Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2, 2013: Alecia's answers to my questions:

Question 1: How long have you been bleeding? I only bled for three days this past week
Question 2: How much weight have you lost? I have lost about 30 pounds as far as I know
Question 3: When is your appointment for the colonoscopy? It was this friday at 6:00
Question 4: How are you feeling emotionally? I am feeling fine right now, although it was really hard when I was in the hospital... I have never felt so trunky before in all my mission. However, the Lord placed me with Hma SantaCruz for one more transfer for a good reason! I needed her to be with me to get through it. 
Question 5: Do you know anything at all about what they are looking for? They wanted to see if I had some kind of inflamation or hemroides. 
Question 6: Can you get probiotic Yogurt, I am told that it might help you. Not sure if it will though! Yes, I can and have been eating it every morning since I got out of the hospital because they told me the same thing... 
Question 7: What can I do for you? Is there anything that I can send you? Just continue praying and remember that I love you. I am sorry I didnt tell you earlier.. I just didnt know how. I tried three times... and couldnt seem to type the words... 
I have been praying that your body heals completely and that you are able to continue serving the people  that you have learned to love without any Health problems. 
Question 8: Do you have a new companion? If so what is her name and how are ya'll getting along? I am going to TRAIN!!!!! LOL! Which means I wont know till wednesday in the afternoon who is my new companion. Hma Santa Cruz is going to Sucre... Could yall pray for her? She is feeling really bad lately with a urinary tract infection and they took out her wisdom tooth... Anyway, I will have to tell yall who is my new companion next monday
Question 9: Oh and how are you feeling physically! I am feeling fine. Nothing hurts... I have a TON of gas... always! But I am fine physically, it just was a bit wierd to bleeding that way. 
Mom, I am so very sorry that I worried you. I was so stressed out about that when Hma Dyer told me she was going to have to call youl. I just dont want yall to worry. I am fine. I was only in the hospital for a couple days so that they could put some electrolytes and vitamins in me. I had gone a while with out being able to eat as a result of the medicine to get rid of the parasites... My body had begun to reject all nutrition. So, since I couldnt get it in myself, they did it for me through iv. I was fine though, nothing overly serious. I am working and eating and playing now! lol! Dont worry about it! And I am really happy I have lost weight, and am now working on keeping it off! lol! 
Okay, as for my week... I am SO excited to train! But really scared too! I want to do the best I can! And I have gotten really used to Hma Santa Cruz! I dont want her to go! This is the hard part of the mission... the goodbyes that you just cant escape from! Oh, I am also in a choir for Christmas! We are going to sing at the temple this Sunday! With a ton of other choirs in Bolivia! Its gonna be great! We are planning an activity with the yws so that we can gain some more confidence in the ward! We are going to make brownies, invite invs, and paint fingernails! woohoo! lol! We are also praying really hard to have a baptism this weekend! Her name is faviola and is eleven years old... But we need permission from her parents first! Anyway, I have been pretty much working on my own with members all week because hma santa cruz is feeling so sick... I have really learned that I am capable of doing this on my own! I can totally train! I have been taught well, and am ready to go on. I think for a good while there I was getting really dependent on my companion... But now, the Lord has taught me that with Him all htings are possible! I can do this! Anyway, I gotta go... I wont know tilltomorrow what they found in the analysis... but I am really doing fine! lol! I lvoe you, sorry for the scare... And I hope you have an awesome week! Happy Bday! And happy thanksgiving too! 
Hma Alford

I asked her another question: I asked if she needed clothes and this was her answer:
Yeah, all my clothes are kind of falling off! lol! But clothes are way cheap down here... so dotn worry about it! 

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