Friday, March 14, 2014

Stories sent to Kady from Alecia!

So, we visit quite regularly a family here..and they are what you might call the bomb!  The mom is a Jehovah's Witness.."if you don't know what that is, ask Daddy) So she started out kind of closed off toward religious topics... So we just became really good friends with her. Her Husband and her two little kids.. We went to help her with all kinds of things... We talked, worked, ate, and shared all the love we had with her...Until one day she sat down with us in her living room, and started crying. She has no family, no friends, and no one to talk to in Bolivia.. Sobbing, she told us how much she loved us, and that we were the only friends she has...from that day onward we have been able to teach her and her family of the gospel. Never under estimate the Power of Pure Christ-Like Love! This fabulous family has just left for Columbia... I will never forget them I assure you!

Once, when we were on our way to an appointment of some kind.. I heard some little kids calling after us. They were laughing and playing, and one of them made the comment that I had a Doll face... Well, I just thought they wanted to play... Until I tried to play with them and they ran away screaming "Monster! Chucky" aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! LOL Hma Santa Cruz sure got a good laugh at that...Turns out the kids down here are sometimes terrified of me because I look like a Doll....Like Chucky!: ( What a boost of self esteem Huh? LOL!

A note from me the Momma: When Alecai was leaving the airport, Kady and Alecia held up the heart shape made with their hands. It was very touching and apparently stuck in their minds. When Kady is missing Aleica at night she will hold her hands in a heart shape and think of her. Alecia sent this is a letter to her:
"Every time I see something I wish you could see..Whether it be a great Pair of shoes,or a little girl with the faith of an angel, or a way cool part of Bolivia... i do the heart-hand thing too. So tha tI feel as if you were there too. A bit cheezy, but true!"

She also said, "I have finally discovered why I don't feel "trunky" so many missionaries get home-sick because they miss their families.. But I don't have to miss y'all, because you are here with me.. each and every one of you have touched my life in one way or the oth4er.. and each lesson you have all taught me, I carry with me each day. Like on of those cute dolls that open up and there's another one inside.. and when I need a Kady, I just open up and pull her out. LOL I know I sound creazy, but I feel like I carry each one of you with me every day. And when I meet someone here, who needs to hear a Kady I tell them all about you! "

One last letter to Kady about the scriptures:
He honey....
I thought I'd let you know something.. although I'm pretty sure you've already figured it out by now...
The scriptures are not just pages full of letters...or stories we happen to enjoy reading. Rather they are literally the door to eternal happiness. It is entirely impossible to "Perserve to the End"  (ok we say Endure to the end so I am guessing that this is the translation of how they say it in spanish) without reading the scriptures regularly. This world is so very full of dangers.. and often we don't even notice.. But God has opened His arms and given us a way to enter there in...Scriptures. Records of men, women and children throughout time whom have followed Christ. We Must learn form them, or we have no hope. Letting go of these records is more dangerous than letting go of a safety ring in the middle of a raging sea.. Don't let go. In fact.. Hold on for dear Life.. Because your eternity depends on it.

Love ,
Hma Alford

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