Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013 Alecia's Email after her first week in Cochabamba

Hey mom! Okay... So here goes! I have no idea where to begin! This is
just the craziest thing ever! Did you get my email on Thursday?
Telling you I made it safely? I didnt know if it was the right email
or not.. My companions name is Hma. Santa Cruz... And she knows
English! We live with the family of the area seventy! In a little
house! And its the best place to live! My bed is comfortable, we have
hot water for our showers, and they even have a washer and dryer we
can use every once in a while! I am in the city Cochabamba... My
spanish is really coming a long! I am healthy... Which is quite a
miracle! Most North Americans are sick for the first week... or
month.. But the Lord has answered our prayers for health! The people
here are so fantastic! I just dont know how you could not love them
with all your heart ! Especially the children! There is one family of
investigadors that has five kids... All of which come running when we
come over yelling over and over  again hermanas hermanas hermanas! We
taught them a lesson yesterday... Its hard to focus because the
children are all loco! But I got to sing to Madeline. She was crying
about something... so I told her to come to me. I hugged her and asked
what her favorite princess was... Then I sang her the little mermaid
song! They all kept spoutin off different princesses after that! it
was so fun! Ham santacruz has me sing EVERY WHERE! LOL! its come in
handy! Oh! And so has my crafting! We like to make object lessons and
gifts for our investigadors! Oh! And she really loves to teach me
Bolivianized words and listen to my gringa accent! So funny! I can
joke in spanish now! I love it! Oh! And my pensionista is the greatest
lady! Her name is Rosmary and she has two daughters violeta and
angela... Both of which are so great too! I love her food so much! I
eat better than the latinos! lol! Its a sign of love and respect and
manners to eat all your food... Which means I am getting fat... But
the people know I love them. I have had to make a really hard
decision... About coca cola... I will drink it if an investigador
gives it to me.. Because it is their way of showing us they love us
... And I am not going to reject that. So, yeah, its hard.. But I want
always for the people here to know that I love and respect them...
Which means that sometimes I will have to eat or drink things that are
a little wierd.. Or coke. lol! Anyway, We are the only sisters in our
zone... President and sister dyer are way cool! I saw the christus for
the first time thursday! SO PRETTY! I cant wait till we can go climb
the hill and take pictures ! I have been having such a great time
here! The people love me almost as much as I lvoe them! It is really
wierd to be considered so foriegn... Really wierd... But it opens
doors sometimes that would other wise never open! Love ya mom! I willl
try to send pics next week okay?

A second Email from Aleica! Answer to the one I sent last week that she didn't get to see until today:

YEAH! I totally know hma adams! We were best friends! Everyday, we
worked out together! Tell her mom I said hi! And she has one strong
daughter! Mom, I love you so much! Everyday, we wake up and get
dressed and ready.. Then we study... ALOT! lol! Which is so fun
actually! And then we go to lunch! Our whole district eats together at
hma rosmarys house. She is a member... and she reminds me a lot of
you! Such a great cook, a beautiful spirit, and a lovely smile! Lunch
is HUGE! And consists of soup and another course... after which we jsu
t hang out and talk alot, in spanish. Then we go out in the field! The
people are so great! i jus lvoe them all! And then we go to dinner...
which is a little smaller... talk and laugh and joke in spanish...
they love to teach me! Which is great because I need to learn.. and
then we go  back home... plan... talk some more about our lives,
families, likes, dislikes, and so on! She is so great mom! And we go
to sleep... in  a really soft bed by the way! lol! And we wake up and
do it all over again the next morning! oh !And shes teaching me salsa
for our exercise !lol1 i am learning to play the piano... and I just
really love it here mom! love ya! Hope that helped at least a litlle !

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