Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She's Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Alecia is off! I must say that was one of the hardest things in my life that I have had to do to date! I told Momma it felt like someone took a knife and physically separated us! However she is now in Atlanta and I am so "well pleased" with her! I did send her with a cell phone so she could call if there were any emergencies between Atlanta and reaching the MTC and of course so we can talk to her some more. She is doing well and is with a group of 4 other missionaries (1 Sister and 3 Elders). This has definitely put my mind at ease! Just knowing that she is not alone!  I am posting a lot of pictures. Enjoy!

 Checking in at the Airport! Yes Mom, I do have my passport!

 Daddy waiting! Isn't he handsome! 

 Brandon and Kady watched a movie while we waited the 4 hours for her plane( She had a delay in Alexandria,  I am so thankful it was here and not in Atlanta!)

 Grandma Heaton came to see her off! She is so proud of her! She finally got a girl on a mission. Just had to wait for a granddaughter!

 Alecia and Kady!

 Alecia and Bethany!

 One last play date with Rayden!

 Brandon and Kady still watching their movie!

 Alecia with Jared and Jessica!

 Alecia saying goodbye to Lauren and Rayden!

 I really have a beautiful group of girls!

 She really loves her Aunt Sandy! See ya later!

 One last Hug from Grandma!

 We made faces and played with Alecia after she went through security! No pictures of us saying goodbye to her because at that point I was crying! I had the camera so opps! No pics of me!

 Bethany acting silly as comic relief!

 The plane that took her away!

 It is going!

 And going!

 In the air!

 Almost gone!

Bye Alecia, See ya when you get back in 18 months!

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