Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 Emails and Pics!!!

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 hey dad! your multi tool comes in handy! Here i am fixing my dresser doors... i have also had to fix a number of beds, drawers, dressers, doors, and tons of other stuff. lol! those who are off to serve a mission! bring multi tools! lol! its a good idea!
Puppies!!!! And wild hair... lol! ;) 

hey mom... i love you so very much you know! this conference was really fabulous! we had to watch it sunday though, because here it would have been way too late at night to see it on saturday. its a little bit hard to type right now because i had a little incident this morning... getting off the truffy, or bus, a lady slammed the slide door on my pinky finger. i am pretty sure its broken... it hurts so very bad! is kind of purple and swollen.. but i cleaned it off really well and put a bandade on it. luckily, where we got off was right in front of  a little farmacy... so i was able to buy a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and bandades... otherwise, it would have been a little sketchy to have an open wound in the streets of bolivia... lol! anyway.. its not so bad now, but i cant really use it much! so, this week has been hectic.. we had interviews with the president, zone conference, the relief society general conference, and the sisters that live with us had a baptism. We had four invs in church with us!!! ;) and ernesto went to the baptism too! we have quite a few invs that are so close to baptism!! we are just praying nothing gets in their way! i was hoping you all could add them to your prayers as well... ernesto and his family. he is so great! a reference from some other sisters... he isnt even baptised yet and is sharing the gospel! brought his two nephews to church this sunday! hes great (24 years old)! wara, she is 12 years old, and has almost all the lessons already. loves the gospel and knows that its true. the problem would be her parents, not overly keen on the idea of the church... and dont want to talk to us much.. more her dad than anything. Mayber and Louis. Mayber is the boyfriend of our pensionista, and louis is her son. neither one was very interested in the gospel before... but now are just loving it! mayber is just so excited, went to church last sunday and loved it! says he felt a fire inside of his heart! and wants to go back! That is just exactly the kind of thing we want to hear from people!!!! anyway, his granpa died this week and left to santa cruz! poor thing is hurting a whole lot.. but we are hoping the plan of salvation can help with that. anyway, they are the most incredible investigators we have right now. please pray for them! we are hoping to have baptisms this month of april!!! ;) anyway, other crazy things.. so, i have told yall before that i ate cow feet... but i have found out just what cow feet are like this week! before it was just a juicy gravy type thing they make out of the stuff and put in a  meat pie like thing... but this week i actually ate the dang foot!!! i dont ever want to hear anyone complaining about jello... i know what cows foot tastes like in reality! and it is fowl!!! bleck!!!! there were evern hairs sticking out of the thing. and you can totally tell how they make jello out of the stuff! it has a sort of wierd gelatin feel to it! lets just say GROSS!!!!  okay, on other wierd stuff.. cow stomach. turns out they have another way of preparing that stuff too... before, i had tried it like a smashed fried patty. gross... but not as bad as this! sliced and boiled with rice and veggies... the most nastiest thing!!! and you can see the green insides where the grass has dyed the inside walls of the cows stomach!!!!! i dont like that. Liver, how ever, is actually quite tasty... kind of like heart. :) anyway, those are the latest food adventures down here in bolivia... my pensionista got bored and decided to play around in the kitchen. they actually like this stuff down here... interesting right? on other news, transfers are coming up this sunday... and president says 11 sisters are coming!!! newbies!!! i am kind of hoping i get to train.. but that all depends on the Lord. anyway, i love you so very much mom! hope you can share the stories with everyone... because i am not going to be able to write much more... my finger hurts...
oh... the conference!!! so, remember the video of the womans hands? these were my thoughts... ¨what are my hands doing now? where is my life headed? are my hands worthy to be compared to the hands of Christ? questions for the soul...¨ I LOVED the phrase, ¨here I am, send me...¨or in spanish, ¨he me aqui... envia me!¨ Just loved it so very much!!! And, last off... ¨do i know the worth of my smile? my soul?¨ anyway, i loved it all so very much... and there are lots of other notes... but its all in spanglish! lol!
 i am going to be able to see hma santacruz today! she is headed home! the last week she has been traveling bolivia with her mom.. and tomorrow she is off to argentina! so sad to say goodbye you know? ;(
so... please let every one know I love them bunches! I am going to try and respond to all the others letters... but I only have a half hour left.. and my finger is killing me. oh, and cant send pics cuz this computer is choppy.. :( love you!
and off I go!
hma alford
ps. aunt lauren is pregnant too right? is it a boy or a girl?

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