. ¨Satan himself hides in your watch¨Thats what they said. He may not be able to tempt us to drink alcohol, or do something really ridiculous like that right now... But he would just love it if we wasted our time playing around, walking past the people who need us, staying in the house a few minutes longer... We might have the agency to choose how we will use this time... But we do not have the right to waste the time of God! Thats what they told us! Ouch! I have got to get my tail in gear and start working harder! Anyway, in other news! I FINALLY sent the Christmas Package, and one with your bday gifts and some letters... Oh, and I lost the flash drive you sent me today... Luckily, I have copies still of everything that was inside. We went on a special outing for just the sisters and Sister Dyer today! They told us we were going to see waterfalls.... Turned out to be a creek, but we had a blast anyway! And I saw nature for the first time in almost an eternity!!!! I have been dying for trees, and birds, and water! I have never been in such a giant city before! There doesnt seem to be an end to Cochabamba! If it exists, I sure havent seen it! We also went to see a mansion and took a ton of pics there! i felt like I was in a movie, like Pride and Predjudice Latin style! lol! Anyway, this week has been good... We didnt have hardly anyone in the chapel with us this sunday because of some school activity.. But we are really hopeful for some baptisms coming up! Woohoo! Oh, and I have begun decorating the house for Christmas! SO cool! lol!  Anyway, I love you a million times a million times a million and more! And I am going to send as many photos as I can! LOL!
Love ya! 
Hma ALford

 I found magnolia trees! It was so cool to see them! They almost dont exist here! But there were a ton in the mansion´s gardens!
My Christmas tree this year! Man the coolest thing! The Balderamas, the family we live with.. has already put up their tree, and we see the lights every night! So pretty! lol!
Some really pretty snowy looking plants from the mansion!

I forgot to tell yall we went to the temple this week! With one of the converts of Hma Santa Cruz! What an experience !
Hma Santa Cruz and I at the mansion!
The mansion!

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