Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October 7, 2013 Emails from Alecia!

So yeah, this week has been hectic! We have been running from one side of the area to the other inviting absolutely every one to the conference! But we were really able to see the fruits of our labor! And we have been able to set two baptism dates, have ten people come to conference, and we found thirteen new investigadors that actually might progress! I am so excited and really hope to be as engaged as ever in this work! I dont know why my camera is taking so long to work! This computer is ridiculously slow! Anyway, i hope this email comes with the photos I am trying to send! 
I almost forgot! Guess what I ate today! lol! The heart of a cow! Yeah... When I saw them cutting that giant organ and preparing it to barbcue... i thought I would surely die! lol! But it was actually pretty tasty! The best meat I've eaten so far in my pension! lol! Who would have known? But yeah... Heres a pic of the shishkabob cow heart! lol! 
We also went and played in the park today for pday! We were going to go print pics and send another package... But they had another day without cars today! So we had to find things to do a bit closer! lol! 

Oh yeah! I forgot to tell yall last week that I ate cow stomach too... They cook it fried and serve it like its chicken... But I can tell you that it sure dont taste like chicken! lol! i didnt exactly like that particular part of the cow... lol!

I watched conference all in English, except the first session this sunday. We had investigadors with us, so I couldn't go on splits to watch it in English. It was really hard to understand in spanish, but I survived and hope to print them out and read them later! I really learned a ton as well from  conference. Especially Saturday, I felt so jazzed up to do the work even more, give more of myself than ever before! I have never been so excited for a conference in all my life! i really enjoyed it! And learned so much! I felt like almost everything was directed at me in one way or the other! Oh! Guess what! We had ten people in church for conf! Woohoo! We worked so hard to have investigadors there! Thank you so much mom for the pics! I really love to see everyone! Its awesome! I especially noticed during conference the two words: Anxiously engaged. And almost everything seemed to be about pushing forward, or actively doing the work of the Lord. I really liked that. And know that the Lord is asking more of me. Anyway, thank you so much for the pics and the email mom! And I say go for it on the wheat thing!  I know that its going to help you a ton! Its almost impossible for me to eat healthy down here... But I am going to try and stay away from the snacks as well.. Especially things i buy for my self. lol! I love you so much, and I wish you all luck in your endeavors to follow the promptings you received! 

Push forward in faith, and never forget to help out the missionaries! LOL! Love yall! Talk to ya next week! 

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