Monday, December 8, 2014

October 13, 2014 Email and pics


*      : Aaaaahhhh!!!! The Bishop wants to kill my comp!!! haha! this is from the bbq yesterday!
Note: No one was harmed in the making of this picture. It was just a little fun. : )
 the bishops daughters and i at a bbq yesterday!! :) 
: Bolivian BBQ! ;) 
Missing Picture:
*      This is waht you call tawatawas... WAY YUMMY!!! We helped an investigator and her family, make, wrap, and sell them! WOW WAS THAT FUN!!! AND YUMMY

Hey mom! So, we are doing great down here! I talked to my companion about how i think we should be working more, and that we should take advantage of every moment of the day.. and we have been doing much better in that! We have been working our buts off! and loving it! this week was elections in Bolivia... so yesterday we couldnt work at all!!! There wasnt even church! so, the bishop and his family invited us over to their bbq! Wow was that good! ;) and we had a blast! haha! Anyway, i have been trying to not think about how fast the time is passing lately. Mom... i dont know how to explain what i feel... i am so excited to see you all.. but i dont want to go home. I think about it and just want to cry. Here, lots of people like to bother those who are finishing their mission... and make them ¨trunky¨.. i wish they wouldnt.. because it just hurts to think that my mission is coming to an end. Anyway, i am trying to take advantage of every single second until the very end! I want to finish strong! and know that i have given it all! this thursday we are going to have interviews with the president. I wonder if he will tell me the official date? as far as health goes, i am doing great! a little bit of a cold.. but that seems to be all as of right now! I would like to ask your prayers for a few people as well: 1, hermana patty (the bishops wife) she is going through chemo right now and needs all the prayers she can get. she wants to come closer to Christ and be forgiven of all her sins! pray for her as well!!! Pretty please! anyway, i love you lots mom! 

hma alford

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