Monday, September 8, 2014

August 25, 2014 Emails and an interesting article that she likes

Shirley Temples??? Smile smile smile! ;) I am doing the best i can! And trying to love this new area! We have a baptism coming up the sixth of september! And my comps birthday as well!! the 23 or 30 of august... long story... but her real birthday and her legal birthday are two different dates!!! haha! anyway, we are slowly gaining the members love and confidence and we are finding a number of new people to teach! anyway, thats what we have been up too... i have been suffering from some MEAN head aches, nauseau, random heart spasms and such lately... part of the lovely altitude change im afraid! Anyway, i already called sister hansen and she told me to go buy some altitude pills and drink more water and eat less food... so thats what i will be doing down here for the moment. and as for the cold, i think i am getting used to it... not sure. anyway, we saw the bolivian president this morning! he came up to talk to the miners or something like that! and i had to take a spanish test this morning! like an hour trying to figure out the headphones, and all that craziness! and this computer is SO SLOW! HAHA! anyway, got that over with and now i am writing you guys! and then off to play pool... i love you so much mom! ill ask sister hansen if shes related! haha! and thanks for the recipes! ... the sad thing is there isnt much canned food here.. but ill be on the look out... theres only one supermarket.. about the size of macs within a 6 hour radius of where i am!!! hahahaha! anyway, so i will be trying it out! love you mom!
hma alford

hey mom, sorry i couldnt write more! the dang spanish test took up all my time... and the owner of the internet place is kicking us out right now... i havent been able to send any pics... and i dont know if i wrote every one... love you all though! and hope you have a great week! talk to ya next week!
love hma alford

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