Monday, September 15, 2014

September 15, 2014 Emails and pictures

My comp and i at the zone conference! 
 my hair cut dry! ;)
 Burrito night! ;)
 the elders had  a baptism this saturday!
 My comp and i with sister hansen in sucre!!! ;)
Heading back to potosi after the conference! A LONG RIDE!!!

Love you too mom! ;) I have been doing well! ;) the cold is letting up a bit... but still cold! ;) my comp and i are doing better... and now transfers are coming up this sunday! Anyway, we had zone conference in sucre this week...  man that was a long day! we got up way early in the morning, and were off in the bus for a LONG TIME... got to sucre, and oh my goodness was i happy to see TREES! AND GRASS!!! AND FLOWERS!!!!!! ;) I COULD BREATHE! Well, lets just say i hugged about every tree i could find! haha! and then the seventy, elder waddel, spoke to us! WOW! It was pretty great! And i learned a TON! The elders had two baptisms this saturday, miguel and henry. And we did a theatre night in the ward which was quite the hit! Anyway, everything is doing great down here! a bit crazy, but great! yep, it was kind of a crazy idea to go up the dang hill.. .but its almost an obligation in the cochabamba mission to go to the zone activities... dont know why.. but thats how it is. Anyway, i am so glad to hear from you! and hope things are going great... mom, i ve got a question... whats up with the states? everyone keeps asking me if ive heard about the war or threat or something like that... just asking.. not fun to wonder! love you lots mom! I am praying for kady and hope everything can be figured out with her health! tell everyone back home i said hi!
love you !
hma alford

So, here in the mission, i have seen some things that i will never need a picture to forget... really beautiful moments, and others that just make me want to cry. Like the other day, as we were eating in a small restaurant here in potosi... and a little old lady came up to our table with a little plastic bag in her hands... begging us to give her the scraps from our table. I almost cried as she happily and eagerly placed our scraps, the bones we were about to throw away, in that little bag as if it were a great blessing... thanking us with tears in her eyes. Or when i saw a group of about five men and women surrounding a dumpster here in potosi, looking  for something to eat... or wear... anything, to keep them and their children alive. Those are a few sad moments you know.. but then there are lovely moments as well... as they smile and laugh with their friends, or come closer to God. I dont know, but these moments are just so hard to see... and yet so very important to me now. And the feeling of joy that fills me as i share the little i have.. there is no substitute... i invite you all, to say a prayer of special thanks this night... for all you have.. and try to find a way to help another smile today! dont waste anything! because someone else would do anything to have the little you have.
love ,
hermana alford

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