Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22, 2013 Alecia's email to family and friends

Hey lovely family! (And friends who may be reading this too!)
How´s life going on your end of the world? This is my last opportunity
to email all of yall while in the MTC... So i am trying to send yall a
picture or two... And i wanted to go ahead and send an over all email!
I love yall so much! And I am having such a great time here! And I
mean that with all my heart! The people are fantastic, this world
entirely new and exciting! I dont know when I´ll be able to email yall
again, because I dont know when my pday is and all that... So dont get
worried if it takes a while okay? Oh! And these are all the sisters in
my district by the way! My companion is the one with the pretty sandy
brown hair and i think she might be standing next to me... wearing a
black shirt. lol! love yall!

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