Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 22, 2014 email and pics

 Karaphurka! Or stone soup! a typical plate of  potosi!
My comp and i eating the stone soup! ;)

 The day we made empenadas with sister fuertes! Her name is so perfect for her! fuerte in spanish means strong... and she is just that! she has been suffering from cancer for about a year... and is just now about to finish the treatments... it hurts her so bad! and i remember about a week ago she was on her way back to cocha to do another chemo... and she just about broke down in tears at just the thought of the pain... the love the ward showed her that sunday, brought my own tears to my eyes! let us be just as loving as those sisters who showed their love in such a beautiful way! love you all!
Making empenadas!!! YUM!!! They are kind of like meat pies... but WAY YUMMIER!!!

 Holding a Cows HEART!!!!! WOW!
karate comps! hahaha !
hugging green!!!!!!!!! ;)

 my comp and i this sunday! (when we thought there might be transfers coming up)

my comp and i and the pizza for my 15 month mark! ;) yum

i am glad to hear that brandon finally got his eagle! thats awesome! as for the transfers, i am staying here! and my comp as well. I have to say, i had hoped to train, but its going to be great! this next month and a half is going to be awesome! especially seeing as we have already figured out our differences well! anyway, this week has been kind of crazy! we have been working hard, and have found some really great people to teach! and we´ve been doing a TON of service! we learned how to make empenadas with sister p f(the bishops wife who has cancer...) she has been wanting to make yummy stuff for her family for a long time now, but hasnt been able to because of all the chemo and such... she doesnt have the strength left to do it on her own... so we have been helping her cook! we also made cow heart!!!! I have an awesome picture, but dont know if ill be able to send it... ;( still having problems with my camera! anyway, its been kind of great! ;) oh, i also made 15 months in the mission this week! we had a pizza to celebrate! YUM! And today, i finally tried the karaphurkra..or stone soup!!! ;) it is a thick soup that they put a HOT rock inside so that it is still boiling when you eat it! And man is it spicy! and so yummy!! ;) hahaha! oh, and i am now in the choir! ;) we are practicing for a conference we will be having soon! fun! hahaha! so, as far as brown.. its still quite brown, but spring has begun.. and it seems to be getting a bit more green! woohooo!!!!!!! anyway, all doing good on this side of the world! ;) love you lots and lots and lots mom! hope you have a great week!
hma alford

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