Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9, 2013 Aleica's email!

I love you so much mom! You are so incredible! And I am so proud of
you! I pray for you and the kids every day! You should totally see if
you can send me some of that salsa! lol! I want some! haha! Did you
know that the packages have to be four pounds or less? I would really
like some pics of the family! And us stamps will be fine. We have this
thing called pouch mail, where all our letters are sent together to
the states, and then sent to wherever else they need to go... So you
could send me a letter here with the stamps in it and I could send you
letters now! It would be awesome! It takes about six days to get
here... Anyway, my black shirt is in my grey box... The top one in the
closet... lol! I have been learning so much here! We took the newbies
to the temple today! And it was incredible! I talked today! I
literally spoke to latinos! THere was this one lady on the bus, her
daughter is married to a mormon! So cool! We had a great time! The
fourth of july was cool here! they have a special celebration here for
all the north americans! It was really cool! Apparently they think we
eat thanksgiving food like all the time though! I finally figured out
what to do with my hair today! Our sister leaders are so cool! Oh, and
Hma black and I have been the recipients of some mysterious gifts!
Twice now we have come to our room to find letters and candy addresse
to us! So cool huh? Anyway, It is so cool to be able to go to the
temple every week! Every pday! Awesome right? Hma black and i have
been getting better at our teaching! We actually got rid of our
¨safety blanket¨... or our ultra planned lessons... and tried to go by
the spirit... It wasnt a super awesome success... But we were happy
with the fac that we did our best. The trick is to remember that this
is a learning process, and not to get to caught up in the failures...
Only to look at what we need to improve. Like today, I totally should
have given that lady a pamplet... But I second guessed myself... But I
was one step closer because I actually talked to her! so anyway, moral
of the story is that I am learning! Do I sound wierd yet in my emails?
you know, like most missionaries eventually do? lol1 Oh! THeres a
sister here from Austrailia! She is way cool!

Noted from Me (the Momma): Jared sends Alecia some of the cutest emails so he gets some pretty interesting responses I just can't resist posting Alecia's responses to him so the following is her comments to Jared.

  Hey Jared! Yeah, the fruit is pretty
cool. No crab or lobsters... But they do have fish and shrimp... And
there are some really HIGH mountains RIGHt next to us! You can see
them on sunny days! They dont have trees on them like ours do
though... They just look like really tall piles of dirt!!! IM glad you
had fun! My week has been Awesome!!! My fave thing that happened on
independence day is that one of the latinos sang us happy birthday to
our state! lol! ANd LOTS OF GOOD FOOD!!! LOL! love you kiddo!

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