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Dec. 23, 2014 Pics and letters!

 This is Alecia showing off her Christmas gifts. She says to send a huge Thank You to all the family who sent her funds to help her get Christmas gifts and Clothes!

 This is Alecia at someone's home. She had helped decorate for Christmas.

 Notice her Christmas Tree. : ) That is all her "loot". Thanks again Everyone! 

Hey Dad!
Nope, no package yet... I am kind of bummed about that, but praying that it will come in our district meeting tomorrow! Justito for Christmas! I cant feel too bad though, cuz at least I have a package. My companion will never have a package in her whole mission... Because her family has no way to send one. SO... I have quite the surprise for Christmas!!! Santa is SOOOO on his way!!! lol! Anyway, we have quite a few invitations for Christmas Eve down here.. Turns out they celebrate more Christmas Eve than Christmas down here! I still have not opened my gifts... but I am SO tempted!! lol! 
It has been a bit hard here... I have had to pass through challenge after challenge after challenge... If its not my health, its some investigador that doesnt want to hear us anymore, or some kind of slip up in the language... But I have also passed through the greatest blessings of my life down here as well.. I can see the change in me when I look in the mirror... and more importantly, I can feel it inside. I know with more asurety than ever that I am doing what the Lord wishs for me. And I couldnt be more at peace. I dont feel trunky, because I know you are all better off in the hands of the Lord than you could ever be in mine. I do miss the food... a LOT!!! But at least I have food to eat... there are others who dont. 

I truly love this area. I love my companion. I love you and all our family. And most of all I love my God! And I truly hope to know at the end of all this.. that I have done all I could. And thus leave the rest with Him. The Almighty! 
Hma Alford! 
Ps! Cant wait to talk to yall this wednesday!!!! ;)

Hey mom, 

Could you guys all send some special prayers this way for Hma Santa Cruz? Her dad passed away this week... And her whole family is spread across south america right now. Shes here in Bolivia, her mom is at home in Argentina, and her little sister is in the mission in Columbia... They need some real strength right now. I just wish she was here so I could catch her in my arms and tell her every thing is going to be okay... but shes all the way away in flipping Sucre! She was here for me through all my hard times in the hospital and every thing... and now shes hurting a ton worse...and I cant do a thing. Also, my poor compi  still hasnt received an email from her family... It really bothers her, even if she tries to hide it. 
Anyway, I am really excited about this Christmas! I have been slowly putting together gifts at night time for my compi! So she has something to open on Christmas! And I am hoping my other package comes tomorrow!!! Yall already have the info for the account I will be using right? I have 45 minutes... but I am going to leave the time in your hands.. lol! I will conveniently not have my watch with me that day! lol! Im hoping to send pics! Anyway, I bought myself a skirt and a few other things the other day. Its a bit hard to find clothes that are appropriate for a missionary here.. but we are going to go looking again today. also, I was wondering if you could trace the kids feet for me! lol! I am thinking about buying them bolivian shoes!!! They are so pretty! And that way I can size them up pretty good! lol! Maybe you can send it to me in my next package!! As for health, I am feeling okay. and I am eating tons of fruits, which we wash ridiculously well! lol! YUM! Hey... could you send me the recipe for no bake cookies? We want to make them in the morning for Christmas... YUM! 
Anyway... I cant wait to see you this wednesday! Talk to you... and hear your voice!!! I am so very excited!!! I wish you the very merryest of Christmases! And I am going to try and send some pics now okay? 
Hma Alford

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