Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hey mom! So, the latest food stuff was pretty normal actually... My pensionista is really paranoid about my stomach, and if she even hears a thing about how I might not feel perfectly well, or that I ate something a bit wierd... She goes on the momma bear mode and gives me hospital food for a week or two... So thats what I've been eating right now! lol! I tried to tell her I was fine, and not to worry about it... But she wasn't really interested in hearing it! lol! So, this week we have truly seen an increase in the love the members have for us. We have begun to have lunch with a family each Saturday and Sunday... And we do all we can to show them we are real people with families, hopes, and dreams... and we laugh a ton! The poor members here have had hard time opening up their hearts to us! Most of the baptisms that have happened here are now their inactive.... Anyway, so we have been doing the best we can to show that we are different! And it looks like they are beginning to see the difference! And are truly welcoming us into their homes, ward, and hearts! I love to see their faces each time I go to church, as I get to know them, and truly become familiar with their needs, names, and hopes. I just hope that in my time here in their ward I can help them achieve all our goals! lol! Sounds like you are way busy! And a lot of sadness is over there.. Tell those who have lost loved ones I will pray for them for me will you? And especially Sister Stewart! I loved her letter, and I am working on one for her right now... :) I am working on a package actually... And I am hoping it gets to yall before christmas! With letters, and gifts, and candies, and all kinds of things! lol! Perm? Sounds cool! I wanna see! We are planning a halloween party with a member and her two kids... I might be dying my hair again! Youll just have to wait and see this monday! lol! What are yall doing for halloween? lol! What an incredible blessing! How was kadys cake? Is she doing better? I pray for you all every day, and I know that the Lord has you in His hands! I see it in each miracle you tell me about! I love you! Have a great week!

Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013 Aleica's email's and pics

  Me at the park! lol! Still a kid sometimes! And, its a great way to look for new investigadors! lol! We´ve really found quit a few that way!

Letter to Family and Friends:
Hello Hello Hello My awesome family and friends!
So, this week has been incredible! We have worked HARD, and seen real miracles! I truly can't express how important it is to work with the missionaries! We need yalls help so much!  Anyway, I had a story to share this week! A funny one too! We have begun to have lunches with the members this week... and so we went to a members house, and we talked, ate, and had a great time. Then, it some how came out in the conversation... just exactly what we had eaten! Yeah, it was SNAKE! lol! And even better, she had just gone outside and caught them herself! lol! I just about died! But man was it tasty! lol! Yeah, I eat a bunch of wierd things down here.. But so far not anything that I really cant stomach! I have heard a lot of horror stories from the other missionaries.. But so far so good! lol! Just thought Id share that bit of fun with you all. Really and truly, I have loved my mission up till now. We work hard, its true.. But we also have a great time in the process! I love each and every one of you so very much, and I hope you all know how important you all are to me. I have a wall full of pictures of yall... And every day I look at your faces and say to myself, ¨this is what I am here for¨so that I never forget the reason I am here. So many of us have the opportunity to live for eternity as a family... But there are millions more who never have... And I am here to help the Lord give them the chance! I love you all, and hope yall have a fabulous week!
Hma Alford!

Letter to me:

Okay! Wow! How incredible to hear about all this growth and changing over there! And you will be happy to know, that the same is happening on my end! So, something truly incredible for me in my studying, was Jacob chapter five. All about the vineard of the Lord... Before I came out here, it just about drove me crazy to read these chapters all about trees and things... So boring right? But here, and especially in this time of my mission... I really needed it. Especially two parts. One: when the lord says something like, what more could I have done? And Two: A little more. We've been having a few troubles with our investigadors, and many of them just aren't progressing for  one reason or the other... and many times the thought, what more could I have done... has come to mind. Its just kind of frustrating when you do all you know how to do, and then agency  comes in to play... and poof, no more investigadors! But, as the Lord says many times, we can always do a little bit more! And this has been our goal this week! And man have we seen the fruits of our labor! We are going to have two baptisms this week, the members are slowly picking up the spirit of the Lords work and helping us out, and we have found three awesomely prepared families this week alone! One of nine! Just like us! lol! Anyway, we are working our tooshies off! And the Lord is blessing us accordingly! We have really been so blessed mom! I just cant describe my happiness! I really hope that this continues! Also, I am beginning to really see a growth in the way I teach, speak, and think! What a fabulous place to be! I love my mission, I love my God, and I love this work! Anyway! Love you! I hope your week is awesome! And I want you to know how proud I am of you and the growth you are making as well! Pray for me! So that Santa Cruz doesnt leave me quite yet! We have cambios (transfers) this sunday! aaaahhh! And we dont know yet who goes, stays, and so on! love ya! Talk to ya later!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013 Emails from Alecia!

So yeah, this week has been hectic! We have been running from one side of the area to the other inviting absolutely every one to the conference! But we were really able to see the fruits of our labor! And we have been able to set two baptism dates, have ten people come to conference, and we found thirteen new investigadors that actually might progress! I am so excited and really hope to be as engaged as ever in this work! I dont know why my camera is taking so long to work! This computer is ridiculously slow! Anyway, i hope this email comes with the photos I am trying to send! 
I almost forgot! Guess what I ate today! lol! The heart of a cow! Yeah... When I saw them cutting that giant organ and preparing it to barbcue... i thought I would surely die! lol! But it was actually pretty tasty! The best meat I've eaten so far in my pension! lol! Who would have known? But yeah... Heres a pic of the shishkabob cow heart! lol! 
We also went and played in the park today for pday! We were going to go print pics and send another package... But they had another day without cars today! So we had to find things to do a bit closer! lol! 

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell yall last week that I ate cow stomach too... They cook it fried and serve it like its chicken... But I can tell you that it sure dont taste like chicken! lol! i didnt exactly like that particular part of the cow... lol!

I watched conference all in English, except the first session this sunday. We had investigadors with us, so I couldn't go on splits to watch it in English. It was really hard to understand in spanish, but I survived and hope to print them out and read them later! I really learned a ton as well from  conference. Especially Saturday, I felt so jazzed up to do the work even more, give more of myself than ever before! I have never been so excited for a conference in all my life! i really enjoyed it! And learned so much! I felt like almost everything was directed at me in one way or the other! Oh! Guess what! We had ten people in church for conf! Woohoo! We worked so hard to have investigadors there! Thank you so much mom for the pics! I really love to see everyone! Its awesome! I especially noticed during conference the two words: Anxiously engaged. And almost everything seemed to be about pushing forward, or actively doing the work of the Lord. I really liked that. And know that the Lord is asking more of me. Anyway, thank you so much for the pics and the email mom! And I say go for it on the wheat thing!  I know that its going to help you a ton! Its almost impossible for me to eat healthy down here... But I am going to try and stay away from the snacks as well.. Especially things i buy for my self. lol! I love you so much, and I wish you all luck in your endeavors to follow the promptings you received! 

Push forward in faith, and never forget to help out the missionaries! LOL! Love yall! Talk to ya next week! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A mothers Musings After 3+ Months!

I can't even express how much I miss my sweet daughter! It doesn't seem possible to be able to sit at a table with 6 children and a husband and feel like there is a hole. However, it is possible! I miss her every time we sit down to eat as a family or sometimes like this Sunday,  I try to make one of the little ones get in the front seat of the suburban because there is not room in the back for everyone! Umm yes there is I don't have Alecia with me! My arms feel empty as I email her each week. I want so badly to hold her smile at her and look into her sparkling blue eyes and tell her how much I love her and how very well pleased I am with her! I want to be able to sit with her and talk to her about her sisters and get her sweet loving advice on things. I want to be able to hear her singing to Jessica and smile because I was able to pass on something I have always loved doing. Oh how I miss my Alecia!!!

There are so many mixed emotions going on in my heart and mind. I know that my Father in Heaven has called my daughter to Bolivia for a wise purpose. I do not know that purpose but He does. I trust Him. I know that He is guiding and directing Alecia's path. He wants her to succeed. I know that there are many touched by her righteous obedience. Her desire to serve our Father in Heaven with all her might, mind and strength. She is such an example to all who meet her.

I love that she is sharing her love of music everywhere she goes. I love that her being in a foreign country is a direct fulfillment of prophecy given to my darling husband years ago! I love that a little piece of our family and traditions are being shared with the people Alecia has grown to love.  I pray that there will be a time when I get to meet them and hear all about her mission from another point of view.

My heart is full with the knowledge that the prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and his counselors pray for her and that the whole church prays for our dear missionaries.  My thanks goes out to all who have touched her life and in some way added to the person that she is today!

Each mother of a missionary, I believe, experiences these mixed emotions. God is with us. He wants us to be happy and He helps us to sacrifice our time with our beloved children. We are blessed immensely as they serve. We see the effects of their examples on our younger children. We know that no matter what our blessed children are being protected. This does not mean they will not face adversity or even the worst can happen and they never come home to us in this life. It does mean that He, in his infinite wisdom, knows what they need and he loves them even more than we. He will guide, direct and protect them as they spread His word and help to fulfill his purpose, which is the immortality and eternal life of man!

I look forward to the time when she is back in my arms.  I pray that as she is growing and strengthening her testimony that I too will be following her loving example.  I lvoe you all. Thank you for sharing my daughters mission with us.  I pray that you will all have a blessed day.