Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 Emails and Pics!!!

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 hey dad! your multi tool comes in handy! Here i am fixing my dresser doors... i have also had to fix a number of beds, drawers, dressers, doors, and tons of other stuff. lol! those who are off to serve a mission! bring multi tools! lol! its a good idea!
Puppies!!!! And wild hair... lol! ;) 

hey mom... i love you so very much you know! this conference was really fabulous! we had to watch it sunday though, because here it would have been way too late at night to see it on saturday. its a little bit hard to type right now because i had a little incident this morning... getting off the truffy, or bus, a lady slammed the slide door on my pinky finger. i am pretty sure its broken... it hurts so very bad! is kind of purple and swollen.. but i cleaned it off really well and put a bandade on it. luckily, where we got off was right in front of  a little farmacy... so i was able to buy a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and bandades... otherwise, it would have been a little sketchy to have an open wound in the streets of bolivia... lol! anyway.. its not so bad now, but i cant really use it much! so, this week has been hectic.. we had interviews with the president, zone conference, the relief society general conference, and the sisters that live with us had a baptism. We had four invs in church with us!!! ;) and ernesto went to the baptism too! we have quite a few invs that are so close to baptism!! we are just praying nothing gets in their way! i was hoping you all could add them to your prayers as well... ernesto and his family. he is so great! a reference from some other sisters... he isnt even baptised yet and is sharing the gospel! brought his two nephews to church this sunday! hes great (24 years old)! wara, she is 12 years old, and has almost all the lessons already. loves the gospel and knows that its true. the problem would be her parents, not overly keen on the idea of the church... and dont want to talk to us much.. more her dad than anything. Mayber and Louis. Mayber is the boyfriend of our pensionista, and louis is her son. neither one was very interested in the gospel before... but now are just loving it! mayber is just so excited, went to church last sunday and loved it! says he felt a fire inside of his heart! and wants to go back! That is just exactly the kind of thing we want to hear from people!!!! anyway, his granpa died this week and left to santa cruz! poor thing is hurting a whole lot.. but we are hoping the plan of salvation can help with that. anyway, they are the most incredible investigators we have right now. please pray for them! we are hoping to have baptisms this month of april!!! ;) anyway, other crazy things.. so, i have told yall before that i ate cow feet... but i have found out just what cow feet are like this week! before it was just a juicy gravy type thing they make out of the stuff and put in a  meat pie like thing... but this week i actually ate the dang foot!!! i dont ever want to hear anyone complaining about jello... i know what cows foot tastes like in reality! and it is fowl!!! bleck!!!! there were evern hairs sticking out of the thing. and you can totally tell how they make jello out of the stuff! it has a sort of wierd gelatin feel to it! lets just say GROSS!!!!  okay, on other wierd stuff.. cow stomach. turns out they have another way of preparing that stuff too... before, i had tried it like a smashed fried patty. gross... but not as bad as this! sliced and boiled with rice and veggies... the most nastiest thing!!! and you can see the green insides where the grass has dyed the inside walls of the cows stomach!!!!! i dont like that. Liver, how ever, is actually quite tasty... kind of like heart. :) anyway, those are the latest food adventures down here in bolivia... my pensionista got bored and decided to play around in the kitchen. they actually like this stuff down here... interesting right? on other news, transfers are coming up this sunday... and president says 11 sisters are coming!!! newbies!!! i am kind of hoping i get to train.. but that all depends on the Lord. anyway, i love you so very much mom! hope you can share the stories with everyone... because i am not going to be able to write much more... my finger hurts...
oh... the conference!!! so, remember the video of the womans hands? these were my thoughts... ¨what are my hands doing now? where is my life headed? are my hands worthy to be compared to the hands of Christ? questions for the soul...¨ I LOVED the phrase, ¨here I am, send me...¨or in spanish, ¨he me aqui... envia me!¨ Just loved it so very much!!! And, last off... ¨do i know the worth of my smile? my soul?¨ anyway, i loved it all so very much... and there are lots of other notes... but its all in spanglish! lol!
 i am going to be able to see hma santacruz today! she is headed home! the last week she has been traveling bolivia with her mom.. and tomorrow she is off to argentina! so sad to say goodbye you know? ;(
so... please let every one know I love them bunches! I am going to try and respond to all the others letters... but I only have a half hour left.. and my finger is killing me. oh, and cant send pics cuz this computer is choppy.. :( love you!
and off I go!
hma alford
ps. aunt lauren is pregnant too right? is it a boy or a girl?

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 Emails and pictures

The other sisters who live with us! Hma Ninataype and Hma Salas

Dont want to get up!!! LOL!!! :)
 a few more pages out of my study journal. As for what has happened this week... A ton of stuff! Like two rescews! Family D...... finally talked to the bishop! ;) And 6 invs attended church!!!! President dyer and his wife were in our ward this sunday! And we had 7 less actives and 4 recent converts attend as well!!! What a great week!

 Hey Dad!!! Thank you so very much for ch 11 of hebrews! I have found a feast of study mateial! I will send the results, probably next monday! Still working on it! I get to studying and dont want to stop!

Sorry I havent written much this week... But I am trying to get all my pics figured out, and the emails as well.. :) Finally got a new flash drive... This week has been crazy.. And really fantastic! I could not be more grateful for all the miracles we are seeing right now! Please pray for Maybel, Wara, and Louis. They are the closest to being baptised right about now. Oh, this week we have interviews with the president! And Zone Conference... And we might be giving the class on how to work with less actives!!! NERVOUS! LOL! Anyway! I love you all so very much! And pray for you always! I know the Lord has each of you in His hands.. and that He loves you ALL with all His heart!
hma alford

Hey mom,
dont you worry about me! Lol! I know that agency is a part of Gods plan for each of us. It stinks to see people make the wrong decision, but it has to happen... As for the medicine... I am finishing up the last of it! ;) And I feel better... Just hope it lasts! lol! Anyway, I am not going to be able to write much today... Cuz I am copying all the pics yall have sent me! lol! but I want you to know I love you too! A WHOLE LOT! And am so very proud of you for everything you do for us! hope you have a great week! And I promise to write more next time!
love ya
hma alford

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

 Almost my entire group of sisters taking our nine month pic!!!

old pic with hma g

Teaching Bolivia about wishing flowers! lol! We do this like ALL the time! lol!
 Okay, so I dont know if I have already told you all... but there was this future missionary (heading off to Bolivia!)  who was writing me because of my blog... She asked me all kinds of questions, and we just talked in General... That was a while back now, and last monday... she found me! lol! She was sitting in the picture printing place when we went, and took one look at me and was like, ¨I know you!¨and, seeing as I had never seen her face before... I was kind of confused for a minute! lol! But her name is hermana smith... and she is doing great! and so sweet! lol! Just thought Id share!

 Pic with the president and his wife! and hma G!!! Shes having a rough time right now... pray for her will yall?

 Eating taco salad for the first time in like... EVER!!! (Presidents house!) WE ATE RANCH! YUM!
 This is hma farmer! And our temporary trio!
Me being silly at the presidents house! Scary more like it right? lol!

The yummiest meal we have had in our pension so far!!! SO GOOD!!! ;)
 One of the most interesting parts was the purple sweet potatoe! So cool!
 So, tell me if you cant read anything... but this was my latest idea with the study journal since it takes so darn long to type it all up!

 Getting ice cream after my first shot. those dadgum things are the most painful thing I have ever experienced! NOT FUN!
 My new car! lol! Isnt it pretty?
 Hma dyer invited all the sisters from cocha to go to the temple, take pics, and have dinner at her place to celebrate the anniversary of relief society! It was so fun!
Me and my study journal!
At the temple with my comp! Hma Nunez

 In the hospital with my comp!

Letter to the President:
Alford, Alecia Jean
This week has been really hard. Thats just the truth. My heart and my soul have been tested. I never thought it would be difficult to baptise people. I just thought, that when they know its true... Theyll be baptised, and live happily ever after. But alot of times they know its true, they want to be baptised. They know! And the baptism never comes. Its hard. And ridiculous. and tests the very boundaries of my patience, faith, knowledge, and very being. I felt like a failure. And had to learn to trust more than I ever had in my life. And let go of my pride. Each of my companions have taught me something. Hma Black taught me to trust... and have faith. With Hma Santa Cruz... the main lesson I saw was patience. Hma Farmer taught me to use the tools the Lord has given us as missionaries. and With Hma Gutierrez, its been humility and how to truly let go of myself. The Lord knows why. Everything has a purpose and a reason. This has been my mantra through out this time. I am learning to serve my companion. I am learning to trust in the Lord. I am learning to be humble and patient in all things. Anyway, I know things will be alright. All will be for our good. I just have to keep going, and remember that the Lord will use all this for our good. 
Anyway, working hard, trusting in the Lord, and hoping to see the results some day. 
Thanks for everything, hope you have a fabulous week. 
Hermana Alford
06 Feb 2014
President Dyer
Good summary but you forgot to add....and Sister Alford has become one amazing missionary.

Favor de cumplir el cuestionario hoy. Le doy una media hora más para cumplirlo. 
Favor de escribirme una breve historia espiritual esta semana, nada mas. Le queremos mucho. Que Él Señor le bendiga.

Todays letter:

Hi President Dyer!
This week has been a little bit difficult. We have had to drop quite a few people... and let me tell you, that is a tough one to swallow! We had already planned for the first one, and we left her well.. she felt the weight of the moment, and has our number to call when ever she feels she can begin fulfilling her commitments... But the second time was a complete surprise. They dropped us, would be a better way to say it... We were heading over to little A, to get his permission slip signed to be baptised. He is eleven years old, and one of the most sobre children I have ever met. He knows the worth of the scriptures and is just a great kid. I have never felt so comfortable with the idea of baptising a little boy as with him.. But we got to his house, only to be told by his mother that she no longer wanted to see us inside her house again. Never. She practically threw us out. But we ended with a prayer, and this would be the killer part... A..... said it, with tears falling from his eyes, begging the Lord to take care of us and him.  And I hurt so bad that I could not hold back the tears. I hope some day she can come to accept the gospel in her time... or that little a..... can keep on pushing forward.
Anyway, hope you have a great week president! And thanks so much for all you do!
Hermana Alford

Letter to me:
 Hey mom! I have been sending so many pics! lol! so I dont have much more time to finish writing every one! Pretty much the entire week I have written already in the other emails.. But I want you to know how ¨pleased¨ i am with you for your losing weight, your strength, and all that you do! I am glad yall finally got my package! Working on another one, but this one might take a while. Purely letters! LOTS of letters! lol! Anyway, I love you so very much! the shots have sucked monkey toes! They are SO painful! And  it doesnt help that some of the nurses are just plain MEAN! But with regular visits to the icecream shop right next door, I have been able to manage! lol! I love you so much! Hope you have a great week! And that every one enjoys the pics!
hma alford

Friday, March 14, 2014

Stories sent to Kady from Alecia!

So, we visit quite regularly a family here..and they are what you might call the bomb!  The mom is a Jehovah's Witness.."if you don't know what that is, ask Daddy) So she started out kind of closed off toward religious topics... So we just became really good friends with her. Her Husband and her two little kids.. We went to help her with all kinds of things... We talked, worked, ate, and shared all the love we had with her...Until one day she sat down with us in her living room, and started crying. She has no family, no friends, and no one to talk to in Bolivia.. Sobbing, she told us how much she loved us, and that we were the only friends she has...from that day onward we have been able to teach her and her family of the gospel. Never under estimate the Power of Pure Christ-Like Love! This fabulous family has just left for Columbia... I will never forget them I assure you!

Once, when we were on our way to an appointment of some kind.. I heard some little kids calling after us. They were laughing and playing, and one of them made the comment that I had a Doll face... Well, I just thought they wanted to play... Until I tried to play with them and they ran away screaming "Monster! Chucky" aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! LOL Hma Santa Cruz sure got a good laugh at that...Turns out the kids down here are sometimes terrified of me because I look like a Doll....Like Chucky!: ( What a boost of self esteem Huh? LOL!

A note from me the Momma: When Alecai was leaving the airport, Kady and Alecia held up the heart shape made with their hands. It was very touching and apparently stuck in their minds. When Kady is missing Aleica at night she will hold her hands in a heart shape and think of her. Alecia sent this is a letter to her:
"Every time I see something I wish you could see..Whether it be a great Pair of shoes,or a little girl with the faith of an angel, or a way cool part of Bolivia... i do the heart-hand thing too. So tha tI feel as if you were there too. A bit cheezy, but true!"

She also said, "I have finally discovered why I don't feel "trunky" so many missionaries get home-sick because they miss their families.. But I don't have to miss y'all, because you are here with me.. each and every one of you have touched my life in one way or the oth4er.. and each lesson you have all taught me, I carry with me each day. Like on of those cute dolls that open up and there's another one inside.. and when I need a Kady, I just open up and pull her out. LOL I know I sound creazy, but I feel like I carry each one of you with me every day. And when I meet someone here, who needs to hear a Kady I tell them all about you! "

One last letter to Kady about the scriptures:
He honey....
I thought I'd let you know something.. although I'm pretty sure you've already figured it out by now...
The scriptures are not just pages full of letters...or stories we happen to enjoy reading. Rather they are literally the door to eternal happiness. It is entirely impossible to "Perserve to the End"  (ok we say Endure to the end so I am guessing that this is the translation of how they say it in spanish) without reading the scriptures regularly. This world is so very full of dangers.. and often we don't even notice.. But God has opened His arms and given us a way to enter there in...Scriptures. Records of men, women and children throughout time whom have followed Christ. We Must learn form them, or we have no hope. Letting go of these records is more dangerous than letting go of a safety ring in the middle of a raging sea.. Don't let go. In fact.. Hold on for dear Life.. Because your eternity depends on it.

Love ,
Hma Alford

Monday, March 10, 2014

 LOL! The scriptures say we must preach the word unto all creature!!! lol! And we take that quite seriously here in Bolivia! ;) This is quite a funny story! The pic where I am farther away from the cow was taken first... and I was unaware of the fact that these cows are well guarded! My companion was taking the picture, and there was  a member with us (named yasmira) as well... Hma Nuñez took the pic, and we were all laughing, with me still sitting there all peaceful and unaware... When all of a sudden I here a menacing growl behind me! I turn around, and there is a giant, ugly, and very angry dog a few feet away from me! and all of a sudden he starts barking! I have never been so scared for my life in all of time! and for the first time, I ran! I ran from that dog so very fast! not a single thought besides teeth crossed my mind, not my companion, not yasmira, not the fact that when you run they follow. I could only picture sharp teeth sinking into my leg!!!! lol! Talk about adrenaline running high!!! Anyway, I was about to be dog food, if it wasnt for yasmira... She yelled at it and threw a few rocks and all was good. LOL! Thought Id share that story... turns out, you should look for guard dogs before you get close to a cow! lol!

The mission car! lol! just kidding! We just were taking pics! lol! love you all! hope yall have  a fabulous week! and never forget that God loves you!

Letter to me!
Hey mom!
 I CAN NOT GET OVER HOW BIG GENNY IS!!!! And little Evie is just a doll! I already love her the little sweetie! I always knew Genny would make a fabulous big sis! ;) Shes just too bossy not to be! lol! Tell Auntie I said congrats!!! And that she makes pretty babies! ;) I LOVE the temple pics! I cant wait to be able to go to the temple with all of you together! That is just incredible! To see my little brothers and sisters making such great choices... and know they are entering the temple! ;) My heart hurts I am so happy to see that! I pray for each and every one of you so very much! And love seeing the answers to those prayers! Toris little ones are looking good too!!! Little layne is just getting so big! And I never tire of seeing his giant smile! The sweetest thing I think I have ever seen! And little claire is just beautiful!!
Its okay if you cant send midol... I can try and look for something similar down here... My shoes are holding up great!!! I wanted to send you a video for the blog about them... but I cant seem to send videos. My shoes are just great though! A good choice! Almost all the sisters have to buy new shoes after a month or two... But mine dont even look older than a few weeks! And if they ever do have a problem, Ill just take them to one of the shoe-fixer people here! They sit on the side of the street and fix shoes! Its really cool! So dont worry about that. I am pretty sure my shoes are going to make it through the whole of my mission! As for all my tests... They finally told me what I have and I didnt understand a thing!!! lol! I know its something with my throat, and some kind of bacteria though... Also that I have to have five days of shots!!! That part I understood perfectly well... ;( lol! I am also taking a weeks worth of two different pills and a cough syrup type thing that tastes, smells, and looks like they have rebottled lysol and sold it as medicine! GROSS!!!!!! LOL! Oh, and the letters... I know I have written all of you a birthday letter at the very least... But I am not sure about the extra letters... and like aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins... I have no idea who I have written and who no. I am writing  a letter to Tori and Aunt Sandy right now though... ;)
Anyway, this week I have been stuck in the house almost half the time... What with the carnivals and the pills I am taking make me feel really sick... But we have had quite a bit of fun and got a lot done anyway!!! We played carnevals in the house with the other sisters tuesday!!! lol! Ill be sure and send some pics of that! I have a few funny stories to send to the fam as well... especially with cows and dogs!! lol! And we have been working hard! We are within sight of two rescews with an old couple who were inactive for a while, but are now getting ready to be sealed!!! This sunday they have to go talk to the bishop, and we are going to finish up all the lessons tonight in a fhe with them!!! This sunday, if they talk to the bishop, they will be reactivated! They are the family ........  anyway, we are doing a lot of work in reactivating.. and have quite a few baptism dates set as well! One in particular is this really great kid named a..... and a couple named r.... and j......! Pray for them will you?  Congrats on being an incredible missionary by the way! ;) lol! I love you lots, and hope you have a great week!
hma alford

Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 Pictures and emails!

 There are cows in like EVERY part of my area! And fields, and adobe houses!!! CRAZY COOL! I kind of love it! lol!

  Oh, and this is my room... with almost all my pics on the wall now! lol!

                                              Well... went to the hospital again! ;(

The view from my new place! FOUR FLIGHTS OF STAIRS!!!!!! :( LOL!


                                                             COWS!!! LOL!

There are a TON of pretty flowers! Roses, for example, grow REALLY PRETTY! LOL!

Hermana Nuñez and I!!! And an adobe house behind us!

Letter to family and friends:

Hello everybody! So, this week has been ridiculously crazy! I have been meeting new people, eating really tasty home grown food, teaching awesome lessons with my new companion, getting settled in to a new home, having water balloons thrown at me on a regular basis, teaching cows, and just having a great time! Its really wierd to be in  a new area... but I really love this place! It is so much more open! And so very pretty! There are all kinds of fruit trees growing just in the street! And when ya get hungry, ya just pluck one right off the tree, and ya eat it! SO GOOD! Oranges, apples, bananas, LOTS of lemon, grape fruit, grapes, and something called  pakai... which is a really wierd looking fruit that when you eat it is kind of cottony and sweet... really tasty actually! Anyway, I have been having fun with that... and here you just eat good in general. Like the corn here! WOOHOO! SO good! Home grown, and so sweet and soft and yummy! lol! I have been missing good food! lol! The only thing is that my companion tells me they do serve a lot of chunyo here... which is disgusting... I have yet to try it here... but we will see what happens wont we? lol! Anyway, the people are more open and direct, which is way cool as well. I love my area! We finally found a new pensionista so we have food now too... and I am just having a good time down here!
Anyway, hope all yall are doing well... And I continually hold you in my heart and prayers!
Hermana Alford
Study Journal February 2 2014
DyC 122:7,9
¨God has made a promise... He will not break it. So let us Hold On, and ever go forth in this great work. For one day we shall see the good that shall come from the experience. At the moment it may seem too dark to see a better future... moments may come when we feel we just cant ´hold on´any further.. but God has promised us that ther truly awaits us a light at the end of the tunnel. Do we doubt the sincerity of our God? No... we must HOLD TIGHT TO HIS HAND, as He leads us from the darkness... to a Happiness beyond belief!¨

Letter to mom:
My companion is awesome! So far, we are getting along pretty well!  Have yall gotten my package yet? I hope it gets there soon! Oh, carnival has made it to bolivia! We have been told that today and tomorrow we have to be in the house and stay there at 4 o clock... These crazy people throw frozen water baloons! I got hit by my first one today.. My shoulder hurts a bit... But surprisingly not as bad as it should! The darn thing was FROZEN!!! I think an angel was helping me out, because my shoulder should be hurting a lot more! The people here normally dont do things like that... but a few turdbuts like to be mean... Anyway, so we are going to be stuck at home all day! I am going to do a deep cleaning of the house! Four sisters live there, and nobody cleans! ;( But thats okay, I have found I actually LIKE cleaning, like dad always said! lol! Its really relaxing! haha! we cant go to the center or to the cancha today though... its just too dangerous... especially for northamericans... so I dont know how I am going to buy all the hygiene products I need!!1 lol! Its the first monday of the month! And I need soap and stuff like that! hope theres a store close by to buy a few things! lol! because if not... I am just gonna stink all week! lol! Anyway, love ya lots, and Ill be praying for ya! Have a great week!
hma alford