Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lorax trees? : )

Alecia's 2nd email

The food is very good! I Think Im getting fat over here! LOL! I dont have much time, so please apologize to everyone for me for the short replys! I had so much more I wanted to say! But let them know I love them and am so excited to hear from them. I really didnt expect so many emails! It was very nice. And dont worry, I dont mind my emails being put up. They have some really cool stuff up here! Theres a Lorax tree! Not even kidding! A dr. seuss the lorax-horton hears a whoo tree! lol! So cool! Cant wait to send pics! No time here... Only 30 minutes on the computer! They keep us so busy! lol! We dont have time to think straight have the time! Went to the temple today! Muy bueno! It was so cool! I can pray and bare my testimony in espanol now! So cool... Had a hard time with my first lesson though. THe spanish is coming slowly. You can hardly ever see the sky here... Its so foggy! LOL! Pray for my companion please! She needs it! They have a spanish version of wall mart! Its called tottus! So cool! The spirit is SO strong here! I feel as though Ive been hit by a truck full of the spirit! Muy painful! But so great! anyway, I want you to know that I am doing well. There are hard times, but they are over run by the good times! Oh! And I am kind of exotic down here! Im a louisianian! Its so funny! Everyone wants to here about where I come from! And apparently its way cool! lol! Im making a lot of friends and learning a lot! Oh! And let dad know I am doing a great job  of watching my bag! lol! The buses here are crazy! lol! Choc full of people and way short! One poor elder was so tall, his shoulders touched the ceiling! lol! People here are short... and have tiny feet! But big hearts!

ps.  Oh, and Im doing okay on stuff... I need like a notebook and maybe some hangers, but Ill just get those here... Its crazy how many notes you take here! lol! My little notebook is almost full!

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