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October 20, 2014 Email and pics

PA traditional bolivian dish called picante de pollo.. or spicy of chicken? haha ! yum! 

*      : cooking with my district because our pensionista is sick! 
Note to future missionaries... This is a way cool idea! and a tradition in the cochabamba mission... each misisonary has to have a note book, that they then give to their friends, companionns, converts and so on to fill out. Its like a scrap book that your friends and loved ones fill out for you! Its called ¨recuerdos¨ BRING  A NOTEBOOK!!! ;) But a sturdy fat one... ;) and you wont regret it! 
Missing pic.
an example of  a recuerdo.. hna roxana and her family made this one for me! 
Missing Pic.
:  another recuerdo, this one from a sister i met on the mish! 

*      :     A peruvian dish called aji de gallina! Some good stuff! ;) ill be making it for you guys so you can try it!
*      a table full of giant helpings!!! haha! this was for the bishops wife and daughters bday! ;) Yum! 

 the famous chuño, or wrotten, dried, and resoaked potato... yuck! haha !P
 My comp and i goin to church! ;) 
: my comp and i in the taxi! 

*      My comp and our picante de pollo! 

*      more pics of the bday party! ;) 

*      : The matching twins! ;) my comp and i have started dressing in the same color!!! haha! the president told us we looked like a good team! ;) Pic
Hey mom! ;) so, sorry about making Jessica feel sad... i know you know i didn’t mean it that way. i am sad to leave all my friends and this life style behind.. but i am so very excited to be home with you all for Christmas as well! I almost screamed of excitement as the president told me i would be home the 16th (probably) woohoo!!!! That means time for Christmas! but i am sad as the time seems to be passing by way too fast!!! anyway, i know that God has the kids in his hands. Thank you so much mom, for always being the great mom that you are. Thank you for your prayers, your fasting, your searching of the scriptures, and all your care for each and every one of us. i know that it will be worth the while! ;) There are some crazy things going on down here. Anyway, that was a bummer, but this week has been filled with great things! we are working harder than ever! ;) And even looking forward to some possible baptisms and rescues! the president told us that it is quite certain that hna quispe will be leaving this transfer! ;( we only have two weeks left together! and that is not a happy thought! funny though, i am praying she stays... and its likely she wont! funny how life works huh? ;) so, what else have we done this week? oh, there was a double bday party at the bishops house... his wife is off to chemo this week yet again, and so they celebrated her bday early so that she could eat and everything! anyway, it was a fabulous moment spent among friends! ;) We also had to cook our own lunch for a day! i was totally up for a sandwhich and an apple for lunch.. but my comp and the elders looked at me like i was crazy! WHAT! haha! you see, they eat WAY more at lunch time... so, we got to cooking a giant meal for lunch. And it was way fun! ;) and yummy! ;) haha! but i still would have been okay with a sandwhich! ha! anyway, love you lots mom! 
hna alford

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