Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 16, 2013

I am doing wonderfully! I am so glad you are doing well! Man! Thats a
lot of salsa! Tell Russel I said hi! And I will be recording tons of
stories to swap with him! lol! All in spanish mind you! Although Ill
probably have a really wierd accent, since bolivians talk funny...
lol! I will definitely keep Grandma in my prayers, tell her I love
her, and that I hope she gets better soon! That chiropractor idea
sounds really good! Maybe it will help! Mmmm! That dinner sounds
great! AWESOME! Great way to deal with the boy situation! Im glad kady
was able to have a friend over! its pretty cool! Props for dad and you
for dealing with that situation so boldly! I gotta love it! lol! I
cant wait to hear about youth conference! exciting!I am doing quite
well! My most spiritual experience? Ive had a ton of those! But
proselyting this week was right up there!Our district was supposed to
go the second week we were here, with a latina or a teacher... But
there was a catholic holiday and we weren't allowed out of the ccm...
So... We hadn't been shown how to do it. They tried to get each of the
new people and the people who hadn't done it yet a latino... But there
were only 3 latinas! The next step was a teacher... But there weren't
enough of those to go around either... SO, they sent us out in groups
of four to a teacher... But our teacher apparently didn't quite
understand, because Hermana black and I were with him when he showed
us where we were on the map... And started heading off with the other
two hermanas telling us to ¨Go that way¨... It was hard, that's for
sure! But we learned so much from each other! And we were able to feel
the spirit of Gods love for these incredible people as we wandered
around sharing the gospel the best way we knew how! In our broken
spanish! lol! THey are so loving and kind and wonderful! I dont really
know how to describe this place to you... I just don't have the
words... Thank you for always supporting me mom. It really does get me
through the hard spots. Yes, I am eating well. Yes, I am sleeping
well. And I am exercising too! I love you too mom! Don't worry too much
about me! I am having a great time. Sure, its not ALWAYS baskets of
roses... But my companion is an angel, and my district is sent by God.
I truly love it here, and am learning more than I ever thought
possible! love you mom!Im sorry I haven't sent any pictures yet, I just
dont want to waste precious time trying to download them when I could
be writing you. I would really like to start sending yall letters
too... I have letters building up to send... Please, if you can, send
me some stamps! Its probably a better idea to send them to my mission
home though, since I only have two weeks left here... Idk if ill get
them in time... lol! I cant believe I am so close to the field! it
just boggles my mind! THe time here has really flown! On Thursday, i
believe, I will have been out for a month! Only seventeen more to go!
lol! This language is so crazy! But Elder Christoffersan said, when he
was HERE, that in two months... TWO MONTHS, if we worked hard, we
would speak! And I plan to hold him to his word! lol! Oh! I just
remembered! How do you have a pic of me on my blog? lol! One of the
hermanas here, hma Foresy, told me that her mom found my blog, and
that it had a pic of hma forsey and I on it! lol! But I havent sent
any pics... anyway, i just thought that was funny! I am officially one
of the adanced missionaries! lol! The group before us left this
morning, making my group the older ones here at the mtc... we are now
the ones to set the example when the next set of newbies come in...
its so crazy! I feel like just yesterday we were showing up with our
luggage, with no idea what to expect! Crazy! Crazy! Crazy! lol ! I
love yall so much! Tell everyone I said hi! Grandma, Rayden, Lauren,
Russel, Uncle Ron, Sandy, Jake, Ryan, Uncle Ray, Theresa, All the cousins,
Grandma hunt, Grandpa Hunt, Grandma and Grandpa Alford... Everybody! I
love and miss you ALL ! And let them know that I wish I had time to
write them all! Mom, I truly love you with all my heart! Thanks for
all that you do! Your amazing! Love ya!

Note from me the Momma:  If any of our family and friends decide you want to send her a package please know that it has to be less than 4 pounds or she will have to pay for it when she picks it up!
 ( Alecia sent this cute email)
Hostess is BACK?????? I just heard from another sister! Send me
something! lol! Yall have got to keep me updated on stuff like this!
lol! love yall!

Another note from me the Momma: I just realized some of this text will not make since without my email to her. Since I will be  printing this up I decided to post my email to Aleica her also!

Hello my darling!
How are you doing? I have had a very eventful week!  I told you about the salsa. I wound up getting 71 pints!  It was fun but very tiring! Especially since I had to stop and go to the church for Russell's report to the High Council! He had an amazing mission! I know that ya'll will enjoy swapping stories when you get home.  I am so excited about the things that he was able to accomplish! He was called as the assistant ward clerk. He said he will be doing the things that he did on his mission, finding the lost members and cleaning up the records!  I know that he will have an amazing life!
Anyway, please keep Grandma (Heaton) in your prayers. She is in a lot of pain. The doctors told her that she had a slipped disk in her spine and that it caused her to get a pinched nerve. I am really worried about her. She is also planning on having knee surgery on August 5th. I asked her to go to a chiropractor and see if they can help her with her back! Just pray for her! I know that she will start feeling better soon.
We went to Leesville this past Sunday to watch Russell give his welcome home talk! It was fun! I texted Aunt Theresa and we planned the family dinner. Ron made some really delicious brisket and ribs. Yum! We all had a great time sitting around on his porch and talking!
We had the missionaries over today and allowed Kady to invite Johnathon, her friend. Daddy took him outside and gave him a copy of the For Strength of Youth pamphlet and went over the section on Dating! He told him that we believe in following these standards. He told him he was welcome to visit as a friend but that we do not believe in dating steady! I have no idea how it went over but he was very respectful when I went out!
We had him here for FHE and we showed the Restoration! It was nice.
Kady, Brandon and I will be going to Youth Conference Thursday through Saturday this week. It ought to be fun. I will be riding with Carrie Owen. I will have to tell you next week how well that went.
Tell me how you are doing! What has been you most spiritual moment? How is the language and the lessons coming? Are you getting enough rest, to eat, exercise!
I want you to know how very proud I am of you! I love you so much! When you are in your most difficult moments please remember that you are loved by many! You are a beloved daughter of God! and you are my beloved daughter. Remember that you have many blessings and count each one of them! Stay strong my sweetie! I love you I love you I love you!
Love Eternally,
Your Momma!

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  1. Grandma (Heaton) posted this on facebook:

    Oh my Alecia Jean your Momma is so tight. You are an amazing daughter no matter which one you look at. It must be really scarey to be given a map and to see your teacher walk away. Good for you to use your talent and speak to the people. You will never know if this was the beginning of a conversion story