Monday, December 8, 2014

November 3, 2014 Email and pics

 a really big rock and i!!! ;) 
 LOOK! ;) i found myself a new friend! ;) haha !
 Chicken foot soup.. Turns out that china is not the only place where they eat chicken feet! ;( yuck
 halloween with  my comp! ;
my comp and I up on a hill!; ) 
Matching!!! ;) as always! ;)  
 our name tags and our area! ;) 
 The two zones of potosi together! ;) crazies! ;) 
Our zone before transfers! ;) 
Hey mom! well, this week has been a little bit better... but not so much! ha! now my comp is sick... poor thing. But we were able to get a little bit more done. No, i will not be training. I will be finishing my mission with a new companion named sister webb. SHES A GRINGA! I did NOT see that one coming! haha! anyway, i dont know her yet, but i will meet her tomorrow in the afternoon... and hna Quispe will be leaving in the morning... ;( i have not ever cried for a transfer... but i have for this one. I will miss her so very much! She is off to Cochabamba! she is going to be companions with hna nunez! my old comp! ;) i know they are going to get along well! ;) anyway, this week has been kind of awesome! we had two rescues and we have a baptism today! we went out exploring one day in our area, to see how big it really is! and WOW! what a beautiful place we found! It hasn’t got a lot of houses or people... but lots of sheep, donkeys, cows, a river and so on... it was pretty great! ;) and we found a few investigators as well! no, the package has not arrived yet... but i have high hopes that it will get here tomorrow or Friday.. seeing as there will be missionaries coming up from cocha... they might just bring it with them! ;) i wish i could have heard brandon sing! and kady lady too! ;) sounds fabulous! ;) i am hoping to organize a talent show in the ward before i leave... it would be really awesome! and a great way to invite investigators to get to know the church! ;) i really just want to work and work HARD this last transfer... i want to leave it all on the table! and know i finished strong! love you so much mom! hope you have a great week! love hna alford

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