Monday, December 8, 2014

Oct. 6, 2014 Email and pics

 : another strange fruit.. this one looks like a potato... but has a sweet flavor to it, and you eat it raw. Not overly tasty... but interesting!
My Comp Gave me this new dress. I love it and I love her.
  Ready for Conference
My Comp and I
As for you mom, something you said caught my attention, ¨So many people look up to me and think that I am doing great but in truth I am hanging on by a  thread.¨ I dont know if maybe i am just overly sensitive to things like this... but it sounds alot like what i was going through before the mission.. i started kind of hating that so many people would tell me how great and wonderful i was... as if i didnt have my own battles. even to this day many of the kids believe that same lie. that life has been easy for me, especially when it comes to the gospel. It has not been easy. And i know it is not easy for you. Perhaps, that is the beauty of the path... Perhaps that is the greatest courage there is, to hang on by a thread, and trust in God as you do so.. Mom, sometimes, people see us from the outside, and never know whats going on inside.. But that is how we can be an example! Keep doing what you are doing, trust in the Lord, be a great mom! and you will do a great work.. even though you feel small! i feel the same some times down here. so many tell me i am doing something great and fantastic.. but i know i am not perfect... and i know i lack in so many things! but God can use the smallest things, to make great things come to pass!!! love you so very much mom! and i know that things will be okay.. 
hma alford
as for the date.. dont know yet. i dont think you will be recieving a letter though mom... as far 

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