Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Momma's Thoughts!

My sweet Alecia has been gone for a week now! I am so very thankful to my Father in Heaven for her! I must say that this is hard! I miss her so much but I am also very excited for her and proud of who she is becoming! I have to say that Hermana Alford, : ), Really knows her Momma! For Mother's day she made me a count down vase. It has a rock in it for every week she will be gone! It also has a picture of her. I must say that I look forward to emptying that vase of rocks! Lol

Anyway I also look forward to her emails! As you can see there is not much information in them and for  a Momma who likes to know almost everything they are a little torturous but they are also my little raindrops of blessings from heaven! I am so thankful that she is doing well. I know that she glazed over the hard stuff for me but I also know that she has enough faith to get her through her trials! God is in control! When He is in control you can not fail!

Please keep Alecia and her companion Hermana Black in your prayers! I know they would appreciate it and so would I!

God is Great! He is master of the Universe and He is in control! This is what gives me peace at night as my oldest is out of the country! This is what will keep us all safe! Stay strong and remember that you are a Child of God! He loves you and He wants what is best for you!

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