Friday, August 9, 2013

A poem from Alecia "I and the Angels"

I and the Angels
By Hermana Alecia Alford

A world where light is dim
And circumstances dimmer...
A world of poverty, humility
and dirty streets.
How is it then, I feel so blessed?
So Rich and Bright and Grand.
The streets, It's true are
made of dirt
But their hearts are
Fashioned of Gold.
The Love and Kindness
Godly is,
The smiles Genuine
As diamonds are.
No place on Earth compares 
to this.
My calling. My Call.
My land.
These are my people.
Children of God They are.
They're different it's true,
Yet Golden and Bright and 
Grand are they
May God and His Angels
Watch over them.
And may you see Someday
The light of their love
Shine forth in me...
When once again I return to you
And leave this work to the Angels
Once More.

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