Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Aug 12 & 13, 2013 Slightly Edited Emails from Alecia

Hey mom! No time, long story why I didnt email today.. maybe I can
email tomorrow... dont know.. But this is the letter I sent to
President Dyer, and I am okay! Love you guys SO much! Hola Presidente
I love this area! And everything is just absolutely perfect! I
couldn´t imagine a better place to be! I love my companion too! She
really listens to me and helps me out with my spanish a lot! We had
the greatest experience this week! We fasted this Sunday for two
things, one was to find a family ready for the gospel, and the other
for a baptism. And we found both in the most miraculous way! But only
after a long hard day where no one could make it to church, and all
kinds of other trials. It was really cool to see how the Lord can work
miracles... but only after the trial of our faith! Anyway, I really
love it here... Everything is just about perfect... I am getting a
little more comfortable in spanish too! Anyway, have a great week!
(Sorry this cant be longer, I dont have a lot of time!)
Hermana Alford

Okay, I have a few more minutes, so I am going to take advantage of
them as much as I can! I went up a mountain today! It was SO hard, but
I got to play in the snow! It was Hma Rosmarys Birthday this Sunday!
We made her cards and I gave her a necklace I made! I am so glad you
got my letters! There is one more on the way that I sent a little
later, and I am writing one right now! I lost my wallet, with almost
all my money in it... except my emergency cash... so I might be taking
out some money in my account this week... idk... Oh! And we have been
having so much success here! I really love it! Tell everyone I wish I
could email them all... But that the elders messed up the
schedule today! We were supposed to be back by noon... But they went
WAY farther than they should have in the mountain and we had to wait
FIVE HOURS for them before we could head back!  I definitely needed to learn
patience today! Anyway... We have been doing so much! I am still
pretty healthy... Only a few little problems with my tummy... All of
which are ridiculously minor considering the conditions I am in right
now!  And anyway... I was going to send pics today... But dont
have time! I took pics of all your
emails to read later tonight... and I am just hoping I can email
tomorrow... But its pretty unlikely... I miss you all so much! But
this place is truly fantastic! I never thought in a million years I
would see some of the things I see here! Mountains and flowers from my
dreams. Smiling faces of Gods children I have the opportunity to
teach! Oh! And I attended my first baptism in the mission! SO cool! I
gave a talk! In spanish! About the Holy Ghost! I am on my way to being
a true Bolivian! Oh! Everyone here seems to think I am Brazillian by
the way!  how funny! Hey mom! Can you send me the recipes for
pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, marsh mallows, and king cake? We
cook with the bishops wife every week, and they want me to teach them
how to make something... Just send it over email if you can, and well
try and make something next week! We made cinnanom rolls this
week... love you all
sooooooooooooooooooo muuuuucccccccchhhhhhhh!!!!!!
Talk to ya when I can!

 Life is crazy here
too! especially the schedule! ouch! But I am, slowly, adjusting to it.
lol!! I
got a really cool back pack from the Cancha here! It is totally
Bolivian! My bag didnt make it past the first day in the field.
Hma Santa Cruz and I have picked up a habit of finding new contacts in
the park! Its so fun! This sunday we found a whole group of little
kids we teach... and we had a little lesson! They are so funny! always
asking me why I have pelos blancos on my arms... white hairs!
Then we swung on the swings with them for a while too! They gave me
like a billion flowers too! Which they put in my hair ! So cute! I
felt like a princess! Actually, I feel like a princess on a regular
basis here!  Especially with the children! They always ask me to
sing to them in english... Which results in a lot of singing and
dancing to disney songs! They about die with laughter dancing
with me! I love it! We also met a new family! Through members of the
church who have been teaching them for quite some time! I can just see
them in white! I am so excited! This is such an amazing part of the
member missionary work! The members really do help a lot! This was the
 answer to our prayer and fasting! Through
members! How chevere! (cool, but in spanish!) Anyway, turns out I
had more time than i thought!  I really love to email yall! It
gives me a new look on the things that have happened! Love yall1

Hey mom, 
Oh, and packages from here to
there are WAY cheap! So i might  be sending a few!! Kiddos! i
am so happy for all of you this year in school! Remember always how
smart you all are! and I pray for you always ! I went up a mountain! Pretty cool
huh? Made a snow man, and a snow angel! Had peanut butter and oreos
for the first time in months!!! YAY! And had a birthday party! Its so
cool yall are having baptisms! how great! Pray for me and my
investigadors will you? Anyway.
It really is great here! And everyone tells me I am doing well with
spanish.. idk... I can only do the best I can every day and hope that
is enough1

Okay, so I have just a few minutes today... But I just wanted to write
a bit more. I was going to send a pic of me and Hma Santa Cruz in the
park with a bunch of kiddos we were teaching... But my camera doesn´t
seem to want to work with this ancient computer lol! Its so funny,
we´ve sort of made a habit out of going to the park to meet new
contacts. And it works so well! Its a really great way to meet familys
and have fun at the same time. The mountain was so cool! It was really
hard, because I had some trouble breathing... But I felt so
accomplished looking down from the top! And I saw my first live
lama!!! How cool is that? They are so much bigger than I ever
imagined! Anyway, I am not sure what all Ive already talked about and
what I havent said yet... So yall probably get a lot of repeats...
Sorry about that, its just hard to remember what Ive written before,
what I wrote in letters, and what I wrote in my journal ! So yeah,
Im learning a whole lot here! About myself, God, and Spanish.
Sometimes I kind of feel like my head is going to explode! I cant wait
to be able to send yall pics of me and my investigadors! The young
women here are so great! I love them all! Oh! I might be teaching an
english class soon! And every wednesday Ill be teaching how to direct
music! It is so interesting here... Almost everyone knows at least a
little bit of a second language! Oh! And the flowers here are
absolutely fantastic! Could you look up and see if Im allowed to bring
dried flowers home? I know theres some kind of law about plants or
something.. but I really want some to bring home and put in my scrap
book1 ! So, what else? Oh! Look up choletas! They are all over the
place here! Hmmm... Life here is just grand! I love everyone! And the
food is so great! I havent yet had anything I really couldnt stand...
We actually had burgers twice! With french fries too! Anyway, I love
all of you to the moon and back! Adios!

By the way, I can just about find anything I need here too! Especially
in the Cancha! Its like a giant, crazy mall that never ends! And has
everything you could imagine wanting! lol! I wont be able to send my
letters till I have envelopes... Which Im going to try and buy soon..
and I am going to try and send them through the regular mail here
rather than pouch mail.. Because you can only send one page with pouch
mail in the mission field.. and I like to write a lot more than that
! anyway... I just wanted you to know that I am good to go here!
lol! You dont have to worry about me not being able to get something I
need. :) I figured out smiley faces! awesome! about time! I really
really love the people here mom! They are just about the greatest
ever! I love ya!

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