Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014 Pictures and emails!

 There are cows in like EVERY part of my area! And fields, and adobe houses!!! CRAZY COOL! I kind of love it! lol!

  Oh, and this is my room... with almost all my pics on the wall now! lol!

                                              Well... went to the hospital again! ;(

The view from my new place! FOUR FLIGHTS OF STAIRS!!!!!! :( LOL!


                                                             COWS!!! LOL!

There are a TON of pretty flowers! Roses, for example, grow REALLY PRETTY! LOL!

Hermana Nuñez and I!!! And an adobe house behind us!

Letter to family and friends:

Hello everybody! So, this week has been ridiculously crazy! I have been meeting new people, eating really tasty home grown food, teaching awesome lessons with my new companion, getting settled in to a new home, having water balloons thrown at me on a regular basis, teaching cows, and just having a great time! Its really wierd to be in  a new area... but I really love this place! It is so much more open! And so very pretty! There are all kinds of fruit trees growing just in the street! And when ya get hungry, ya just pluck one right off the tree, and ya eat it! SO GOOD! Oranges, apples, bananas, LOTS of lemon, grape fruit, grapes, and something called  pakai... which is a really wierd looking fruit that when you eat it is kind of cottony and sweet... really tasty actually! Anyway, I have been having fun with that... and here you just eat good in general. Like the corn here! WOOHOO! SO good! Home grown, and so sweet and soft and yummy! lol! I have been missing good food! lol! The only thing is that my companion tells me they do serve a lot of chunyo here... which is disgusting... I have yet to try it here... but we will see what happens wont we? lol! Anyway, the people are more open and direct, which is way cool as well. I love my area! We finally found a new pensionista so we have food now too... and I am just having a good time down here!
Anyway, hope all yall are doing well... And I continually hold you in my heart and prayers!
Hermana Alford
Study Journal February 2 2014
DyC 122:7,9
¨God has made a promise... He will not break it. So let us Hold On, and ever go forth in this great work. For one day we shall see the good that shall come from the experience. At the moment it may seem too dark to see a better future... moments may come when we feel we just cant ´hold on´any further.. but God has promised us that ther truly awaits us a light at the end of the tunnel. Do we doubt the sincerity of our God? No... we must HOLD TIGHT TO HIS HAND, as He leads us from the darkness... to a Happiness beyond belief!¨

Letter to mom:
My companion is awesome! So far, we are getting along pretty well!  Have yall gotten my package yet? I hope it gets there soon! Oh, carnival has made it to bolivia! We have been told that today and tomorrow we have to be in the house and stay there at 4 o clock... These crazy people throw frozen water baloons! I got hit by my first one today.. My shoulder hurts a bit... But surprisingly not as bad as it should! The darn thing was FROZEN!!! I think an angel was helping me out, because my shoulder should be hurting a lot more! The people here normally dont do things like that... but a few turdbuts like to be mean... Anyway, so we are going to be stuck at home all day! I am going to do a deep cleaning of the house! Four sisters live there, and nobody cleans! ;( But thats okay, I have found I actually LIKE cleaning, like dad always said! lol! Its really relaxing! haha! we cant go to the center or to the cancha today though... its just too dangerous... especially for northamericans... so I dont know how I am going to buy all the hygiene products I need!!1 lol! Its the first monday of the month! And I need soap and stuff like that! hope theres a store close by to buy a few things! lol! because if not... I am just gonna stink all week! lol! Anyway, love ya lots, and Ill be praying for ya! Have a great week!
hma alford

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