Monday, September 8, 2014

August 18, 2014 Potosi (New Area)

 Our free meal!!! YUM! A real quesadilla! its gigantic!!! ;)
 we got desert half free too!!! ;)

 Saying goodbye to my comp! ;(
my new room! 
Hermana quispe! My new companion! shes great!
Hey mom!
okay, so, yet another not overly easy area... we are pretty much starting from scratch because of a whole bunch of craziness from before. Hermana q( my new companion) was with her trainer hermana l( a gringa) here before.. but hermana lwas sick, so they didnt get to work much in the area... then a whole bunch of craziness happened, and for the last month or so they havent even been in the area as hma l was in the hospital and eventually sent home! (she had some kind of stomach infection) anyway, in the end, neither i or my comp know the area! Its been just a whole lot of knocking doors and talking to people in the street...  ;( anyway, trying to do the best i can... I want to work so hard and do so much... yet my body doesnt seem to want to cooperate! the altitude is ridiculous! 4,300 kilometers above sea level!!!! OUCH!!! Anyway, the cold is also quite horrible... and almost all week we havent been able to do much as my body adjusts! Anyway, working, sleeping, and trying to do the best i can... we finally found a pensionista for lunch... but shes too far away to go at night time (really dangerous that late here...) and so... WE ARE OUR OWN NIGHT TIME PENSIONISTAS! HAHAHA! hermana hansen said it just makes more sense seeing as we cant find anyone closer! so, now we will be making our own dinners.. can you send me some fun little easy recipes??? that would be so great!!! anyway, we also got to know the bishop and his family a bit. He is such a jokester! haha! His poor wife has cancer though... she spoke in church this sunday,and the spirit was so strong! she is such a sweet and kind person! you can just see it in her! what else? not much... we have  a GREAT house! a gas run stove, water heater, and a fabulous heater for the room! anyway, havent eaten any chuño yet... they actually even serve less food than they do in cochabamba... I am enjoying lots of soups and noodles! and the best cakes i have eaten since i came out on the mission!!! (there is a sister in the ward who  makes cake!) I have bought quite a few sweaters to put on below my coats.. IT IS SO COLD HERE!!! I might be buying boots as well... and gloves and a hat... and leg warmers.!!! haha! Anyway, its just way cold out here!
 love you lots mom! keep being awesome!

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