Tuesday, July 30, 2013

She is in Bolivia!!!

No email today as she traveled from the CCM (MTC) to Bolivia today! I have great news!!!! I got to hear her sweet voice today!!! We were only on the phone for 14 minutes but oh how amazing it was! She had told me she would call from the airport if at all possible but I had convinced myself that she wasn't going to be able to call. So when a phone call showed unknown, I answered expecting to have to talk to a telemarketer!! Then she said, Momma! Oh how sweet those words were!!! The tears immediately came into my eyes as I realized that I was getting to talk to her! Oh how I miss her. She sounds amazing! She loves the people and the country already! She told me how beautiful it was! She is handling the altitude change well. She said she gets a little woozy but that for the most part she is good. She was also hot! I wish I was able to talk to her more. I put her on speaker phone and she spoke to us in spanish!!! She was absolutely amazing! Just ask me top of her class! LOL Well she just introduced herself but hey to us it was brilliant! : )  She sounds very excited and very upbeat! I know that she is going to serve well! Alecia is so very loving and has a knowledge of the gospel that will help her throughout her mission! It is hard to believe that she has been out for 6 weeks. She will be home in 16 1/12 months! But she is going to be serving with all of her heart, might, mind, and strength with an eye single to the glory of God the whole of those 16 1/2 months! Keep her in your prayers I know that they are helping!

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