Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tender Mercies!

Alecia finally made it to the MTC (mission training center) this morning at 1:30am! Our Father in Heaven is so wonderful! He knows what we need way before we even know! He put things in motion many years ago for me to have peace of mind today! As I already posted, I sent Sis. Alford (that was weird) with her cell phone and a calling card! She was going to call me when she landed and then again when she made it to the MTC. However, she had no service and was unable to use the tools that I sent her with. Instead, a sweet angel on the plane allowed my dear daughter to use her phone and call to say she landed. The call was probably about a minute long, this was at 11:01pm. All I learned was that she had landed and she was safe and that her phone didn't have service. But that was way better than worrying about what had happened and why she didn't call. That was a lot of peace to start with but Father knows me and knew that I would need to know that she had made it through customs alright and was in the safety of the MTC. So years ago he sent a sweet sister, Ale, to Alexandria. She stayed with our Bishop and his wife. Sis. Green had told her that   Alecia was going down to Peru and she graciously offered to meet her. But her car broke down before she got to the airport. I am not sure if she got it fixed or how she got to the MTC but she waited there until my wonderful daughter got there which wasn't until 1:30 am. When she got there she facebook messaged me that she was there and posted this picture! When I saw Alecia's smiling face, I knew she was safe and a great peace came over me. I started crying from the relief. Any of you who know me know that 2 and a half hours of waiting to know she had made it took it a lot out of me. I was researching how long it takes to get through customs. Found out it can take 2 hours which was another tender mercy from our Loving Father!

Sister Alford with Ale when she reached the MTC in Peru!

My testimony was strengthened! I know how much our Father loves us and I know that He is watching and guiding us throughout our lives. If we listen and obey we will see the tender mercies and the angels that he places in our paths to help us through the tough times. I pray that you all will know and feel His love as I have throughout my love. God Bless you all is my humble prayer!

Couldn't resist adding these! Thank you Sis Ali! 

Isn't she beautiful! 


  1. So glad she made it safe and sound!

  2. Hi I am trying to learn to post. We got a new sister missionary She look like you.
    Love ya Grandpaw