Monday, December 8, 2014

October 27, 2014 Email and Pics

: my comp and i last pday!!! ;) crazies! ;) 
 talent show pday with the zone! :) 
My zone last pday we played beach volley! 
: Hail storm!!!! 
hey! so, this week hasn’t been overly interesting... i got a really nasty cold and literally haven’t left my bed other than to go to lunch and come back.. ;( BORING! I still have a cough and sneeze.. but have more energy to move around and am doing much better than before! ;) You see, the weather here is just going NUTS! From ridiculous baking heat, to HAIL STORMS and ridiculous cold.. so, lots of people are getting colds... i just happened to have been one of the lucky ones! haha! Anyway, i am determined to work hard this week! its the last week before transfers! WOW! I don’t want my comp to go... but its almost a hundred percent certain.. Oh! and we are planning to do a little something for halloween! i am way excited, although my comp says that in peru its like against church policy to celebrate halloween! wierd right? She says that we are lowering the churches standards to those of the world or something... anyway, i still want to do something. i have been praying for you guys this week, a whole lot! hope everything is going alright! 
anyway, not much else to tell... hope everything is okay up there... and that things are going well! 
love hna alford
ps, i have found a place to send packages! i am going to send the last of the special letters soon! ;) 

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