Thursday, June 20, 2013

Alecia's first email home!

Hey mom!
I just wanted to let you know I am safe and sound! I am so excited! I just wanted to give you and the family an update! I am making awesome friends, i have unpacked a little bit, I did lose one of my bags (my purple one) but we know where it is and I will get it back soon. Luckily, I packed 50/50! lol! Anyway, the food was interesting for breakfast. Im holding out hope for a better lunch... lol! I miss you guys! I saw a bow today that made me think of Bethany! Its so pretty! Peru is strange... But the weather is nice! I am having so much fun! There are a TON of sisters! And I mean a TON! LOL! And a great deal of them are headed to Bolivia! Fun! Sorry about the typos! This keyboard is in spanish! Anyway, I am doing ok! Oh! My flu shot can be taken care of here.. And I think its free... And they said my Tdap could maybe be taken care of in Bolivia... So far, no sickness or anything. The MTC is awesome. At least the little bit that Ive seen of it! haha! I have messed up my name so many times! ha! But thats ok, because so has everyone else! Anyway, im in a room with a total of 6 sisters (thats including me). And they are all way cool! They have a ton of KFCs here! Weird huh... I just want yall to know that I am ok.I have everything I need, and I have quite a few helpful and loving people around to help me if I need it. I hope yall are all doing ok! Let the kids know I love them! Love you mom!
Hermana Alford

(I still have 18 minutes... if you get this you could totally emaile me back! send me hi if your there! lol)

My companions name is Hermana Black by the way! And we matched today! lol! I wore my orange shirt and she wore one in a similar color! hahaha! Sister ally is going to get me hangers. Turns out, I do need them. There are quite a few things I forgot at home... But thats ok. None of them were too important. We are going to get a chance to go to the temple! I cant wait to be able to send you pictures! Love you1

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  1. I'm so glad she's doing well can't wait to get her email and mailing address