Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 29, 2014 Email and Picture

 Happy Birthday Bethany, Jared and Jessica

My comp and i have gotten WAY sick this week.. but this time for food poisoning (i think) I was stuck in bed (and the bathroom) almost all week.. which is way not fun by the way! And so, there is not much to tell! We are both doing much better! and are planning on busting our buts this week to make up for so much time with out working! we both LOVED the conference as well! I have been really thinking about something these past few months.. that kind of worries me... I know that my time is coming to an end here in the mission.. and am fully aware of the fact that life after the mission will not be the same, i wont have a companion there to watch over me all the time, or an exact schedule to follow every day... so, how do i keep this new spiritual level with me always? how do i adjust, and not allow the world to influence me? i have seen so many less active returned missionaries! and that scares me! so, i think the answer is simple... temples! That is the only way! go to the temple regularly so as not to lose my focus! anyway, i just loved the conference! it was the high light of my week! and i hope to be able to see the next conferences in english! its going to be even better! anyway, i love you so much, and send you all my love! and blessings!
hma alford

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