Monday, September 8, 2014

September 7, 2014 Alecia's emails and pics

Alecia's Hair Cut
 SO, as you can see in the pic, its not too short but much healthier!
 My new jacket i bought.. the skirt was hma lees, my comps last comp who finished her mish and left a TON OF CLOTHES! ;) Now, its mine! ;)
oh, and the sister training leaders and my comp and i! :)
another traditional bolivian dance...
This is called the diablada i believe... interesting right?

 a bolivian tradtitional dance! Dancers in chutillos!
 My comp and i in the streets of potosi!
M....... Baptism!
 M........ before the baptism! she is so sweet !;)
 dads right, this place is cut out like swiss cheese!
 Another pic going up the mountain! ;)
cerro rico, again! ;)
 so, here i am about to go up a mountain... that should tell you that i am doing much better in the altitude thing! haha! although it was NOT EASY! HAHA !

 VICTORY!!!!!!!! ;) I MADE IT TO THE VERY TOP! I AM A BOSS! Actually, it would not have been possible if the angels had not been there to help me up... ;)
 going up the mountain!CERRO RICO!
The bishop and his family from when we made tacos! ;) Please, pray for sister f.. the bishops wife, she is in chemo even as we speak... and is so scared of the pain.. she cried this sunday as she told us she was going back... ;(

Thank you so very much for the prayers and the fast, i havent been able to fast because i am on medication. turns out the reason its been so hard for me to get used to the altitude is that i have intestine problems... and being sick takes the energy and defenses out of you.. so i havent been at my best... but, the good news is that i am fixing the intestine problems to be able to fix the altitude problems. this tuesday i finish off the pills and should be good to go! I feel SO much better! not perfect, but slowly better.. anyway, i am sending pics!!! FINALLY!!!!! ;) You have no idea how crazy this has been.. heard my package is on the way!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY I ALMOST SCREAMED IN THE INTERNET CAFE!!!!!!!!! ;) Anyway, had some great exeriences too this week! m..... wa baptised! the baptismal service went off with out a hitch.. we had french toast as refreshment ( my comp loves that stuff!!! ;) and m........ cried as she left the font.. she bore the sweetest testimony! ;) also, we went up cerro rico this morning... the highest point in potosi!!! HARD! But really kind of cool. I was so scared as i went up, but the only way back down... was on the other side! so i had to make it to the top to take the safe way down.... why we didnt take the safe way up, i will never know! Anyway, i was praying the whole way up that the angels would watch my feet for me! and they did! and as we went down, i did not have my water bottle with me as another elder had been carrying it for me and went a different way... i felt so faint and weak, that i knew i couldnt make it much farther. I told everyone we should pray that some nice man would drive by and take us in his car.. they kind of laughed at me and made a few jokes about how a car would just fall from the sky... So, i just said the prayer on my own.. and even screamed out through the wind, [ ALGUIEN TIENE UN AUTO????] ( SOMEBODY HAVE A CAR!!!) And three minutes later, two men in a giant truck stopped by and took us down the mountain.. .at no charge!!! Everyone looked at me, and got in the car thanking the lord for his help! ;) Also, my comp and i are doign great! We even had a pillow fight last night and ended up sleeping together to get some warmth!!! haha! ;) so, this week has been full of miracles! and i would really like to remember forever the great time i have had! love you mom! Mom, i love my area... i will probably never love potosi...its not pretty, and not a place for tourists... haha! but its got great people, and for that i love it! keep being awesome! thanks for sharing me the miracle!  i love to hear them... love hma alford

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