Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3, 2014 Email and pics!

Alecia with Hma G! They went paintballing!!!

Alecia went Paint Balling!!!! I really can't get over that!Hehehe         

This is the first email I got! So glad it wasn’t the only one.
Hey mom! Love ya lots! Got lots of emails ya know! lol! I am glad your week has been going better :) I have learned a ton in mine. lol! Hey, Sandys gonna name her baby evie? Sounds like a great date night. Thanks for the part about emma. I really took that to heart... hope ya know. lol! I love you so very much! I am going to try and write a lot more... okay! lol!

My Comments about Emma:
Lauren taught RS yesterday. We are studying out of the book, Daughters in My Kingdom, on first Sundays. It talked about the revelation given to Emma through the Prophet Joseph in D&C 25. One of the parts called out to me to share with you so here it is a little altered. The Lord told Alecia of the privileges that were to be hers. The Lord also counseled, Alecia, to heed warnings, to be faithful and virtuous, to not murmur, to teach from the scriptures, and to exhort the Church, to write and learn, to "lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better", to keep covenants, to be meek and beware of pride, and to keep the commandments. At the start of the RS program Emma Smith declared: "We are going to do something extraordinary.... We expect extraordinary occasions and pressing calls."  You too are doing something extraordinary. You have extraordinary occasions and calls. Remember to not get discouraged and to keep the faith. You are an amazing daughter of God with extraordinary abilities to follow in His paths.

Aleica’s Second email:
Hey mom. Okay. So, I wanted to share a few things. This week was hard... but I have truly grown so very much! Oh, and this Thursday we had a really cool Family Home Evening with some investigaters and our pensionista and her family. I gave the lesson, and it was way cool! It was the glass thing that Ryan showed us when he got home... and it just blew Hmo Guaygua´s mind! And for the very first time, he told us he really thinks the church might be true. That was really quite awesome! Anyway, then we played Johnny Woop... and the book game that dad always did! lol! Everyone just about died trying to figure it out! haha! Anyway, heres a study journal I was reading again the other day that I felt like sharing:

Mosiah 3 and 4
When I read this, I was struck yet again by all that the Lord has done for us. When the prophets speak of Christ, you cant help but feel as though... I dont know... I feel like I am nothing and everything all at the same time. Loved, and saved, and worthless! Ye I also know that I am a Child of God... and my worth in his eyes is GREAT!
I am only one person... One 19 year old girl in a world fillied with billions more. One speck of dust in the space of time. I am imperfect adn flawed. I have made a number of mistakes. Yet the Lord, in his mercy, has given me a great worth. He has blessed me with a way back into his arms.

anyway... I love you so very very much. I miss yall. And know that you are all in our Lords merciful hands! Never forget the worth of your soul. Go on in faith...and trust in the Lord.

Love ya!
Hma Alford

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