Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013 Aleica's email

This week we once again were able to witness a miracle. We met a man truly prepared and in need of this gospel on our way to the officina. He was the taxi driver, and it turns out that he spoke with the missionaries in Chile before he moved here. His story is incredible, and his spirit is so strong. He has some real doubts about the church, but he also has a real desire to know more. We are praying hard that we can help him know that this gospel is true, and to find what he truly needs. 
I am still progressing, slowly but surely, in spanish... I had a few problems this week with ¨opening my mouth´ which really was hard. Ive been having doubts and fears about my lack of knowledge in this language, which is definitely not the way to teach the gospel. But I believe now I can do better... Which is my goal every day, to be a little better every day.
My companion is fantastic. She really helps me out a ton, and has a lot of patience with my weaknesses. 
We are still working on the whole complete obedience thing with the schedule. It really is a lot more difficult than you would think to begin with. But I want so badly to be completely and totally obedient... Because I know that that is the way to see miracles here in the mission... Once again, we will be working harder this week to be even better than ever. And eventually, maybe we will be perfect. 
Anyway, I really love my area. Our investigadors and our ward really are spectacular and I love them so very much.

Hermana Alford

Hey mom, Thank you for your testimony, it truly is fantastic to be able to hear even all the way out here. Mom, I have a request to make that means a whole lot to me. Not only for you, but for every person in our family, and in our ward. We have an investigador out here that is just about breaking my heart. His name is Bruno, and hes only twenty years old... and his story is truly so hard. His family left him in a home as a child. And he has been looking for some one to love him ever since. and he thought he had found someone in his wife. He has been married for a year, and has a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Estrella, or star in english. Because shes his star in the darkness of his life... But his wife has been influenced by her family, his lack of money, and her boredom in him. He is no longer allowed to see his little girl... but he doesnt want to be like his parents and leave her behind. He wants to give her all he can. He lives alone in a tiny little room, and gives all the money he can that he makes as a taxi driver to his daughter... He needs friends, he needs hope, and he needs love. And we are doing all we know how to do for him over here. We have a lot of hope for him... but I promised him that my family would pray for him and pray for him hard. He loves to hear us pray for him. He truly has a ton of faith... Please pray for him. Anyway, other than that, its been a pretty quiet week. I got to hold a parrot! Ate the worst thing in the world! Bolivian corn! YUCK! I literally almost threw up like three times. Played paint ball with our zone. Sent letters today. And Im going to dye my hair! LOL! Cant wait to send you a pic! its only like a month long dye.. and its going to be red! I am so excited! lol! I might cut it again too... But hma santa cruz and I both are going to dye our hair! how cool! Her darker, me red! awesome! lol! Im going to try and send a pic or two now. But I hope you know how special you are! Oh, and i read about when Nephi built the boat this week. I thought it was so cool to read. I love the way he teaches his brothers,... With such power! I need to remember that sometimes, we need to teach with strength,... not just softly.!
Love you! talk to ya next week! 
Note from me the Momma:  David tole me that when his mom was younger that she died her hair red and it turned out green! I told Alecia and she said, "Ahh, I can't have green hair as a missionary." LOL So maybe we won't be seeing that picture with her in red hair! ; )

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  1. Well it is good to see you grow and share God's love for his children. The work you are doing is the work our LORD has called you to do. Do it with all your energy and grace.