Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Snatches of Alecia's emails this week.

Aleica's emails this week didn't have much information that extended beyond how much she loves me and the family so I will be sending small snatches of them here.

Here is a little piece from her email to her dad:  The best experience I had this week... I think personal study is about the greatest thing ever! I have decided to take one christlike attribute a week and study it really hard and try to develop said attribute... This week is humility, become like unto a child. I need to be humble enough to learn the lessons the Lord would have me learn and so on and so forth! I also listened to the fireside this sunday with out headphones(tranlator) for the first time! And I understood! It was way cool!

The kids' asked her what her favorite spanish saying was and she said: My fave spanish phrase is ¨¿Que en el MUNDO?¨ Which means What in the WORLD? LOL! Its so fun to say!

They also asked her what the funniest thing that happened to her this week was and she said:   The funniest thing that happened this week is that one of the elders in my district jumped out the window in class! And hes the district leader! So he is supposed to be responsible! lol! It was so funny! We almost died laughing! haha! Another favorite word of mine is Perro... Because Our teachers say it funny... And we just go around saying it all the time ! It just means but...But its fun to say! lol!

A note from me the Momma:   She will not be in the MTC much longer. She will be leaving next week. Due to safety issues I will not be posting the specifics of her travel. Just keep her in your prayers all next week. I will post when she gets to her destination in safety.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for her and following how she is doing.

 I have been advised that some of the other mothers have found this blog. A big thank  you to you too! I am very blessed to have such a wonderful daughter and equally blessed that each of you have raised up amazing daughters too. Our wonderful girls are helping each other through each others trials and rejoicing in each others joys. So from one missionary momma to another: I thank you for raising up some righteous daughters and I thank our Father in Heaven that our girls are serving together.


  1. I Finally Spell Better then Alicia! haha It's in a completely different Loungage, but... But in Spanish is spelled Pero, Perro is Dog! :-) hehehe! Love ya Alicia!!!

    Mamma says she loves you too!

  2. As you can see, I still can't spell in English! hahahaha

  3. LOL I will have to tell her! : )