Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb. 24, 2014 Transfers, Emails and Pictures!

We made some kind of tamale like thing with Sister Maria Vallejos this week! She called us up and invited us over... it was pretty incredible! they are sweet and delicious!!! LOVED IT! LOL!

Dona Marina is the lady...
The littlest girl is Eliza and the girl in an orange shirt is Shirley
They are all so great! We went to say goodbye today... I hope they keep going and someday get baptised!!! :)
(These pics were not added because they were of children. This is just a space savor for me to put them in before I print the book)

Hey mom!
I am off to Floresta! That would be in Cochabamba still, close to the airport... With sister Nuñes. She was Sister G´s companion in the CCM!!! lol! Anyway, today we are just full out going to visit EVERYONE! I have been making little notes, handing out pictures, and my email address so that we can all keep in touch. My bags are just about entirely packed... Just have a few more clothes drying  as we speak... And of course all my bathroom stuffses! lol! Anyway, I will be leaving tomorrow in the morning to go pick up my new companion..., and leave hma G with her´s! She is going to be in trio!!! She wasnt overly happy about it at first... because everyone says trios are the very worst... But I talked to her, and she has determined to serve both her new companions and make the best out of the situation. I never realized how difficult it would be to leave an area! I keep thinking about the people who are going to miss me, those which are so close to being baptised... and those that are faltering. How do you let go, and move on, when your heart has been robbed from you? Anyway... I know this is right. I need a change... and the Lord always knows better than we do what we need, and what others need from us. For this very reason we have transfers!

Anyway, I have been one BUSY lady this week! We made the Bolivian version of tamales (they are sweet and SO tasty), had a talent show that was SUCH a success!!! and have been working harder than ever before! lol! One ridiculously full week... But so very worth it. I feel good about my work in this area. 5 rescews, and 4 baptisms. Not like Alma and the Sons of Mosiah... But as it says in D&C... Even one soul is great in the sight of God!
Oh! I started a new study on my 8 month mark! I am beginning a study of the attributes of Christ... and writing down every impression I have concerning each one. Right now I am on Faith.. This is what I wrote...
Faith is truly something a whole lot greater than I had ever imagined... Fait is a driving force which pushes us from the inside out, to DO something. Faith is a sure certainty and belief in something unseen. Without faith, we can not follow Christ. It is not just a general idea or feeling that God exists adn flies around in the universe somewhere, it is real certainty and a desire to follow Him which then leads us to act!
¨Without works, Faith is dead.¨Or, in other words, God will not accept in that last day, a vague statement of ¨I believe¨ He will search for those who have SHOWN their faith! For this cause were we sent to this Earth... To act in Faith. Covenants and Good Works are necessary in order for us to do so.

Anyway, I love you bunches... and will try and send pics! lol!
Love ya!
Hma Alford

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