Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 Emails and pictures

The other sisters who live with us! Hma Ninataype and Hma Salas

Dont want to get up!!! LOL!!! :)
 a few more pages out of my study journal. As for what has happened this week... A ton of stuff! Like two rescews! Family D...... finally talked to the bishop! ;) And 6 invs attended church!!!! President dyer and his wife were in our ward this sunday! And we had 7 less actives and 4 recent converts attend as well!!! What a great week!

 Hey Dad!!! Thank you so very much for ch 11 of hebrews! I have found a feast of study mateial! I will send the results, probably next monday! Still working on it! I get to studying and dont want to stop!

Sorry I havent written much this week... But I am trying to get all my pics figured out, and the emails as well.. :) Finally got a new flash drive... This week has been crazy.. And really fantastic! I could not be more grateful for all the miracles we are seeing right now! Please pray for Maybel, Wara, and Louis. They are the closest to being baptised right about now. Oh, this week we have interviews with the president! And Zone Conference... And we might be giving the class on how to work with less actives!!! NERVOUS! LOL! Anyway! I love you all so very much! And pray for you always! I know the Lord has each of you in His hands.. and that He loves you ALL with all His heart!
hma alford

Hey mom,
dont you worry about me! Lol! I know that agency is a part of Gods plan for each of us. It stinks to see people make the wrong decision, but it has to happen... As for the medicine... I am finishing up the last of it! ;) And I feel better... Just hope it lasts! lol! Anyway, I am not going to be able to write much today... Cuz I am copying all the pics yall have sent me! lol! but I want you to know I love you too! A WHOLE LOT! And am so very proud of you for everything you do for us! hope you have a great week! And I promise to write more next time!
love ya
hma alford

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