Monday, August 5, 2013

Reporting Aug 5, 2013

This week has
been pretty awesome! I really truly love it here in Cocabamba! And my
companion is perfecto! She really helps me a lot with my spanish! We
have a goal to learn at least six words a day! Thats quite a lot per
week! Our investigadores are fantastic too! I have never encountered
such humility and love in all my life! Anyway, I am feeling pretty
great here! I couldnē³» imagine a better place to be! Oh! And our ward
is fabulous! I just love everybody here! My spanish is still not
overly great, but I am beginning to be able to feel more comfortable
talking to people... I was even able to translate a joke into a
chiste! And everyone understood! It was a pretty pivotal moment for me
in my slow learning of Spanish! And everyone is really helpful here!
Any time I dont know a word, they are so nice and try to help me learn
it! One of the greatest experiences I had so far this week was when we
were out tracting with a member... She started heading towards a door
we were about to pass up, and we found a family there that is so ready
for the gospel! Her name is ________ and she has six children. All of
them came to church with us this Sunday! We were so excited! I really
just felt so happy sitting in church with her! Also, I have been
having a lot of really great opportunities to use my knowledge and
talents to help our investigadors! I love it! I can really see how the
Lord has prepared me with my life experiences specifically for these
people! And its only been a week! I dont know how it can possibly get
better than it has been so far! I love it here! This is just such a
great place to be! Anyway, thanks for listening to the spirit on my
assignment! My area and my companion are exactly perfect!
Hermana Alford

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