Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

 Almost my entire group of sisters taking our nine month pic!!!

old pic with hma g

Teaching Bolivia about wishing flowers! lol! We do this like ALL the time! lol!
 Okay, so I dont know if I have already told you all... but there was this future missionary (heading off to Bolivia!)  who was writing me because of my blog... She asked me all kinds of questions, and we just talked in General... That was a while back now, and last monday... she found me! lol! She was sitting in the picture printing place when we went, and took one look at me and was like, ¨I know you!¨and, seeing as I had never seen her face before... I was kind of confused for a minute! lol! But her name is hermana smith... and she is doing great! and so sweet! lol! Just thought Id share!

 Pic with the president and his wife! and hma G!!! Shes having a rough time right now... pray for her will yall?

 Eating taco salad for the first time in like... EVER!!! (Presidents house!) WE ATE RANCH! YUM!
 This is hma farmer! And our temporary trio!
Me being silly at the presidents house! Scary more like it right? lol!

The yummiest meal we have had in our pension so far!!! SO GOOD!!! ;)
 One of the most interesting parts was the purple sweet potatoe! So cool!
 So, tell me if you cant read anything... but this was my latest idea with the study journal since it takes so darn long to type it all up!

 Getting ice cream after my first shot. those dadgum things are the most painful thing I have ever experienced! NOT FUN!
 My new car! lol! Isnt it pretty?
 Hma dyer invited all the sisters from cocha to go to the temple, take pics, and have dinner at her place to celebrate the anniversary of relief society! It was so fun!
Me and my study journal!
At the temple with my comp! Hma Nunez

 In the hospital with my comp!

Letter to the President:
Alford, Alecia Jean
This week has been really hard. Thats just the truth. My heart and my soul have been tested. I never thought it would be difficult to baptise people. I just thought, that when they know its true... Theyll be baptised, and live happily ever after. But alot of times they know its true, they want to be baptised. They know! And the baptism never comes. Its hard. And ridiculous. and tests the very boundaries of my patience, faith, knowledge, and very being. I felt like a failure. And had to learn to trust more than I ever had in my life. And let go of my pride. Each of my companions have taught me something. Hma Black taught me to trust... and have faith. With Hma Santa Cruz... the main lesson I saw was patience. Hma Farmer taught me to use the tools the Lord has given us as missionaries. and With Hma Gutierrez, its been humility and how to truly let go of myself. The Lord knows why. Everything has a purpose and a reason. This has been my mantra through out this time. I am learning to serve my companion. I am learning to trust in the Lord. I am learning to be humble and patient in all things. Anyway, I know things will be alright. All will be for our good. I just have to keep going, and remember that the Lord will use all this for our good. 
Anyway, working hard, trusting in the Lord, and hoping to see the results some day. 
Thanks for everything, hope you have a fabulous week. 
Hermana Alford
06 Feb 2014
President Dyer
Good summary but you forgot to add....and Sister Alford has become one amazing missionary.

Favor de cumplir el cuestionario hoy. Le doy una media hora más para cumplirlo. 
Favor de escribirme una breve historia espiritual esta semana, nada mas. Le queremos mucho. Que Él Señor le bendiga.

Todays letter:

Hi President Dyer!
This week has been a little bit difficult. We have had to drop quite a few people... and let me tell you, that is a tough one to swallow! We had already planned for the first one, and we left her well.. she felt the weight of the moment, and has our number to call when ever she feels she can begin fulfilling her commitments... But the second time was a complete surprise. They dropped us, would be a better way to say it... We were heading over to little A, to get his permission slip signed to be baptised. He is eleven years old, and one of the most sobre children I have ever met. He knows the worth of the scriptures and is just a great kid. I have never felt so comfortable with the idea of baptising a little boy as with him.. But we got to his house, only to be told by his mother that she no longer wanted to see us inside her house again. Never. She practically threw us out. But we ended with a prayer, and this would be the killer part... A..... said it, with tears falling from his eyes, begging the Lord to take care of us and him.  And I hurt so bad that I could not hold back the tears. I hope some day she can come to accept the gospel in her time... or that little a..... can keep on pushing forward.
Anyway, hope you have a great week president! And thanks so much for all you do!
Hermana Alford

Letter to me:
 Hey mom! I have been sending so many pics! lol! so I dont have much more time to finish writing every one! Pretty much the entire week I have written already in the other emails.. But I want you to know how ¨pleased¨ i am with you for your losing weight, your strength, and all that you do! I am glad yall finally got my package! Working on another one, but this one might take a while. Purely letters! LOTS of letters! lol! Anyway, I love you so very much! the shots have sucked monkey toes! They are SO painful! And  it doesnt help that some of the nurses are just plain MEAN! But with regular visits to the icecream shop right next door, I have been able to manage! lol! I love you so much! Hope you have a great week! And that every one enjoys the pics!
hma alford

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