Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 Alecia's emails and pictures

My comp and I with  The pensionista and her fam!

Hma nuñez taught me that trees pass good energy when you hug them... now, whenever I am tired or just want to curl up on the ground and give up... I hug a tree!!! lo
Ready to hear the conference!

All the cochabamba sisters at the temple with president and his wife!

My zone with hma and president dyer! 

I hope that you are having a good week. Yep! ITs been fabulous!!!
How was transfers?Good, I am still with hma nuñez... ;)
What was your favorite part of conference? You do know that that question is almost unanswerable right? lol! But I did really like what richard g scott said, ¨love one another, love enough to SHARE your Convictions!¨Loved that part!
Do you have a new companion and are you training? see above answer! lol! ;)
How is your finger, did you find out if it was broken or not? I am okay, wrote dad about it in more detail... but im pretty sure its not broken How is Ernesto progressing and M.... and L....? Ernesto has accepted a baptismal date!!! Just needs to gain a testimony before hand! M.... and l....went to the conference, and we are going to set a date this tuesday or wednesday!!!
We have been praying for them?Thanks so very much for all your prayers!!! Keep em coming! .. but  Im in Bolivia... :) Thanks for telling me about little rowan! I am sending like a ton of letters home... Including a few for all the new babys and their mommas! maybe ill put it off till next monday though so I can send a letter to Lauren too... anyway! sounds like a cool party!!!!
You are incredible! And I am so excited for you as you become more healthy, strong, and share that strength with all! I love you so very much! And am so proud of your growth... i feel like all of you are growing with me as I am down here! And I love it so much!
anyway, i am doing okay... absolutely loved the conference... am so very excited for the next few weeks because we are going to set a date with m.... and l...., ernesto is being prepared for baptism on the 19th, we are going to the temple on the 15th, the presidents house on the 14th, and my bday is on the 24th!!! I feel like everything is just looking up!!! And I pray that all these things can come to be... especially with our incredible investigators!!!
hope yall have a fabulous week! oh, have yall sent that package yet? if not, could you send my scrap book? the brown one with a butterfly on it... it is empty, and is in one of my boxes... ony if you can...
love ya mom!!!
hma alford

lol! this is the lama i saw this week!! lol!

 Letter to her dad:

My fingers okay, i dont think it was ever broken... just deeply bruised or something. it only hurts to touch it or squeeze it a little bit now... whereas before I could hardly even move the darn thing... How awesome that Michael went to the conference! M.... and L.... went as well! And we had aFAmily Home Evening night with them and their family right afterwards! POWERFUL stuff! We are going to invite them to baptism this tuesday or wednesday!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM AND FOR US!!!!!!!!! As for doctors, ill keep that in mind  next time! lol! I pretty much know all of them by name now! lol! so you are probably pretty right. I was sharing a bit with a few nurses, seeing as they came in and out every hour to check my vitals and change out the liquidy stuff... (she is taling old news here, she is not in the hospital right now. Her Daddy tld her she was probably sharing the gospel with the nurses and doctors) i had plenty of time to start up conversations! lol! youve been closer up to a lama than even i have! lol! Although the other day we showed up at hma roxanna´s house, to find a giant lama skin lying in the pathway!! lol! sister julietta is going to use the wool for pillows or something... thank you so very much for your testimony! I will be printing that out and translating it to share with investigadors! thanks!!! I love you so much you know!
Conference notes
Russel M. Nelson ¨Faith is the antidote to Fear! When we speak of faith,faith that can move mountains, we are not speaking of just any faith... but faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.¨
Anyway, other news... I am still with hma nuñez, Ernesto has accepted a baptismal date for the 19th!!!! PRAY FOR HIM PLEASE! And I am working on a package! Might get to send it today actually! ;)
love you dad!
hma alford

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