Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 26, 2013 Parts of Alecia's E-mails this week!

 Alecia received her first package in her mission! She is so happy! We found out it takes a month for her to get packages from us. 

 This is the sweet young woman that was baptized this past weekend with her little brother!

 So yeah, this is what a whole lot of the women look like here.. except with boots and LONG braids, and a huge colorful bundel on their back! lol! I got to go see all the dances of Bolivia at the church  and I wish I had pics! Ugh... My camera died! How ridiculously sad! But yeah... this is what they wear! lol! Dont laugh too hard at me okay? haha!
me at globos today for pday! A really cool restaurant!

Excerts from letter to the President this week:

Tenia mi primera bautismo de mi mision en este semana pasada Gracias
solamente a Dios y su amor para nosotros! Fue un milagro en verdad!
Soy muy muy emocionada!
I was able to see two youngsters be baptised and confirmed this week!
I could not have been more excited! They are such good kids, and we
are hoping that they can be a strength to their mother and help her to
come to Christ as well. In all honesty, seeing them be baptized was
the very best experience I´ve had so far in my mission! That and
hearing their testimonies afterwards!
As for spanish... Poco a poco I am learning more and more. I have
taken up a new habit to learn more quickly. I have a little notebook
that every time I hear a new phrase or word, I write it down and try
and use it that day. Its pretty helpful. I am also still working on
memorizing the Scripture Masteries in English and Spanish. They are
really coming in handy during our lessons. And I am able to learn new
words as I go.
Hermana Santa Cruz and I are getting a long great. We are getting to
know each other better and better, and learning how to teach more
effectively together as well. She really is the best trainer!
My area is fantastic as well! I really love it with all my heart! Our
investigadors are more like family to me every day. And our
pensionista really is like a kind of mother figure here in Bolivia.
She is always looking out for our health and cooks like an angel
Every day its getting harder and harder to think about leaving. These
people have stolen my heart away! This truly is the best place to be,
and the best work to be a part of.
I do have a question about the back packs too, are we allowed to use
them on pday? Or never? Just wondering.

Excerpts from her letter to me this week:

So, this week was absolutely fabulous! Two baptisms! I got my package! We had mani pedis with the elders for fhe with a family of members! That was about as hilarious as it gets! lol! I finally got to print pics! And Hma Santa Cruz and I are going every morning to the gym to work out so we can be more obedient with our schedule... we both have difficulty with the early morning work out... But we also dont want to get fat with all the food we have to eat here! Sometimes we end up eating two or three lunches! goodness! lol!  We were able to really have a blessed week! I dont think I have ever felt as close to the Lord as when I saw those two youngsters be baptised and confirmed! They are so strong and so faithful! They love to read the scriptures...and ____is going to go to the temple next week! We are hoping to be able to go with her! We also have about three more baptisms planned for this week! Miracles truly come to pass when you are obedient! I have also been working really hard on becoming more familiar with my new set of scriptures. Spanish is difficult, but I always want my relationship with the scriptures to be strong.. So that our investigadors can see how important they are through my love for them... Anyway, I cant send a whole lot of pics this week because these darn computers are really slow... but I hope you can see how happy I am to have my package in the one I sent! It really lifted me up! lol! Tell Gma I am praying for her... And I am sorry she is hurting. And hma Stewart that I love her back! I will pray for the car and a miracle! I am SO glad everyone is feeling better! I was a little worried... Thanks a ton for praying for my investigadors... They all mean so much to me.. and I love to know that they have your prayers as well as mine.. Anyway, I just want you to know how much I love you. And thank you so much for your prayers. I can feel them everyday. And I hope yall know just how special it is to hear from yall for me. For me, its like a recharge... A moment to remember exactly what I am here for... A moment to share everything I can of what I am learning, and to gain more strength for the rest of my week. I love to here about your lives, what your studying, who you talk to, and everything! lol! Anyway, until next time! I love you muchissimo mom... You really are the greatest! 

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