Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013 Alecia's email's to home!

 Okay... So, turns out I actually have an hour on Pday each tuesday to email everyone... But it times down in thirty minute increments... Which is when the computer kicks you out, and you have to re sign in... Wierd huh? Anyway, my second thirty minutes were spent waiting for this message to load last tuesday! So I am really excited to have more time today to email yall! So, you asked last time what its like here. Well... Busy! That would be the simple answer! But mostly we spend a TON of time studying.... Studying spanish, studying the gospel... and we practice teachign to fake investigadors... My investigadors are HARD!!! We, unfortunately, got the hardest teacher to play our investigador... But its okay, hes just making us stronger... I am having such a great time! My district is SO awesome! Oh! And theres this kind of treat or snack here called ChocoSoda... MUY BUENO!!! Its like a chocolate covered cracker... So far I have resisted the urge to purchass them myself... But I have had quite a few of Hermana Blacks! lol! Oh! You can send me letters! Did you know that? I need stamps! So that I can write yall! I dont know if yall are planning on doing packages or not... But if yall are, I forgot my black shirt! lol! And reeses pieces never hurt anybody! lol! I truly love hearing from all of you! Write more! Dont be afraid of me being able to read it all! I can always take pics of the emails and read them later if I have to! Physical activity time each day and Pday are life savers ! I truly love to learn as much as we have, but the lord knew what he was doing when he gave us personal time! lol! The sisters in my room (there are six of us) have all been sharing pics of there familys... I was so sad that I didnt have any... But I found some! In my camera! I was showing them off for hours! All the cool stuff I did with the kids while I was in college, I have pics of them in my camera that I apparently never erased! What a blessing right? But I do want those pics from Aunt Michelle! lol! I have been learning so much ! I can now go into a "lesson" with out anything planned... and actually speak! IN spanish! and help them feel the spirit! Its broken spanish... but it is spanish none the less! So.. my breakfast every morning, youll never guess... Is cereal! IN yogurt!!! lol! The cereal turns to this disgusting mush in milk... SO, we copy catted the latinos and put it in the really thin yogurt! MUY BUENO! You hardly ever see the sun here... But every once in a while we get lucky and itll be a sunny day.. Like today! I got to make my bed today! I hardly EVER have time to make it the way I like to! We are so completely busy! Theres hardly time for ANYTHING! But I am slowly getting used to it... OH! I had a few stories to share! I did somehting really funny yesterday! I spent probably half (if not more) of the day wearing mismatched shoes!!!! LOL! I looked down during class, and realized there was somehting funny about my shoes ! They were different COLORS! One black, one brown! And whats even funnier, is as my companion and are about dying of laughter, one of the elders says that he had noticed earlier... but just thought i was the kind of person who would do that on purpose!!! lol!!! So funny! Anyway, Ive been pulling funny moments like that all the time Ive been here! I fell out of my desk, possibly giving the elders next to me a show... lol! And so much more! I have to go now! Tell everyone I love them SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Have a fantastic week! 
Alecia's note to Jared:
I  havent seen any pine apples yet, but I am constantly on the look out. They do have this really wierd fruit that you crack by knocking it on your head, and looks like the insides of an alien... or maybe it looks like a bunch of frog eggs... Idk... But its pretty tasty... The texture creeps me out though! And I wont get to climb mountains till I get out of the mtc... But I can see them! And they are beautiful!  love you more!
Hey dad! Love you too! Thanks for the scripture! I will be studying that later. The hardest part so far has been facing the "investigadors" and knowing what I want to say... But not how to say it in spanish. No, we are not required to speak spanish... But we are encouraged to do so as much as possible! It is so great to hear that things are going well with you. You are truly the greatest man I have ever met, and I am so incredibly happy you are the one my father in heaven chose to be my Dad. And what you just shared with me is actually quite incredible... I will have to show you someday the incredible record I have been keeping in which I have been taught this same principle over and over and over again by the lord... He really wants me to get it through my head! lol! I love you dad!
Stay true and know that I love you so very much! You are the example I refer to in my daily life while i am here! Oh! And I am totally watching my bag like a crazy person! Just so you know! lol!

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